Posted by Mary Marlin on Mar 22, 2019
    With Past President Chris Kimball presiding, we of Rotary knew that Gayle couldn't have been prouder. 
     Although Gayle was unavailable, the bell needed to be rung and the meeting needed to begin. Many, of course, were eager to hear drums, but Chris had another idea. After calling the meeting to order, Dave Coleman presented the thought for the day and Don Daniels led us with the Pledge of Allegiance.  A special musical song then shook many memories'. "Don't look back. A new day is breakin'. It's been too long since I've felt this way. I don't mind oh, where I'll get taken. The road is callin'. Today is the day!"  And how right it was, especially as Queen was remembered  with a bit of  inharmonious audience participation.  
Above: Past President Dave Coleman, if you couldn't tell
     Making our meeting happen was Duncan Cook, Ward Fletcher, Rob Erb and Terry Roarke ….all setting up the meeting. Christine Vu was helpful at the Paul Harris table. Jan Gee drew many ticket sales. Terry Roarke was the efficient Sergeant at Arms. Bob Zawilski was the avid photographer. Colleen Cook was the ever smiling greeter and yours truly was the Bulletin writer. (We'll see how this goes....) New guests were Sue Potter (our Speaker of the Day), Rick Thompson from Spanaway Park Rotary, Debbie Irwin (Don's wife), Jacinda Johnson (a friend of Andrew Kruse), and Rick Selden's lovely wife, Sharon. 
    John Forkenbrock mentioned that Ted Wier is home and is doing well.  Greg Horn then complimented Ron Irwin for attending the meeting today since he had had knee surgery only three days ago. Greg mentioned he was quite fortunate. His experience wasn't the same. Greg also encouraged all members to join him in Victoria on Mother's Day weekend for the district conference. Classes are posted online for interested members. Rick Selden of the Community Concerns Committee mentioned that Lakewood Rotary gives money for big and small needs and recently $500 was given to the Audubon Society for Poetry in the Park at Fort Steilacoom.  From March 31 to May 31 signs will be installed and a celebration walk- through on May 5 will be open to the public. Four prints will also be auction items! Rick Thompson then also mentioned that LeMay had donated 500 bikes to Pierce County as employees and community partners including, of course, Rotarians helped put the bikes together in one day and then shared them with the community.   We all accepted his warm thank you and enjoyed the opportunity to help! Now that's what it's all about!
     More announcements were then shared.  Charlene Miseli, who admitted she "likes the mike", thanked everyone for the huge success of the Boy Scout breakfast. She also mentioned that her husband will soon be deployed overseas soon and invited us to a Change in Command celebration on April 16 at 10am. We wish him well!! Barb Spriggs then announced that Jason Whalen had booked Thornwood Castle for the Texas Hold'em night, a great Auction item, so be sure. Beer, wine and champagne will be available so the incentive is there!! The date will soon be determined.  And guess who was ready with "Heck, Yeh!" when asked about the auction.  Yes, our Auction co-chairs Eric Quinn and Nicole Hancock. With great encouragement to procure, procure, procure, sign up to help, sponsor a table, buy tickets and show up on April 13 at McGavick Center, Eric and Nicole reminded us of the sign up sheet with work parties available. The first work party will be at Clover Park Technical College, Building 2, 5-8 PM. Building 2 is across from the rotunda. we all know and love  Thank you Larry Clark for granting us access to Building 2! Eric then asked who loved Elton John? The committee "We are the Champions" along with other generous donors have secured a special private showing of Rocket Man, the forthcoming Elton John biopic, at Lakewood AMC. After watching the film, participants shall enjoy a delicious barbeque at Steve and Anne Enquist's home. Fifty people are invited, but we may sell more tickets so the number may increase. Bring friends and family…..only $50 per ticket for an unforgettable night! Auction crunch time is here as we all well know. 
