Or…according to PP Joe Quinn, “Fellow Rotundians”, after all the holiday imbibing..or because we were meeting in the Clover Park Technical College Rotunda!  (We bulletin bloggers are such a witty bunch!)

At Twelve and Thirty Bells…Admiral-President David Reames rung the crew to order…AAARRRRGH!

And, perhaps in reference to Joe’s Rotundian remarks, shouted a hearty “DAMN THE DORITOS...FULL SPEED AHEAD!”


dave rPP Scott Buser delivered the invocation and PE Mark Blanchard led us in a pledge to the flag.  Rod Ladd signed on as the photographer for the day and yours truly, the scribe.  PP Mick Johnson took over for Mike McGowan at the Paul Harris desk while Bill Young volunteered as Sgt at Arms.

A host of far flung visitors included an entourage from Equador!  Richard and Lani Miller were accompanied by Richard’s sister Marcia Almquist.  Visiting Rotarians from Tacoma 8 included Neil Parrich and Becky Fontaine.  Bill Young introduced his daughter Heidi Simmons and Asst District Governor Greg Horn, shared that his personal Assistant to the Assistant Governor was present…Mary Horn.


Announcements included PP Dave sharing that he had the flu over the holidays.  (Dave, you may have made budget if you fined everyone in the room that also had a touch of the flu over the holidays).  I think most people got the flu at the movies!  It was a pleasant surprise to see such a collection of movies worth seeing!  Life of Pi, Lincoln, Les Miserables, Argo, and more!  But, until the screen voice hushed the crowd…everyone was coughing.  Maybe there is a new “APP” for that!

Ted Wier must have seen a lot of movies because he wound up with double pneumonia!  Yikes!  Glad to see you back in action, Ted!

On a sad note, John Warner’s wife, Marion passed away after a long illness.  John has expressed that any memorials be in the form of tributes to the Lakewood Community Foundation in Marion Warner’s name.  Here is how you can do that:

               Checks can be dropped off at Rotary or mailed to:

              Lakewood Community Foundation Fund

               P.O. Box 99190, Lakewood, WA 98496.

Our thoughts are with you, John and family, at this sad time.

As we were being hosted on the campus of the greatest technical college in our world, it was appropriate that President Dr. John Walstrum provided an update of campus goings-on!

Despite the operating budget dropping by more than $6 million, there is cause for celebration.  Academically, program offerings are reduced, but those that remain are highly focused on specialties that earn qualified graduates living wage jobs.  The international partnerships are important, because they bring revenue to the college with students paying 5 times the resident rate.  Currently there are negotiations ongoing with China exploring an aviation contract.  We were assured that no local students are displaced.

January 9th, there is a ribbon cutting ceremony scheduled for the new learning center at the college.  Also, President Dave thanked CPTC President John, for the involvement of the culinary students in providing cookies for the holiday decorating party that Lakewood Rotarians had with the members of the Lakewood Boys & Girls Clubs.  Special thanks to Tom Crabill for his part in organizing that event!

Richard Miller spoke about his club in Equador, located 1.7 miles south of the equator.  (so…when flushed…does the water go clockwise, counter-clockwise, or straight down?  Just wondering.) 

The club is small, 15-18 members and new, only 11 years old.  This is a highly ambitious club focused on youth exchange, district and international projects.  This year, their members sponsored six outward bound exchange students and six incoming students.  WOW!  And with less than 20 members!  In the past 11 years, they have participated in 25 district projects and 2 global projects.  Their project with us, if it comes to fruition, will be the 3rd global one.  We received a copy of their annual magazine and their very special Rotary Banner.  (Why don’t we have banners to give back….awkward!)

Bob Peterson announced that his youngest daughter gave birth on Christmas day to a son…William Andrew Maxwell!  $25

And…so that we would be reminded that today, as the Lakewood Rotary Bulletin is put to paper, it is THREE MONTHS AND ONE DAY until the LAKEWOOD ROTARY SPORTSMAN’S DINNER & AUCTION.  That means, by Monday, it will be less than three months ….and less than two months until the deadline to get your procurement items turned in! (Deadline March 6th).  Well…PP John Lowney (Lowboy), said it best…this is our largest fundraiser and we need everyone in action!  There are three things you can do right now:

#1.  Procurement….we are at 0% of a huge goal of $120,000 worth of items

#2.  Sponsor a table, get friends to sponsor a table, buy your tickets

#3.  Volunteer – we need help before, during and after the event!

