Posted by Andrew Kruse on Aug 23, 2019
     It is pretty easy to know when Lakewood Rotary meetings begin when President Bill pumps up his walk up music before he rings the bell. I have not decided if I’m humored or mystified by President Bill’s song choices. Gordy Quick shared the Invocation about appreciation for good parents of good kids. Gordy has done a lot in our community to invest in the lives of young people and we are so thankful for his example.
      Bill Allen led us in the Pledge of Allegiance (and was rewarded for that later).
Thanks to our set up crew of Ward Fletcher, Rob Erb, Troy Wilcox, Bob Hammar, Bob Cammarano, Terry Roarke, and Lowell Johnson.
Brian Ivey was our greeter, Bud Montgomery hosted the Paul Harris Table ($607 collected today),  Jan Gee was Sergeant at Arms, and Phil Eng used his photography skills to capture all the precious moments we shared. Andrew Kruse drafted the bulletin.
        President Bill began by reminding us that there were dignitaries at our meeting, but then proceeded to tell an “Unjoke” which I will not repeat. I think it was unanimously decided by the horror on people’s faces that he is not allowed to tell these at Rotary meetings anymore.
Visiting Rotarians and visitors included:
Dale Roberts and District 5020 Governor, Mo-Fritz Roberts.
Bill Allen’s wife, Regana.
Greg Rediske’s wife, Sharon, and their grandkids.
Jamie Gregory, our Assistant District Governor, was introduced by Greg Horn.
Sunshine Report included two outstanding reports:
#1 Duncan Cook is doing well, but will still be in the Lutheran home in Room 605, for another month - Visitors welcome.
#2 Ted Wier responded well to the antibiotics and expects to be here next Friday. He needs a walker with a seat to borrow if anyone in the club has one.
Lastly, Mark Blanchard reported that Dave Covey is at Judson Park in Des Moine and would be open to visitors. 
Rainier mandatory fun night went well last week. They won and it was a good fellowship time!
The dedication of the Child Abuse Intervention Department at Mary Bridge occurred this last week. It was started with an endowment of a $100,000 gift and continued support in the  Courage Ride has been going on for 28 years. A plaque dedicated to Rotary was included in this celebration.
$1200 was made at Beerstock for Polio Plus last weekend and all had a fantastic time.
16 Rotarian/Rotarian partners were on their way Friday afternoon to be a part of helping with the Courage Ride this year in Leavenworth.
Above: Birthday People
There were 20 Anniversaries and 8 Birthdays in August. 
Gordy Quick and his wife, Juanita, took the prize with 67 years!
Wynn Hoffman, Jay Mayer, John Lowney, Terry Roarke were present and shared their first concerts they attended. You should ask them about it and tell Morris Northcutt, Ron Messenger, John Magnuson, and Ted Wier happy birthday when you see them! 
12 Rotarians celebrated their Rotary anniversary with Ralph Johnson being at 57 years. Only 56 more to go Leanna Christian!
President Bill reported that Rotarians helped with food packing at Nourish this last week and helped make hundreds of food packs that will go and benefit individuals in our community.
      Here were the highlights from the Announcements
  1. Clover Park South Sound Wildlife Park is a project that Clover Park Rotary Club is adopting as their long-term project. We may partner with them in that project.
  2. Back 2 School Nite at Tillicum City Life Center is on Tuesday August 27 from 6-8 p.m.(contact Andrew Kruse if you’d like to help).
  3. Bulletin committee needs a chair and co-chair who could split the responsibility of 30-45 minutes of editing per week. Contact Eric Quinn, the current chair and editor, with questions.
  4. Lakewood Rotary CPR Class will be held on Saturday October 5th 9-12 at the West Pierce Fire Station on Pacific Highway. It is open to the first 20 people who sign up. Contact Gayle Selden for more information.
  5. Monday Night Football is starting up soon! See Phil Eng if you want to join and make sure to bring quarters this year.
  6. Partners for Parks Bingo Friday September 6th at McGavick Center. See John Lowney to purchase tickets.
After all the announcements there was barely any time for “deposits” to go in President Bill’s fine account. I made sure not to miss them because they were important deals, and very generous deposits.
Jim Sharp paid a fine in dedication to the West Pierce Fire ballot measures being approved by voters in the August 6 election.
