President Rose rang the bell and we were off. Bob Peterson gave the invocation, and Jay Mayer led us in the pledge. Don Daniels spoke to us about the Rotary Moment, and a Rotary club, composed of five women, in Cancun, Mexico. These five women do remarkable things for their community, particularly with respect to assisting those with diabetes, or screening for diabetes. He spoke to us about the poor equipment used by law enforcement, and the fact that there are two fire trucks covering a 100-mile radius in Cancun. We should count our blessings. 
Bob Hammar and Rob Erb set up the meeting. Ward Fletcher manned the Paul Harris table, where $1,021 was collected for the Foundation. Mary Marlin drew tickets sales. Eric Quinn wrote the bulletin and Walt Richardson took pictures. Tom Crabill, once again, was our sergeant-at-arms.
All pro athletes are 
bilingual. They speak English and profanity—Gordie Howe, hockey player.
There were three visiting Rotarians: Lew and Ardell Samdal from Parkland-Spanaway, and Jay Hanson from Anchorage, Alaska! There were no guests and there was no Sunshine. Rose asked members of the Club if they had friend'ed Lakewood Rotary on Facebook. No one said they had. Be sure to become friends with Lakewood Rotary on Facebook.
Steven Enquist introduced Jay Hanson from Anchorage Rotary, who presented Barbara Spriggs with her first Paul Harris. Jay referred to Barbara as a kind and giving person, and we also know her as a great Rotarian. Congratulations, Barbara. 
As for fines, Mike Zaro had his picture taken and  put in a special place, so he paid $20. President Rose called out to Denise Yochum, but Sally Smith mentioned that Denise is in San Francisco accepting an award on behalf of Pierce College. So Denise could not be fined, yet. Chris Kimball had one of his letters published by the Rotarian magazine, although he felt that “all of the controversial stuff” had been edited out. He regretted to inform Rose that he spent all of his money on postage, so Chris gave her an IOU. Joe Quinn gave Rose $20, out of guilt, because he believes he was a bit harsh on her in the last bulletin (Rob vs. Bob). Bill Allen paid a fine of unknown amount  for taking on a new vocation: locksmith. Some might opine that locksmithing is a difficult profession to break into. Bill also mentioned that his son was recently on American Ninja Warrior. Now, that, is fine-worthy.
My fiance and I often laugh about how competitive we are. But I laugh more.
For our Program, Rose held the Club Assembly, where various Rotarians spoke to us about the State of Rotary. First, Gayle Selden came up and spoke to us about the upcoming 47th Annual Sportsmen’s Dinner and Auction, which falls on April 22. Be there! Procure items! Participate! She mentioned that a large amount of income from the auction comes from the food service, and that last year, Lakewood Rotary made the most money it ever had at the Auction. She could not talk to us about all the things the Auction Committee really does, but gave us the big picture. For example, we had a discussion of what the monies earned from Raise the Paddle should be devoted to. Raise the Paddle is sort of like the “catch-all” fundraising portion of the Auction, which is our only fundraiser. Various Rotarians shared differing opinions on how Raise the Paddle monies should be allocated, but is fair to say that each opinion supported an admirable cause. 
Donna Phillips gave us some illustrations about procurement, and the various cool items that have thus far been donated. She implored the Club to start using their creative side to come up with different ideas for procurement items. Again, everyone, we make this Auction work. This is our event.
Dave Coleman spoke to the club about Major Projects, at this time being the amphitheater. Korsmo Construction will be the project manager. The survey work is done. The geotechnical engineering work is not done. The City of Lakewood is compiling a memorandum of understanding between the City and Lakewood Rotary, which sets forth some legal parameters for the project, predominantly addressing funding issues. The question arose: How much money is still needed for the project? That, of course, is a work in progress. The final value of the project is still being determined. Dave mentioned the idea of utilizing the “buy a brick” method for raising funds. He also reminded us that RYLA is coming up in March.
Muffler work is exhausting.
Greg Horn came up and advertised the upcoming Russian Exchange. Various Russian Rotarians are coming, and we need generous persons to host them for two-to-four days, prior to them heading up to King County for the next round of the exchange. 16 Russian Rotarians are coming to our area. Do you have any interest in hosting? This would be a great opportunity for both cultures to learn from each other.
Steve Enquist reminded us that the Foundation Gala is coming up, celebrating that we have met and exceeded the $1,000,000 mark for donations to the International Foundation. Ian Riseley, the 2017-2018 Rotary President, will presumably be the guest speaker. The Gala shall be held on May 11, and will be located at the Tacoma Golf and Country Club (this author believes), where we hold our weekly meetings. Steve Enquist implored each of us to become a Paul Harris Sustaining member of the Club. A Sustaining member is a member who has put at least $100 in the Foundation bank for the year. 79 percent of the Club members are Sustaining members. That is awesome. $38,000 has gone toward the Foundation since July of 2016. That is also awesome. Gary Fulton stated that a lot of employers will match contributions to the Foundation.
Not many people know this, but I’m famous (one-liners courtesy of 
Rick Selden proclaimed that the District Leadership Conference is coming on May 6. He announced that the Board will pay the early bird registration fee if you decide to go. Of course, the early-bird registration fee will be no more, as of March 3. So sign up soon! Rick mentioned that Lakewood Rotary has a fellowship room. Rick finished by thanking Jim Weinand for purchasing a Big Game Hunter sponsorship level--$1,500—for the Auction. 
Thus ended the Club Assembly. The drawing was had and…Greg Rediske drew red. He brought home $280.
Remember: If you shop on Amazon, do it through the Amazon Smile program. A percentage of (almost all) purchases will be donated by Amazon to Lakewood Rotary.  We receive a check quarterly, and got our first one a couple months ago. Set this up as your link to Amazon for all purchases:
And remember also: If you read this bulletin, and you missed this meeting, email Secretary Greg with notification of this, and you'll receive a makeup credit! Easy! And you stay informed without even attending the meeting.