Rodney Ladd….aka Red Leg Rod Ladd, Leader of the puffin pirates…..but wait  that was a previous episode


Here we are again….Friday…ready to cast off….a lawyer whispers in my ear, upon Dave’s ringing the bell, "let's either be silent or give him a raspberry"….hmmm,  in all my vast years of being savvy…a raspberry I ask, what’s a raspberry? So the lawyer (to remain anonymous) sticks out his tongue and makes a funny noise….and so the fun began.


This weeks duties were taken care of by …

Mike McGovern  taking in $405 at the Paul Harris

Bill Price as Sgt at Arms

Bill Young Photographer

Myself  (Rod Ladd ) Invocation

John Lowney –Pledge of Allegiance 

There were no visiting Rotarians nor was there any sunshine report


There was a brief announcement by visitors’ Sandy Plan and George Scheffe telling us about Pierce College and their international education program. They are in need of host families willing to provide housing for the students. Also to help introduce the foreign students to our American culture along with helping them practice English. There are a few requirements to qualify.




Mick Johnson took over the podium to call forward Rick Selden for him to  hand out the Russ Klauser Rotarian of the Year award.  This person has been in Rotary since 2007 and had helped galley side on many a pancake breakfast.  Our very own Gayle Selden was that special person.  She brings to the table a family heritage of Rotary service , for that she also was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship….Congrats Gayle…well done young lady.


Our fearless leader had mixed up today's program just enough to keep us on our toes….( probably from that raspberry the we gave him )…The introduction of our guests were next…Barbara Reames , Fae Crabill , Gwen Young and Sharon Selden.


greg dave


Admiral  (Asst. Gov) Greg Horn presented the District's Presidential Citation to President Dave (the only one in AG Horn's area to qualify!).  The two then called up  Chris Kimball to award another District award, the Public Image Award, to Chris for his 30-second Lakewood Rotary radio spots.


chris dave


Next came the anniversaries for May & June

Mel Neighbors to Patty 10 years

Mike Block to Jami 12 years

Dan Livingston to Leah 15 years

Jay Mayer to Stella 21 years

Joan Strait to Gail to 23 years

Jason Whalen to Gael 26 years

Cal Kushen to Kai 35 years

Ed Shannon to Jayne 47 years

Steve Mazoff to Ellen 48 years

Bob Lordahl to Janet 54 years

Joe Quinn to Kirsten 45 years

Bill Young to Gwen 45 years

Duncan Cook to Joan 57 years


 Next came our Club Anniversaries

Clayton DeNault,  Mark Mattingly, Rod Ladd 1 year

Chris Kimball, Ray Ainsworth, Mary Moss 3 years

Gayle Selden 6 years

Vaughn Hoffman, Bill Potter 9 years

Bill White 12 years

Jay Mayer 13 years

Phil Eng 19 years

John Lowney 25 years

Mick Johnson 27 years

John Magnuson 28 years

Ron Irwin 32 years

Tom Sadler 36 years

Bob Lordahl  39 years

Mel Neighbors 40 years


What we were treated to next was a humorous version of the Beatles classic song "When I’m 64 “ by Chris Kimball and Greg Horn…."When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now"….now hold on a second…that pretty much describes most of Lakewood Rotarys’ membership.


After that was back to the Capt Dave show….It’s hard to believe that a whole year has gone by so quickly. When I first met Dave…he was a “ PE “…the next day he was a “ P “ and after tomorrow he’ll be a “ PP “  almost TMI…that’s  “Too much information” for you older guys




Then up rose Hop-along Ted Weir to make a motion that after the completion of the soccer field at Springbrook park we discontinue further efforts there, returning unused money back to the general fund. The motion was MSC.


Mr. Dave then called upon the current board members to come forward and be commended  for a job well done The following people received a payday for their job being well done. Those members are:  Mary Covelli Johnson, Bill Potter, Rose Stevens, Jim Sharp, Gayle Selden, & Chris Kimball.. Each received a “PayDay" cany bar.




Capt Dave’s fine tally was a little light…so a few Rotarians helped the cause…

Mike Block …change of job $40.00; Phil Eng  for facilitating that change of change of jobs by hiring Mike;  followed by Greg Horn offering up $250 to polio plus for his age as of yesterday: 25,000 days, penny per day.




Our speaker today was our very own Jim Sharp, of  West Pierce Fire & Rescue. Jim talked us through the merger of the Lakewood Fire  and UP Fire departments. Both were about 70 years strong. The merger took place 2009/2010. They now serve over 100,000 people and answer around 14,000 calls. West Pierce carries a class 3 rating. Their mission statement is to be a proactive fire department.  They have the “be prepared".  They cover surface water rescue , rapid entry dive and marine fire and rescue. They have a salt water marine program that was helped out by 2 grants. They now have a 38’ fire boat and 20 trained pilots to run the “Endeavor “.


They also do technical high angle rescue,  confined space and structure collapse rescue. The teams are multi level trained in terrorism and hazmat response. Prevention is the key to making a difference. They offer many different classes to the general public such as first aid , CPR , a safe sitter program and are specially trained in many other areas. We as a city are very fortunate to have such a wonderful group of men and women that maintain 7 stations and take care of our needs. There goal is

1       Respond effectively

2       Execute flawlessly

      3       Be nice


And the final act of the reign of Captain Reames was to call out the ticket number for The Curmudgeon, aka Richard Simmons.  Lucky once, not twice: $5.00 winner.



Goodbye Dave, and thanks for the memories!  The ship remains afloat!!