The second to last bell ring by President Mick was struck at 12:20, apparently not by mistake. What with all the ceremony, pomp and circumstance expected at this First Annual Installation Luncheon (FAIL?) PP Greg Rediske, drawing on his vast experience, prompted the early start. Keeping things running like a well-oiled machine were Cal (as in California) Kushen at the Paul Harris Desk, Bill Price, Sgt at Arms and Bill Young taking pictures. Visiting Rotarian, Past President of Lakewood Rotary, and all-around nice guy Ralph Lockhart shared his special version of "A Toast to Our Flag", followed by the flag salute. Chris Kimball offered the invocation.



Luckily, thankfully and by the Grace of God, we skipped the introduction of guests. I say this because our meeting room was overflowing with Partners, friends, visiting Rotarians and other well-wishers who took time out of their schedules to be with us today. And there is no conceivable way this scribe stood ANY chance of recording all of the names. I did however enjoy a hug and kiss from Gwen Young, and enjoyed lunch with Linda Betz and Florence Covey. After that, things got a little foggy…

Master of Ceremonies, Past President John "Ole" Magnuson took to the podium and introduced some special guests; Assistant District Governor John Anderson, Past District Governor Dave Sclair and wife (PP) Mary Lou Sclair, Past District Governor Gordy Quick, and Past District Governor Jim Harris and his wife Enid.

Past President Gary Fulton rose to present the 2011 Non-Rotarian of the Year Award to Harold "Pepper" Roberts. Pepper taught and coached in the Clover Park School District from 1959-1982. He is a volunteer, board member, fundraiser and HUGE supporter of the American Lake Veteran’s Hospital Golf Course, and has been instrumental in the upgrade and expansion of this facility to serve our returning Veterans.

Next, Gary presented the 2011 Lakewood Rotarian of the Year Award to Bill Young, along with his 4th and 5th Paul Harris Awards. Bill holds dual membership in Clover Park and Lakewood Rotary Clubs. He was the first person to greet and welcome me as a visitor, and soon thereafter as a member more than 10 years ago. We have all watched him work tirelessly on behalf of both clubs, and truly exemplify "Service Above Self" in our community. Congratulations to Bill on a well deserved award and recognition.

Finally, PP Fulton presented the most recent Paul Harris Awards to members/partners;

Pat Price (2)

Leon Titus (3)

Phil Eng (6)

Michael McGovern (7)

Ron Adkins (9)


President Mick was not yet done with the mic, returning to thank everyone for a successful year. The Rotary Club of Lakewood contributed more than $60,000 to our community this past year, and an additional $18,000 to the Rotary Foundation. The members of District 5020 contributed more than $4 million this year, and perhaps more impressively, gave some 417,000 hours of their time to Rotary causes. My pen was not quick enough to record all of the wit and wisdom that President Mick shared with us today, but from my audible vantage point the wit seemed to outscore the wisdom roughly 3-1.

MC Magnuson followed that short but notable piece of Rotary decorum with a 30 or so minute story about bridge clearances in Minnesota, and without missing a beat, described in some detail why you should never hire Norwegians to replace worn out telephone poles. (Scribe’s note: these stories will be even funnier at the Alternative Installation BBQ after a few brewskies).

Past President Greg Rediske called forward all Directors and Officers for the 2011-2012 Rotary year. Using the verbiage originally ordered up by Ralph Lockhart, written and spoken by PP Jim Strait in 1978, Greg thoughtfully introduced and installed the oath of office for:


Jason Whalen  Morris Northcutt    Gayle Selden

Mark Blanchard    Stephanie Walsh     Lowell Johnson


Bill Potter


Sally Porter-Smith

President Elect,

Dave Reames

Congratulations and best wishes to all, and a special thanks to outgoing Directors Andrew Neiditz, Dave Reames and Tony Robinson, as well as Treasurer Astrid Arola.

President Ben Sclair was sworn in while surrounded by 23 Past Presidents and family, with the words of Past District Governor, Past President, and Dad, Dave Sclair. With few dry eyes in the room, that great Sclair family tradition of serving and leading others was proudly passed from Dave and Mary Lou to their son Ben, who accepted with his usual understated grace and humility. God Bless this family for all they have done, and continue to do.

The "Short Pants Administration" begins…

Giving us just a hint of his no nonsense style, Ben thanked those who have helped him through the past year, remembering to include First Lady Deb, daughters Savannah and Brenda, and son Jack. He also admitted the first mistake of his new administration: the BBQ starts at 4pm, NOT 3pm as printed on the table flyers. Those who show up at 3 do so at their own peril… We were about to be excused on a beautiful afternoon 15 minutes early!

And not to be outdone, now Past President Mick rose to ring the bell for the last time with his final mistake… Raffle?

OK, it’s now 3:45pm. My writing duties completed, I’m ready to head for the BBQ. Is that rain I hear? Was that thunder…


Great news! The clouds parted, the sun prevailed and there was plenty of food! All in all there were 110 attendees at the Sclair Hoedown. Many thanks to Jeanette Adkins for her work on the registration and name tags, which allowed us to remember each other’s names well into the evening… Thanks Jeanette! Thanks Ben! Thanks Deb!

PP's Ole and Horn          The Coveys 

Wheelchair Kids Gayle & Dave     The Northcutt Clan