Posted by Mary Marlin on Mar 01, 2019
    The bell rang. The crowd of Rotarians stood and the meeting began.  Mick Johnson delivered the Thought for the Day and reminded us that being different is a blessing to all of us. Andrew Kruse led us in the flag salute. Making the meeting Set Up happen were: Duncan Cook, Ward Fletcher, Bob Hammar, Rob Erb, Troy Wilcox and Terry Roarke.  At the Paul Harris Table were Christine Vu and Steve Enquist. Drawing Ticket Sales and Sergeant at Arms was Mark Edgecomb. Yours truly was writing the Bulletin, and Walt Richardson was the photogenic Bulletin photographer. 

     Why the March Madness you ask?  The sun is out! The snow is gone! And the March to spring is on!! Yes…..Happy March Madness! Amazingly enough, lovely Sharon Rediske was our only guest. John Forkenbrock had no sunshine report, but John Lowney brought us up to date on Ted Wier's recovery. John said he was "looking good". (We all want to hear that!) He also said he would be home on the 10th from the University Care Center. Oh, and Ted likes visitors. Noted...



     Gayle, our esteemed President, reminded her attentive audience that on March 23rd, the District Membership Training would be taking place in Tacoma. It will be free and breakfast is provided.  From May 9-11, the District Conference will take place and the club will pick up the registration tab for the first eight signers. Gayle is also looking for committee members for an area Rotary Club project. Sixteen clubs will be involved with the emphasis being focused on improving the overall health of Pierce County. Jaime Gregory will be the leader.   Bob Bruback has released his red badge and has moved to blue. Gayle encouraged Bob to lead the team in the Four Way Test. Bob was pleased his blue badge didn't depend on that! Steve Enquist then was presented with his sixth Paul Harris Award.  Gayle applauded his great work at the Board meetings and his leadership with the  Foundation Committee.  Mark Blanchard is not far behind and received his third Paul Harris award today too.

     Kim Prentice then introduced the Educator of the Month from Harrison Prep....Lisa Burns, a math teacher who not only teaches students but mentors teachers as well. Gayle gave our educator $100 from the club, as well as an award, to "treat yourself".   



Above: Educator of the Month, Lisa Burns (Kim Prentice to her left)


        Get ready...... Eric Quinn, the Quinn....tessential Rapper (get it?) then regaled us with...."Hey, Hey, it's March 1st today!"  And here's where the Auction Action begins! Eric told us that tickets for between 7 and 8 tables have sold, and that various parties have sponsored tables. Well done! He reminded us that we need to focus on tickets, volunteering, procurement, and sponsorship. Work parties are set up for March 26, April 2 and April 9th. We need to get the brochure for the auction done! Our teams have brilliant ideas!! Larry Clark has donated a room in Bldg. 2 at Clover Park to organize auction items so Seldens can rest easy. Gayle encouraged the need to do all auction things "sooner rather than later!" Only 2 weeks left to get the procurements done!!! No excuses...…… (ok, my words) And there will  be a meeting of the Auction Committee after this Rotary meeting today! We're on it!!


    Gayle then got excited for a few "announcements" which often had a "fine" idea attached.  Oh, Don Daniels. With Gayle having smelled some suntan lotion and Don with a different shade of brown, he generously gave up $50 and told of his busy time helping at a small village in the Caribbean. Steve and Anne Enquist just returned from South America where they "returned their Puffin to the wild".   Now that's a "wild" story. Okay, everyone, especially the Puffin, is fine after a $30 "fine."  Steve Mazoff paid a $10 fine after a cold, wet and leaky vacation in  Arizona. Peter Marsh spent time in Costa Rica with monkeys and crocs and birds and ziplines. His daughter won the Book of the Year Award for her book, The Fear Factor!!  Jason Whalen has been in Palm Springs and is ready for Hawaii.  His "uh oh" offered $20 to the club. Mary Lou Sclair was honored by Gayle for attending and Gayle suggested $2 per person at Mary Lou's table.  I did hear someone whisper..."You might have to move." Bill Potter is obsessed with cars apparently and Donn Irwin may not be far behind. Ed Shannon has been having fun in Tucson and left a check for the Foundation. Andrew Kruse has been doing service projects for youth in -8 degrees in Michigan. Eric Quinn and Johanah had fun in Vegas and have exciting news......they are expecting!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! Troy Wilcox had a Marilyn Monroe impersonator at his birthday. It might have been Greg Horn!  And Monica Cordell has been scuba diving and skydiving. Thank you for the $20, Monica!



     At this time, Sally Smith introduced Kari Young and Mary Dunaway.  Here's a little info about each of them.  Kari grew up in Eastern Washington and came to Tacoma as a student

at PLU. After gaining her degree in sociology she did a year of service with AmeriCorps NCCC.  After this year of service she returned to the area and built up 10 years of nonprofit experience. Kari is the Director of Major and Planned Giving at KNKX.   Mary started at KNKX in 2005  as a Development Assistant where she planned and oversaw KNKX on-air pledge drives. She has worked on every aspect of membership and giving at KNKX. Today Mary is responsible for all of KNKX's giving programs and initiatives that include pledge drives, membership, major giving, planned giving and the next campaign. 



Above: Presenters, Kari Young and Mary Dunaway, from KNKX


      And what exactly is KNKX?  These interesting letters, KNKX, stand for "connects" which acknowledges its commitment to inspire, educate, and entertain as one of the most popular radio stations in the nation since 1966. This station is an ambassador for jazz and blues, and a vital source of quality, non-commercial news, including NPR and regional coverage.  The programming staff are storytellers who reach deeply into the community to reflect the voices of our region.  Operating a network of 12 radio signals that cover Western Washington, KNKX reaches 350,000 listeners weekly.  In addition, it's 24 hour jazz stream, Jazz24, reaches 350,000 listeners every month online. KNKX also has millions of views on its YouTube channel of live jazz and blues performances.  In 2015, the station was being sold by PLU. So passionate listeners and contributors generated $700 million dollars in four and a half months in 2016 to start the new KNKX station.  Now that's an accomplishment! This station has formed a friends and family public media station that focuses on programs in schools, podcasts such as the history of McNeil Island and reporters who cover everything. A new venue on Broadway in Tacoma will offer more and more opportunities to learn about the northwest. Thank you, Kari and Mary for this exciting information.




         With that the meeting was adjourned after the Foundation had earned $240 and Duncan Cook had the raffle ticket.  Next week will feature Professor Lorraine K. Bannai from Seattle University School of Law. Her talk will be "The Japanese American Incarceration and Its Present Day Relevance".   Oh, and Gayle asked me to note that if you wish to pay for lunch from now on, a 50 cent charge will be made to your bill.  Sometimes it happens.  And so it is...…….till next time.


     Duncan Cook drew the white chip. Too bad.


     Remember that if you read this bulletin you should tell Greg Rediske so you can get a make-up for a missed meeting. Also, if you do online shopping, do so at Amazon Smile so a portion of your purchase can be allocated to Lakewood Rotary.


                                                              Yours truly, Mary Marlin