So, no need to scroll down to the end of this bulletin just yet.  I can tell you right up front that it was Rick Selden with the winning ticket, and the winning touch.  He drew RED, and it was worth $837.00.  Gayle Selden was the first to step up in the creditor’s line…


Anyway, way before all that happened…


President Dave was gently reminded by Richard Simmons to ring the bell, which he did, and we were off and running.  Surrounded by an outstanding supporting cast, and a resounding aaarrrrgghhh from the rank and file, Dave acknowledged Mick Johnson at the Paul Harris desk, Bill Young at the raffle table and serving as Sgt at Arms, Greg Rediske, photographer at large, and yours truly frantically jotting notes.  Rod Ladd offered the invocation, and Steve Enquist led us in the pledge.  Mick reported $1266 in collections at the PH desk!


We had one visiting Rotarian, Hedges Taylor and his wife Sherri, all the way from Georgia!


We MAY have had guests of Rotarians, but we’ll never know as the Prez sort of skipped that part.


Gayle Selden shared that long time Lakewood Rotarian Frank Jacobs passed away earlier this month.  Frank was an active member of our club, and previously managed both the Lakewood Colonial Center and the Lakewood Industrial Park.  No services have been announced.


From Dave Covey:  As a relatively young Rotarian with a new office furniture company, I saw how influential Frank was with NW Properties in Lakewood & Industrial Tacoma.  At the first Lakewood Rotary Auction that Gary Fulton ran to raise the $100,000 pledged to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, Frank put in a “guided climb of St Helens”.  Thinking it would be a great way to “get to know him”, I tried to win the oral auction only to bump into another bidder who wouldn’t be denied ……..Sharon Selden!   It got too rich for this young businessman……..but I watched from across the room when Sharon told Rick about their purchase.  It was obvious that there was a difference of opinion between Sharon & Rick, so I walked over to say hello.  Before I knew it, my number was substituted for Rick’s.  That “business climb” grew into other hiking adventures.  At Christmas Food Basket time, he and I were partnered each year.


Frank is really tied to the history of Lakewood Rotary and our Easter Pancake Breakfast.  Each year we would bring our own grills out of trailer storage and into the Clover Park HS kitchen.  Hard to believe, but our families and Rotarians worked the breakfast and we had to sell $200 worth of tickets in advance ($5 per person).  Not an easy sale when often the tickets were given away by our members.  Frank would put together a letter to his tenants using the “assumed close’’………telling them that they need to pay for the 10+ tickets he sent them.  Only Mike McGowan could “market” as effectively with those tickets.



Kim Prentice introduced our May Educators of the Month, Nikki Wheaton from Steilacoom Historical School District and Pat Soderberg from Clover Park School District.

Joining us today in support of our honorees were Susanne Beauchaine, director of student services at Steilacoom School District and Charlotte Clouse, principal of Southgate Elementary School. 

Nikki Wheaton teaches special education students. Her co-workers and supervisors say she is highly capable, adept, knowledgeable, experienced, selfless, ambitious, dedicated and fun-loving.  Nikki is in her second year with the Steilacoom School District and making a big difference in the lives of students with disabilities.  Nikki is a “go –getter,” and can be counted on for her positive outlook and “outside of the box thinking” to make sure all students learn.  Nikki always has a smile on her face and is great with helping students make connections with the community and helping them feel empowered as young adults.   She was hired to run the Steilacoom School District’s Transitions Program, which is a program for students ages 18-21.  She works with special needs students, who are developing work and independent living skills.  Nikki has established multiple internships for her students including but not limited to Toy Rescue Mission, cleaning district vehicles, fulfilling custodial and mail room duties, serving as school kitchen assistants and many others.   This year, she is also teaching during part of her day at the high school, working with students who will move into the Futures Program.  These students have jobs throughout the school and develop skills to ride public transportation, manage money, interact professionally while on the job, and recognize safe and unsafe situations.  She came to Steilacoom from Colorado, where she has served as a resource room teacher, inclusion teacher, center program teacher, behavior consultant, English Language Learner teacher, and she had published a second article from research she did at the Univ. of Nebraska.


