PRESIDING:  Joel Feldman opened up his very last meeting as President of Lakewood Rotary by reminding us that the Rotary Club of Lakewood has been serving this community for 53 years and….whatever.  The Club responded with an ovation to honor his service in his year as President, or because they were so relieved that the end is near.  Joel was the one who pointed out that it was not clear which it was.  And keep 'yer opinions to 'yerself.  Thanks Joel for making the sacrifices that we know were asked of you.

INVOCATION:  Dave Sclair

PLEDGE:  Joe Quinn led us in the Pledge to our Flag, and wrote this Bulletin.
VISITING ROTARIANS:  Jim Skar did the honors, introducing Bob Edington of our neighboring club - Clover Park Rotary, and also Buck Thompson of Rotary 8, and proud father of our own member, Cindy Thompson.
GUESTS:  Guests included Mary Horn - the incoming First Lady of Rotary. Also Bob Lordahl introduced his daughter Julie (see below) and his lovely wife Janet.Norm Tremaine popped up to try to get Bob fined for his 50th wedding anniversary but Joel ignored him at this juncture. Finally, we had Audrey "Lotz" Lotspeich from the good ol' days of the Club; he now lives in Florida (and a precious few current members can tell me if I recalled his real first name correctly!).  
PAUL HARRIS DESK:  Cindy Thompson
SUNSHINE REPORT: Jan Luze said Greg and Gretchen Ootkin's youngest daughter has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and will be undergoing surgery at Swedish Hospital in Seattle in July. Our prayers are with them. We know (personally) that they are in the best of hands with the Swedish Hospital neurosurgeons.
Puffin kidnapping
Joel announced that whoever kidnapped the Puffin is in a lot of trouble and can expect a fine, as it was not present to be handed over to Kismet, our newest member.
Mushroom Festival
The Hawks Prairie Rotary is sponsoring a Mushroom Fest in Lacey on June 27-28. No, this is not related to magic mushrooms.
Lakewood Community Foundation
Cal Kushen went to the podium to tell us more about the Lakewood Community Foundation, which spends all of its funds locally, and is not the same as the Paul Harris Foundation of Rotary International. This local foundation, started many years ago by the Lakewood and Clover Park Rotary clubs, has now expanded and changed into a community foundation. It has more than $410,000 in assets now. Dave Betz, the current President of the foundation is doing a great job and recently accepted a $20,000 gift for the Foundation. This year, the foundation gave $3,000 to the Lakewood Area Shelter Association, $3,000 to Emergency Food Network, and $3,000 to other youth programs in Lakewood. (Good timing, board members, in light of our inability to fully fund the Community Concerns Committee this year.) The Board consists of three members of Lakewood Rotary, three from Clover Park Rotary, and three at large community members. Dave Betz, whose term is expiring after three years, was then nominated and elected by universal acclaim to serve three more years as a Lakewood Rotary representative on that board. Fabulous job, Dave.
Fall Fellowship Fundraiser
Greg Horn arose next to offer a new Fall Fellowship Fundraiser to be held on August 29, 2009 at his water ski lake outside of Orting.  We WILL be holding a Fall Raffle.  The fellowship fundraiser (first annual) would be the Lakewood Rotary Homebrew Festival.  Horn, whose theme next year will be "Blow 'Yer Horn" (just kidding), said the laws regulating the marketing and sale of home brew will be changing in late July so that such a festival will be perfectly legal. There will be a $25 entry fee to the grounds, and that will entitle the payor to taste the various brews. They will have a hole in one contest (participation will not be free, I'll bet) and rest assured that non-alcoholic beverages will also be offered. The goal:  selling 500 tickets (500 X $25 = $12,500 just from ticket sales alone).
Fellowship Regatta, nee Floating Board Meeting
President Joel announced that the Fellowship Regatta (it used to be called the Floating Board Meeting, but was renamed to be more accurate, and because no one likes to go to those boring board meetings) will be held on a Thursday in August.  More to follow on that one.
Paul Harris Foundation Wrapup
Mick Johnson gave us a wrap up for the year on the Paul Harris Foundation. The goal was $35,000 and we collected $30,000, so that number will be used as next year's goal. Our Paul Harris history is very good. All time giving since 1973: total collected is about $717,000, with 338 Paul Harris Fellows, 48 Benefactors, and 10 Major Donors (that means $10,000 or more to the RI Foundation).

Bob Lordahl and daughter Julie
then presented a Paul Harris Award to Julie Lordahl Collins, who works as External Affairs Director for the Port of Tacoma, and is the (proud) daughter of Bob and Janet Lordahl.  And this is Bob's 8th Paul Harris.

