Posted by Eric Quinn on May 12, 2017
President Rose Stevens rang us to order at 12:30. Chris Kimball gave the invocation. Rose led us in the Pledge to our flag. Duncan and Bob set up the meeting. Troy Wilcox provided AV services. Mary Marlin drew ticket sales. Tom Crabill, again, played Sergeant at Arms. Gary Fulton manned the Paul Harris table and collected $1,263.00 for the Foundation (that’s awesome).
Bob Zawilski snapped photographs. Eric Quinn is writing this nonsense. For guests, Ted Wier introduced Fae Crabill, and his wife, Carole. Visiting Rotarians included Maria Harlow from Tacoma 8, and no other.
Rose had three great Rotarians speak about how awesome this year’s District Conference was. Don Daniels, our incoming President, informed us that his main takeaway from the Conference was the importance of social media for Rotary. Social media provides free exposure to those not in Rotary, giving them lots of valuable information about our club. And we need to take advantage of that, so opined Don. He is right. Troy Wilcox, an incoming board member, said that the Hospitality Rooms were awesome, particularly Lakewood Rotary’s room. No surprise there. Barbara Spriggs learned that our District is very large, and she was very impressed with the amount of young people who have showed interest in Rotary.
John Forkenbrock had no Sunshine to report.
For announcements, Rose stated that the Club was going to start utilizing social media to get our message of Service Above Self out to the community. To do so, Friday’s meeting was the first in which the Club established Facebook Live as a mechanism for getting our message out there. Essentially, Facebook Live allows live video feeds to go directly to Facebook. So now we can record our Programs and put them directly to Facebook! Think of all the valuable information that people can learn from this Club. Thanks, Troy Wilcox, for pointing us to this valuable tool for getting the Rotary message publicized.
Troy says, "This is how we do it....."
Sally Smith asked members of the club to participate in helping the letter carriers for Stamp Out Hunger, a program put on by the Emergency Food Network. That was a huge success this weekend, by the way. We filled up a couple of cars with many bags of food. Go Lakewood Rotary!
Ed Shannon announced that there would be a meeting of the Military Appreciation committee this coming Friday after the general meeting. Rose then sold two tickets to the Tacoma Symphony to Mary Jo Strom Copland. Rose provided Don Daniels $500 for the Passport Club in Ecuador. Ted Wier informed us all that Rotary would be performing the annual cleanup of the Playground at Fort Steilacoom Park. Be there at 9 AM on Tuesday, May 16 for the cleanup. There will be refreshments.
Bob Hammar then gave Eric Quinn the display poster for the Honeymoon to Tahiti that Eric just purchased at the Auction. That is going to be amazing; Johanah and Eric are looking forward to that, immensely.
Eric with his "How to Do A Honeymoon Correctly in Tahiti" board, presented by Bob Hammar
Thanks, Bob. Bill Potter asked of the Club: “Why did the cow fall down the well? Because the cow couldn’t see that well.” Actually, Bill wanted the club to know that the Club had $2,000.00 in the Club’s Operations budget. He made a motion to move that money from Ops to the Donation fund for the Club. The motion passed unanimously, despite some parliamentary tomfoolery, Robert’s Rules of Order be damned.
Then Bob Peterson introduced the Lakewood Rotary Student of the Month, Ruben Cortinas, from Lakes High School. Before he did that, Bob  welcomed Karen Mauer-Smith, the principal of Lakes. Ruben Cortinas has increasingly challenged himself in taking a rigorous course load, and he sets an example for others with his empathetic nature. Ruben shared with us that he could have taken another road and could have let obstacles get in his way. But he did not. Ruben thanked the Club for this honor and graciously accepted a bumper sticker giving him his due props. He also thanked Principal Mauer-Smith, of course. Congratulations, Ruben.
Then came the Fines. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooo! Astrid Arola was fined for an extended absence. Barb Spriggs told a story of her winnings at the Clearwater Casino during the Conference. She sat at the card table, looked down, and found a Full House. She walked away from the table with $250.00. She gave some of that back to the Club. Dave Covey had his face in the paper. He attempted to give his fine to the 2015 Budget for Past-President Dave Coleman. Rose was not having that. Each finee did not articulate the amount of their fine, and this writer is apparently hard of hearing. Tom Crabill informed this writer that the total of the three fines was $195.00.
Then came a fantastic and inspirational presentation from Jim Martinson. Incidentally, as mentioned before, this was the first program the Club has published to Facebook Live, so we thank Jim for being a willing guinea pig. Here is a link to his Program. Jim fought in the Vietnam War. He lost both of his legs above the knee in Danang in 1968, after walking over a landmine. He could have given up. He could have let this obstacle overtake. He did not do that. Last time Jim spoke to this Club, he was in a wheelchair. This time, Jim was flexing his new prosthetic limbs.
Jim began racing wheelchairs in 1976, and has never looked back. He started Shadow Products, a sports equipment manufacturing company, which developed products like the Race Wheelchair for 10K, marathon and track; the Kan Ski for water skiing; the mono ski for snow-skiing; the basketball and tennis wheelchair, and many other sports products for para-athletes. In 1992, Sunrise Medical Quickie purchased his company, but he worked with Sunrise in product development and training through 2000. 
Jim has won multiple gold medals at multiple Paralympic games. He also won the Boston Marathon, and set two world records in the Paralympic Games in New York in 1981.  The Senate of the State of Washington once passed a resolution presenting Jim with the Washington Ambassador for Good Will Award. He was inducted into the ski and snowboard hall of fame, class of 2015. Jim has retired from competitive sports, but he still enjoys recreational activities and coaching. Jim impressed upon us that we will make it in life if we have a lot of love around us. He stated early on in his presentation that, after his terrible injury, he resolved that he "would never be denied." Jim has lived by this philosophy, and is an inspiration to Lakewood Rotary. This was an inspirational presentation. Thank you, Jim. 
On James Guerrero's reader board is this: "Failure defeats losers. Failure inspires winners." Be an inspired winner, Steve! Buy a ticket again next week. 'Cause you lost this week.
And finally: Steve Mazoff won the right to draw for a lot of money, but chose a small amount instead ($5). How generous! Thanks, Steve!