Also…team captains or representatives…please email me your team name and captain (or co-captains) if needed.  We would like to have the team charts at the meetings and are lacking your information.  (email to hoseaj@bgcsps.org or gayle@edseldencarpetone.com)


When the Sportsmans Dinner was the Wild Game Dinner.....blast from the past with Auggie Meier, John Lee, Mel Neighbors


Real estate magnate and Rotarian Boyd Lundstrom.  A fitting sartorial touch at a Wild Game Dinner.  1970's, maybe.

Newer member, Clayton DeNault, spent his first Christmas Holiday in Lakewood and enjoyed his new YMCA and Rotary friends.  The Lakewood YMCA, where he is the Director, was voted by the Lakewood Patch as the best place to work out in 2012.  For that he wanted to give a full Greenleaf, but we fleeced him for half of his ready cash for lunch….so 2 Scurvy Irwins, $10

President Dave reminded the assembly and visitors that our fine system is nautical:  a Tsunami is $100, Low Tide is $25, High Tide is $50.  A Greenleaf is always a Greenleaf- $20, and a Scurvy Irwin is $5.

PP Rick Selden announced that PP’s Bob Lordahl and Cindy Thompson were planning the return of the Packwood Ski-or-Not-Ski Weekend.  This year, scheduled for February 8-9, more information will be forthcoming.

PP Rick also confessed that after a long arduous discussion with Lewis County’s Board of Equalization….??? He finally decided to abstain from paying his property tax in protest.  For newer members, the 500 year flood in 2006 swept the beloved Selden mountain cabin away and was forever lost downstream!  Finally the family received a letter just before Christmas stating that since said property lied under 6-8 feet of water in the main channel of the river, taxes would be forgiven.  At this point PP John Magnuson, property attorney extraordinaire, announced that since the wreckage washed up in Thurston County, property tax may still be owed there!  (It’s no wonder we need Tom and Jerrys!)

And….Sally Porter Smith missed it all!  (The Tom and Jerry’s, that is!)   She blamed her daughter…(I missed why), and produced a Tsunami.  Richard Simmons accused her of showing off in front of her boss.

There will be a Club Assembly on January 18th.  At this time, Club Treasurer Bill Porter will share his version of our budget and “slush fund”.  

PP Dave also encouraged all of us to post a picture on the endpolionow.org site.  It is reputed to be the world’s largest ad if we all contribute our photo! 

Today’s program was introduced by Bill Price, Board Member and Treasurer of the Living Access Support Alliance (formerly known as Lakewood Area Shelter Association). This organization was initially spawned in 1989 by local churches that pooled funds to help needy families with utilities, rent, heat, etc.  It evolved into a focus on housing, identified as a primary need.  As the organization expanded beyond Lakewood, the name was changed to support the broader vision. 


   Our speaker and Bill Price

Janne Hutchins is the Executive Director of LASA, which has a budget of over $6.2 million.  As housing needs grow, LASA is embarking on a capital project to grow their facilities and capacity to serve.  They will begin construction on a new client services center and an additional 15 units of affordable housing adding to the 13 units they currently have.  The needs are many and this local organization is meeting needs to help prevent homelessness and help prevent recurring homelessness. The needs are financial support for the capital campaign, volunteerism for board service, hands on projects, services to offer, volunteers to maintain properties.  Judging from the annual report, many Lakewood Rotarians are already involved.  Thanks to you all!

Admiral President Dave  then sent us out into the world with these thoughts:  Rock the Boat!  Don’t be afraid to do things differently.  Lead the Community…for we are the leaders!


Respectfully yours!


Ed. Note:  In the TNT Saturday was the obituary for John Hewitt, former Lakewood Rotarian.  John was a very, very active member, and was named Russ Klauser Rotarian of the Year in 1995-96.  There are no services.  He was 89.