Joe Quinn competed at the Masters Weightlifters world championship in Montreal. He is now a world champion himself and beat a former Olympian to claim the prize, but enjoyed the friendship of all the competition from around the world.
Mary Marlin represented the Rotary Foundation and gave away 6 Paul Harris Awards to Bill Allen; Jan Gee; Ed Shannon; Jim Weinand; and Greg Rediske also presented his grandson, Lucas Gates, with his first Paul Harris award.
Lakewood Rotary donated over $31,000 to the foundation this last year and we have 92 Paul Harris Fellows.
Above: Rotary District Governor-Elect Greg Horn with Assistant District Governor, Jamie Gregory
Assistant Governor Jamie Gregory introduced our speaker, Maureen (Mo) Fritz-Roberts, Governor of District 5020.
Mo has been courageous in leadership of Rotary and making outstanding changes to make Rotary a better organization.
She became membership chair before Club President and helped increase 5020 to one of the biggest membership rolls in Rotary.
On a trip to California , Mo and her husband Dale decided to take time to give back to Rotary, and that is why she is serving this year as District Governor. 
Mo began by sharing that Rotary opens the doors to get things done. People look to Rotary because we make things happen and we are the game changers that bring joy to our community.
On a trip to Ethiopia to immunize children against Polio, Mo was inspired about how she could help the people in a village. That idea eventually turned into a micro-loan in partnership with World Vision where she met Joy, a single mother of two, with a dog in a shotgun shack. 
Above: Presenter, Maureen (Mo) Fritz-Roberts
Mo raised $45,000, through her Rotary Club ,of the $90,000 that was required for the micro-loan. Through a phone call she connected with another Rotarian she met on the trip. He called her back with the remaining $45,000 after making a few phone calls. How amazing!
Back to Joy and the micro-loan. Joy found 7 women to help her be able to apply for this loan. She decided to start a bakery to sell and make in the market. The group of her 7 friends all went through this process to do their own businesses. When she was able to get the second loan, Joy was able to increase her business and do better for herself and her family. 
Mo reminded us that we can’t do good alone. We need others to do it with! We need to tell our 7 friends about the good we are able to do through Rotary, just like Joy.
Rotarians are given trust because of the credibility of Rotary. Part of credibility is keeping and making more space for trusting relationships. Rotary International wants every club to have a Youth Protection Officer and Youth Chair to keep the youth involved in Rotary programs safe. Lakewood Rotary has been doing well to comply with these efforts.
Joy is not just a fluffy idea, but it shows up in the most unusual places. On a trip to Uganda, where Mo met girls 14-16 with small children who had been sex slaves of Joseph Cony’s army. Mo took their pictures with a Polaroid camera, and it caused joy for them to have a picture of themselves. Because of the money given to the Rotary Foundation, the training center they were there to complete was built, and each of those girls was able to take a sewing machine home to build an income. What is the cost of joy? What would you be willing to do to make that happen? You can sign up for $10 a month (two coffees per month) donation to the Rotary Foundation through your bank account or credit card. You can even leave an estate gift so that grants can be given for projects like the one in Uganda. 
District Training and Conference is on May 15-16 in Victoria. Come and warm up for the RI Convention in Hawaii in June. 
Lastly, Mo shared that we, as Rotarians, are like Batman: regular people with super abilities. Of course, Bruce Wayne was not especially "regular," but he did not have super powers like Wolverine (healing powers) and Aquaman (control of all aquatic creatures). Mr. Wayne did not have super "powers," but he did have super abilities. Use your super abilities for good. Mo’s parting words for us were, “Without Rotary I wouldn’t have had so many experiences to see joy and to make a difference.” Thank you, Mo, for an inspirational presentation!
Bill Allen’s ticket got pulled and he ended up winning $5! We can’t wait to see you next time at Lakewood Rotary. As always, if you read this and want to tell Greg Rediske for make up credit, then you can do that. Also, in my attempt to get to know more Rotary members, if your name was mentioned in this bulletin that I (Andrew Kruse) wrote and you want to grab coffee before the end of September, let me know. It will be on me!
And finally, if you shop online, please try to do so at Amazon Smile so a portion of your purchase can be allocated to Lakewood Rotary.