Pat Soderberg is a second grade teacher at Southgate Elementary School and loves all children. She embraces each child with her kindness and care.  Pat has worked with students who had severe to moderate disabilities, were English Language Learners, and students who live in poverty.  She started her career in Clover Park School District in 1976 and, in addition to her years at Southgate, she has worked at Custer Elementary, American Lake South (which is now closed) and at Lakes High School. When she talks about her students, it is always with fondness and, many times, humor. As she tells her stories, you often find yourself laughing or crying because her words touch your heart.   Pat loves to learn and explore her world. She shares that sense of wonder with her students as they go through their day.  Pat exemplifies the belief that all students can learn. Her confidence in their ability to learn motivates students to reach beyond their goals. Her students are successful because of her belief in them. Each year, Pat requests the lowest group of reading and math students. Her ability to teach is a gift to these students and they make excellent progress.  Pat believes in “second and more” chances for children.  After the first of the year, a parent requested a waiver for her son to attend second grade at Southgate. There were doubts about accepting the waiver because of the student’s behavior. Pat said she would like to have him in her class. The student bonded quickly with her. In the end, the boy’s mother moved him to eastern Washington. He was a happy child whose behavior changed dramatically. It was hard for him to leave a teacher who gave him unconditional love. 



And on this Fine day…

Our “Damn the Doritos” Prez was forced to acknowledge our club’s recent recognition by the Lakewood City Council, and although not a “fineable event” in his opinion, offered up $100.  Michael McGovern enjoyed some time in Hawaii for his daughter’s 40th birthday, and granddaughter’s 16th birthday, $100. 



Dave Betz was VERY proud of his new grandson, $1000 Paul Harris proud.

Dave Covey conveyed that Bud Montgomery is finally on his way home, $20.  John Korsmo admitted to 5 days in Hawaii, and strongly encouraged everyone to do the same every now and again, High Tide.  (note: if this scribe actually listened when the Prez was speaking, he’d surely know what a “High Tide” equated to, but alas…)  Leon Titus offered up $20 for a CCIM class that he was apparently taking during our meeting…?  Joan Strait shared that she was just in Spokane for her granddaughter’s graduation at Gonzaga, $50.  


   Korsmo: Fined again, but happy anyway.

Mark Blanchard reminded all that our annual Installation Banquet on June 29th will be a “Luau themed” event.  Invitations and regulations regarding appropriate length for grass skirts to be mailed soon…


Foundation Chair Mick Johnson reminded everyone to submit names to be considered for “Non-Rotarian of the Year” as soon as possible.  (


  Mick sez, "Get your names for Bernie Ootkin Non-Rotarian of the Year in NOW!"


Greg Rediske introduced our speaker, Rick Austin.


Rick Austin and Ron Cey with the Cheney Studs 


From being the first starting quarterback ever for Lakes High School, to beating Mickey Lolich and the Detroit Tigers, Rick Austin’s athletic career spanned far and wide.
The 1965 graduate of Lakes High played baseball at Washington State University and then was drafted in the first round in 1968, with the sixth selection overall, by the Cleveland Indians.  In just his second start in the majors, Austin, a 6-foot-4, 190-pound left-hander for the Indians, threw a five-hit shutout at the Tigers, going the full nine innings in the 3-0 victory in Detroit on June 27, 1970. He struck out eight and walked three in the convincing victory for the 23-year-old.
His pro career included two years with the Indians and then two years with the Milwaukee Brewers in 1975-1976.  The 1974 season was spent with the Hankyu Braves of the Japanese Baseball League.  Austin’s overall major league record was 4-8 with a 4.63 earned-run average. His best season statistically was with the Brewers in 1975 when he appeared in 32 games and went 2-3 with a 4.05 ERA.  At Washington State, he still holds the career ERA record at 1.19. He had a 1.33 ERA in 1967, which included a no-hitter in a 1-0 victory over Lewis-Clark State.  In 1968, he had a 1.10 ERA, which included a perfect game in a 5-0 victory against Gonzaga.  In all, Austin had four shutouts in his two years at WSU. Rick’s career record was 18-4 with 144 strikeouts in 166 innings and he was the team’s most valuable player in 1968 and a second-team All-American. Austin also was a member of the Cheney Studs during their national runner-up season.
Austin was at Lakes High when it opened in 1962, without a senior class. He was the starting quarterback for three years, playing for his father, coach Gerry Austin. Gerry was also the athletic director, and in that role, selected the team colors of burnt orange and blue with little outside input because time was tight to get uniforms ordered before the first game. The team nickname, the Lancers, was selected from a vote of the students.

Rick was all-state in football and baseball for the Lancers, and also played basketball, which he did on the freshman team at WSU as well.

Always nice to hear from a local kid who made the “Bigs”…  And he left behind $100 for Lakewood Rotary, too!


Raffle: Please scroll to top of article…


Rick Selden and the winning Red Chip.  He seems happy.