(From left) Mick Johnson and Vaughn Hoffman, Mick and Greg Rediske and Mick and Ron Adkins
Mick next presented Vaughn Hoffman with his second Paul Harris Award.  Vaughn joined our club in May 2004. Greg Rediske then received his 4th Paul Harris; Greg joined in October of 1982. Finally, Mick presented Ron Adkins with his 7th Paul Harris; Ron (or "Mr. Rotary" as his wife calls him) joined in December of 1996.
Installation Banquet
Next to rise was Joe Ghilarducci, to remind us one last time about the Installation Banquet, which is Tuesday night, June 30. Wear your Paul Harris Medallion. Ties are required for the men but certainly "black tie" attire is optional (except for Bill Young).  The 6  pm "no host" cocktail hour will be followed by dinner at 7 pm.
Fun & Fines
There was only a little time left for fines (darn it!). Cal Kushen proudly announced that his Fire Captain son has been promoted to Battalion Chief, and said some of us can appreciate that high rank in the fire service. He serves in Bakersfield, California. The proud Cal gave $50 to the Club and $50 to the Courage Classic effort.

Next, next year's Prez - Greg "Blow 'Yer Horn" Horn - came forward to cough up some of his winnings from last week. We think the pot he won was $587 but as Greg kept pointing out, he has not gotten any of it yet! He had 5 checks for the 5 different riders in the Courage Classic, so we hope they were big checks.

This bulletin writer coughed up $41 for that many years of wedded bliss to my wife, Kris Quinn. No one said "wedded bliss" really, but this is one of the perks of being bulletin writer. I can write in here anything I want and it is the absolute gospel and nobody can prevent it. What Four Way Test . ha, ha.  Editor Dave .ignore the foregoing.

John Magnuson paid $20 "for the dawgs", which was a reference to the University of Washington Rowing Team - national champs. Someone asked him to give $20 more for the women's softball team national champs, but luckily the powers that be did not hear that.

Cindy Thompson spoke up to harass President Joel one last time, pointing out that he did not fine himself for his 72nd birthday. Joel rightly noted that he has paid a TON of fines this year personally. But Jane Whitney, shy and retiring as always, shouted out that "it feels like 102, not 72." At which point Joel seemed truly irritated and fined Jane $50 for "shooting off her mouth" once again. Thanks Cindy for the entertainment!
Program of the Day
Program Chair Larry Faulk introduced the Rev. David Alger, soon to be retiring after many years, the head of Associated Ministries of Tacoma. David is a past winner of the Rotary Community Service Award. Also, the PLU President's Medal is named after him.  He also won the Tacoma Peace Prize and will go to Stockholm, Sweden to attend the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony.

David told a story about the first time he ever came here to the Tacoma Country & Golf Club. It was a golf outing. The members "stuck" him with a woman as his partner. Much to their dismay, that woman was Lowell Butson who just happened to be the club champion and could certainly play "with the big boys." That day she and David put a good whipping on those men! All of the women in the Club and the Partners were thinking, "Well, duh, of course the woman was better." Male golfers were heard gnashing their teeth.

David gives an interesting and inspiring talk whenever he speaks, so it will be hard imagining Tacoma without him, if he truly retires. And what will Associated Ministries do without him? Hopefully, the great works will be ongoing. Did you know that AM was instrumental in all of the following:

Lakewood Area Shelter Association, Emergency Food Network, Pierce County AIDS Foundation, FISH Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity and many, many others.  (I can think of one . Paint Tacoma Beautiful program for doing much needed paint jobs at the homes of the poor and elderly). He commended (former LR member) David Ottey who retired recently from Emergency Food Network after doing a great job, but looks forward to Lakewood's own Helen McGovern, who is taking up that task now. He said $1 given to EFN means $12 in food for the hungry.

David said our churches do so much in the community. He talked about what would happen if the Church shut down. Just imagine the effect of that - if our church communities stopped doing all of the community service and outreach that they do.

He also talked about the ecumenical efforts of AM and others. Specifically, he spoke about the ties to Temple Bethel El, which is big in the Jewish community in Tacoma.  He mentioned the Muslims and the number of Buddhists in this area, and stressed that it is all one community of believers. Interfaith meetings and camps are becoming quite common. David also reminded us about the Moments of Blessing, which are ceremonies that AM holds at the site of recent murders. Needless to say, those can be emotional rituals!   

Finally, David urged us to invest our time and our money in the kids of the community.  The possibilities are endless:  mentoring, tutoring, etc. are really effective and we noted that LR is involved in such efforts, which can be expanded for sure. David said his replacement arrives next Wednesday, but urged us to "change the reality" and to think strategically.
Bill Larkin held the lucky ticket , but drew a white chip.