Commodore Dave Reames, Presiding


AVAST YE SWOBS! SHIVER ME TIMBERS! (you know the rest-Aargh!)

Invocation: Chris Kimball

Pledge: Mark Blanchard

Photographer: Bill Young

Bulletin Writer: Joe Quinn

Paul Harris Desk: Mike McGowan (said he was pinch hitting for Mick Johnson, who is in Hawaii...ahhh, Rat on a Rotarian)

Sergeant at Arms:  Mary Lou Sclair


Visiting Rotarians: Bill Young announced  Don Anderson of Tacoma 8 (and Lakewood City Council)

Guests:  Homer Dodge introduced Harley Moberg of Steilacoom Kiwanis.  Dave Coleman introduced Katie Renton.  Judy Hosea introduced Donn Irwin of the Immedia; Donn is a prospective member of Lakewood Rotary

Sunshine Report: Not much bad news, although someone noted that Norm Tremaine was back with us today (hmmm, that did not come out right!).  Rick Selden said his daughter Gayle caught the flu while on a business trip.



Harley Moberg of Steilacoom Kiwanis invited us to their January 25th Wine Fest at the McGavick Center at Clover Park Technical College.  Starting at 5:30 p.m. you can enjoy about 32 wines from 6-7 vineyards, followed by a silent auction, a very short (he stressed the "short") live auction and a dessert auction.  $40 per person.


John Lowney announced that the Sportsman Dinner Committee got pro active in assigning team names due to little or no feedback:  Here are the Captains and Team Names:


Captain            Team Name

Dave Coleman                        Night Owls

Rod Ladd                    Street Sharks

Bob Zawilski                Moose Drool (get it...after the Montana beer)

Stephanie Walsh         Bear Paws

Don Daniels                Deer Devils

Board                          Wharf Rats


John sent out by email the complete list of who is on what team, and if we cannot reprint that list right here in the bull, hopefully it will be posted on the LR website.


judy john

As you can see from the poses above, this procurement job is very, very serious business: so get on it!


John and Judy Hosea said we need to report procurement to our Captains this year, so start procuring.




Rick Selden announced the Packwood Retreat is on again this year.  Sign up for it so food can be planned.  February 8-10 starting with dinner and drinks at the Blue Spruce Tavern Friday about 7:00 p.m.  Lots of fellowship and lots to do including skiing and hiking. Spaghetti Dinner on Saturday night.


Judy Hosea announced the Boys & Girls Club Legacy of Hope Dinner on February 21, 2013 at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center and hoped Rotary could assemble a table.


Ben Sclair announced by email that Relay for Life kicks off January 15th at Lakewood City Hall at 6:30 p.m.  Attend and learn how to fight back against cancer.


At this point, Puffin Eda Wilfahrt passed the famous bird (not that bird!) to our newest member Jeff Greenwell.  Jeff is with American National Insurance of University Place and is also skilled as a piano tuner.  He and his wife have three kids, he said, and one more on the way.



Passing of the Puffin, a tear-filled moment indeed.  And not to mention the double use of this picture, with almost-former City Manager Andrew Neiditz at the bottom. 


COLLECTIONS:  The Commodore recognized Lakewood City Manager Andrew Neiditz, who confessed to a new car when really Dave had something quite different in mind.  Andy was just selected to be the first Executive Director of South Sound 911, the new county-wide emergency communications agency for this region. He thanked Fire Commissioner Ted Wier and Don Anderson who voted with other elected officials to confirm Andrew's appointment Wednesday. (Think his fine was $50.)




Rod Ladd was recognized for getting his second Paul Harris Award already and he paid $50 for that.


The Commodore fined this lowly scribe $50 for winning $492 last month in the draw-ering.  We tried to claim the 4 week statute of limitations had run due to Dave's lack of diligence on this no brainer fine but that did not work.  Bucking the tradition that bulletin writers are immune, Dave persisted but Editor Greg Rediske came to my rescue and forked over the money so tradition was maintained.


Lowell Johnson handed over a Greenleaf ($20) because he and Rondi are heading south to Arizona for a while.


MORE ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Dave Reames reminded us that there is a Club Assembly next Friday, January 18th with Bill Potter our Treasurer reporting on the status of the slush fund.  (Not sure why he does not refer to this as the "doubloons" or buried treasure.)




Kim Prentice introduced our Educators of the Month.  Derek Beaulieu of Pioneer Middle School and Mary Jaeger of Dower Elementary received their plaques, bumper stickers and personal recognition of $200 each from the Commodore.  Their enthusiasm and dedication did not go unnoticed, and was evident in their heartfelt remarks. 




Last year, the Community Concerns Committee approved, and Lakewood Rotary donated, $1000 for the Backpack Program to expand into Lakewood Schools.  The Food Connection announced today that this program is expanding into Dower, Custer and Tillicum Elementary Schools in CPSD.  This program provides food every weekend during the school year for students to bring home so that they have something to eat at home.  This is your Rotary money in action, helping those less fortunate.

THE PROGRAM:  Kim Prentice announced our speaker today, our own member Debbie LeBeau, the Clover Park School District Superintendent.  Debbie has been the Super for five years already.  She worked through and was promoted from various administrative leadership positions before being appointed Superintendent. 




Debbie updated us on the happenings at the school district, but first she thanked us for all of the ongoing LR support for Clover Park School District.  The district has been experiencing slow, but steady, enrollment growth.  41% of the students get  free lunches.  They have about 1500 staff and 25 schools.  18% of the students enrolled in October are gone by May, so there is considerable turnover in this military-impacted district.


Debbie discussed in detail the district goals including Goal #1, improving student achievement, Goal#2, engaging parents, Goal#3, communicating fiscal responsibility, and others.  She said the district is literally saving millions of dollars by refunding and refinancing bonds previously issued. 


Goal#4 relates to student conduct and they have improved safety and security with videocams.  Goal#5 is staff retention, recruitment and performance improvement.  A four-tiered rating system is helping there.


Debbie finished this information-filled program with a discussion of grants and federal funding, as well as a report on capital projects.  The Lakes H.S. project is done!  Now three more school construction projects are in the works and Korsmo Construction got one of them (ah...Rat on a Rotarian from a surprise source).


The Drawing: We believe John Warner (again) won $5.  (Can we express our condolences to John who recently lost his lovely wife, Marian?)


New Member Posting:

Unless written objection is received by the Secretary within 10 days, the following will be considered elected into membership in Lakewood Rotary:

Donn Irwin

Sponsor: Judy Hosea

Classification: Marketing

Employer:  Immedia

(Transfer from Tacoma #8)