      John Lowney then mentioned birthdays and anniversaries. Here are a few of them.  Some of the birthday celebrations were for Eric Quinn, Vaughn Hoffman, Walt Richardson, Peter Marsh and Joan Strait. Anniversaries included Mark Edgecomb, Larry Clark, Jim Rooks, Lowell Johnson, Greg Horn, Charlie Hyde, Morris Northcutt, Bud Montgomery, and Dave Coleman who won with 50 years. Chris then pulled out several questions that were so tricky that the three people who were asked and missed had to pay a fine. He then took out a vivid red and gold crown. (Gayle might be jealous.) He challenged Greg Horn about donating at which time he happily volunteered  $23 for 23 years and then pointed to his wife, Mary, to pay up.  (Crowd laughter) Scott Buser paid $20 for the great time he had in Arizona enjoying baseball. Our firefighter, Jim Sharp, celebrated the stair climb contest in Seattle by mentioning that 1600 fire fighters world wide compete in this demanding event and some Pierce County firefighters came in 4th!!! Well done!! Mo Sarram mentioned an Iranian ceremony that is 2500 years old. A person visits another with whom he or she may have difference, and the two of them resolve that difference. A good reminder to us all.
     Bill Potter, our esteemed, soon-to-be president, then had the pleasure of introducing his wife, Sue Potter, the Executive Director of Nourish Pierce County, which is one of the largest, if not the largest, networks of food banks in Pierce County. Learn more about NOURISH at This program used to be called Fish Food Banks of Pierce County. Sue mentioned that as a child, she volunteered at FISH at the Little Church on the Prairie in Lakewood. The same mission applies and the name NOURISH has been in place for two years. The three goals of the organization are: Compassion, Dignity and Respect. Sue and Nourish understand the difficulty of asking for help.  With four mobile sites in Lakewood, these meals on wheels make getting food to the needy more available. Nourish offers three meals a day for three days at its mobile and brick-and-mortar sites. The mobile sites are open late, on Saturdays, and no one is turned away. A semi truck is used and one enters and exits out the back with chosen food. So far there have been 444,000 visitors. And 6.1 million pounds of food are given out. A record 17% of Lakewood residents have visited at least once. Sue said one of three residents is food insecure in Lakewood. Most people are working poor or ALICE.....asset limited. Seniors are the fastest growing population while 32% are children. She then showed a video of one man named Ron who was in need, came to NOURISH and now works to help others. The key here is that NOURISH eliminates barriers, doesn't ask questions, but offers not only food but connection centers for clothing, tax preparation, food stamps, flu shots and boots that are donated by the Western Boot Company. Client info is confidential. There are more than 1000 volunteers who stock, drive, do client intake, distribute, organize and help. All support is appreciated.   And that's what money and support is all about!!!  The good news is that the Auction Committee has decided to use Raise the Paddle funds from this year's auction to help Nourish!!! So...
Get ready to raise your paddle! Did you know that 1 in 7 people in Pierce County don’t have enough to eat? For over 40 years, Nourish Pierce County (formerly FISH Food Banks of Pierce County) has been the first place residents of Lakewood turn to in a crisis.  Last year, 17% of Lakewood residents received nutritious food from Nourish. Many clients are hard working families, members of the military and seniors who just need a temporary helping hand.  Tonight, you have a wonderful opportunity to help 17% of all Lakewood residents by ensuring that our local food bank has food on the shelves. 
Raise The Paddle donations will help Nourish purchase a 16 ft. box truck with a lift gate.  Nourish needs to retire its old box truck that is getting very near to its final road trip.  A new truck will enable Nourish to rescue groceries that otherwise would be discarded by area stores, and to move inventory from a centralized warehouse to the Lakewood location more efficiently, safely & effectively.  Raise your paddles high and let-s come together as a community to support our neighbors in need!
Sue generously thanked all Lakewood Rotarians for their support, esp. the one she lives with. 
And the meeting was adjourned. The Foundation raised an amazing $1600 today and Mike Zaro almost won the raffle.  
Till next time, yours truly, Mary Marlin.
Ah yes, if you read this bulletin, tell Greg Rediske to get a make-up. Also, if you do shopping online, do so at Amazon Smile so a portion of your purchase can be devoted to Lakewood Rotary.