Helpers at the incoming desk included:  The tag team of Bud Montgomery and Ward Fletcher took turns collecting for the Paul Harris fund.  Bill Young was Sgt. at Arms.

President-Elect Ben Sclair called our meeting to order at precisely 12:30 p.m.  He was decked out in the latest fashion, a nice pair of shorts revealing his even nicer tanned legs.  He then called on PP Cindy Thompson to give the invocation and Jim Sharp to lead us in the pledge to our flag.  Bill Young was our Sgt.-at-Arms.


Visiting Rotarians:  Gordon Neu from Tacoma 8 and John Anderson, our current ADG from Sumner Rotary, graced us with their presence today.

Guests of Rotarians:  Ellen Mazoff, Sharon Selden, Barb Reames, Carole Wier, Marilyn Zawilski, Rhondi Johnson, Pat Price, Gwen Young, Fereshteh Sarram, Kris Quinn, Jeanette Adkins and Joan Cook.

Sunshine report:  Jan Luze was absent but Bill Young reported that Bill Larkin was doing very well and hoped to be at Ben’s installation on June 24.

Courage Classic:  Homer Dodge spoke at length about the upcoming Courage Classic, an event that began here at Lakewood Rotary 20 years ago and has turned into a BIG event, with most of the fifteen Rotary clubs in Pierce County supporting it.  Last year 756 riders signed up and 698 of them showed up for the ride.  They raised over $750,000 to help stop the cycle of child abuse and neglect in our communities.
The Courage Classic Bicycle Tour was created as a fundraising ride to support the Rotary Endowment for the Intervention and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect.  This endowment will ensure that the children in our communities and their families will never be turned away from the help they might need in the case of sexual or physical abuse.
It's sad but true that one of every three girls and one of every five boys will be sexually abused by the age of 18. Since 1988, the number of children treated for sexual abuse at Mary Bridge has increased nearly 250 percent.
The impact of sexual and physical abuse can be long lasting without early intervention and treatment. Now is the time to stop the cycle of abuse!
When you ride the Courage Classic Bicycle Tour you are helping to stop the cycle of abuse in your community. Each mile you ride and each dollar you raise will make the difference in the life of a child and his or her family.
The riders will ride 173 miles in 3 days, covering Snoqualmie Pass Saturday, August 6, Blewett Pass Sunday, August 7, and Stevens Pass August 8.

This year’s goal has been raised to $1,000,000!  They have capped the actual riders at 700, because that is all they can logistically support.  So far, 560 have signed up.  Each rider must raise $500 in pledges before the start to qualify.  The goal is $1,100 for each rider.

A new twist has been added for all the armchair riders.  You can now ride in the Courage Classic as a virtual rider.  Cost to sign up is only $30, and you will be required to raise the same $500, but you can do it from the comfort of your favorite chair, or wherever.  They will also earn the same reward as the regular riders.

Clover Park Rotary and Tacoma South Rotary team up with us at the Nason Creek rest stop just west of Leavenworth.  It is an outstanding opportunity to serve our community and have fun doing it.  See Homer to get involved.  Set-up is on Sunday, August 6, and we will be working the Nason Creek rest stop until 2:00 p.m. Monday, August 7.  Homer has secured us a palatial room in Leavenworth for Sunday night’s stay.

Last year Clover Park Rotary’s Charlie Maxwell took the event partially green.  This year he is taking it all green.  EVERYTHING will be recyclable.  Last year the 698 riders left behind 3,700 lbs. of garbage.  This year’s goal is ZERO GARBAGE.

There will be a raffle and party for the workers Saturday night, with refreshments served by Red Hook brewery.  If anybody has fresh ideas for our 20 year celebration of the Courage Classic get them into Homer.

More info at:

New Regime:  PE Ben said his installation June 24 will be in two parts.  Our usual noon meeting at TC&GC will include the installation of officers.  At 4:00 p.m. we will begin a BBQ at his new digs on Huggins-Meyer Road – only $10 per adult person.  (I think kids are free.)

Mighty Fine Dept.:  Jason Whalen confessed to running with his 12 year old daughter Claire in the Bloomaday 12K.  He sprinted ahead to finish just ahead of Claire in 1 hour 15 minutes.  His $50 fine included an April trip to Hawaii.

HoseB (aka Judy Hosea) gave an update on the tragedy at Joplin, MO.  The Boys & Girls Club there was not hit directly, and is open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. to give comfort and a much needed place to go for the families who have lost everything.  Four of the B&GC staff there lost their entire homes, everything.

Partners of Lakewood Rotarians:  There was a big round of applause for the Partners and all they do for the Sportsman’s Dinner.  Rhondi Johnson and Barb Reames spearheaded the efforts.  Jeanette Adkins was in charge of tables.  Joan Cook handled procurement.  Ellen Mazoff and Barb Reames did centerpieces.  Sharon Selden coordinated work parties at CPTC.  They were presented with a check for $4,000 to help fund their scholarships.  Rhondi said they were pleased to be a part of the Lakewood Rotary’s Sportsman’s Dinner success and be honored for it.  She said the “$4,000 would be used for scholarship and food donations, and remember that we’re not just another group of hot women.”

Club Assembly – President Elect Ben Sclair led us on a tour of his plans for the future of Lakewood Rotary.   Notes from the Club Assembly:

PE Ben announced that the net of this year’s Sportsman’s Dinner went from $56,000 last year to $70,000 this year!  He reminded us to always ask questions and spend our money responsibly.

He discussed the Youth Exchange program.  Great experiences, big commitment in terms of time and money ($3,000/year club expense).  Is it worth it?

We should be doing a better job finding outbound students.  Jason Whalen suggested we continue, but broaden our participation.  He suggested online scheduling for inbound students.  He mentioned that his daughter Olivia will be visiting Germany for a month this summer and an inbound German girl from that family will then be spending a month with them as part of Rotary’s shorter summer exchange program.

Jason mentioned that past exchange student Satu was a big logistics problem, as they had younger kids who went to different schools.

PEE Dave Reames said that our demographics (we are older, whatever that means) make it harder to gear back to the high school program.

Ellen Mazoff told of wonderful experiences they had with exchange students, but that was when they had children at home.

Any further questions on the Youth Exchange program should be directed to Ron Adkins, Greg Rediske or John Korsmo.

Gayle Selden mentioned she enjoyed having Rotary Youth Exchange Students in her home as she was growing up.  It was a fantastic, wonderful experience.

Don’t Meth With Us – Ward Fletcher brought us a program from New Mexico being used successfully by some Rotary clubs.  5th grade students are given a 45 to 60 minute presentation on the dangers of meth.  There was discussion - could we go to local schools to educate the kids?  Tee shirts and wrist bands help promote the program.

Ward reported a 60% drop in meth addiction from this program, but that measurement reliability was questioned.

Mike McGowan said that his stores had cancelled selling lithium batteries (an ingredient in meth).  He mentioned that one of his properties had had 26 autos broken into, all of them related to meth.  “We have a big meth problem here in Lakewood.”

Jim Bisceglia was in favor of supporting the “Don’t Meth With Us” program.  He wanted to know why people use meth, to have a profile of the meth user.

Steve Mazoff talked about children in the dependency system becoming everybody’s problem.  Meth Mouth is one of the many consequences of the meth use.  Unfortunately, just one single use of meth is enough to get a person hooked.  After that, life is usually all downhill.

PP Cindy Thompson said meth is endemic here and wondering what else is happening to combat the problem.

Dan Livingston said dealing with the meth problem needs to be a long term commitment, not just a one-time approach.  He said there is little federal money available to fight this.

Ron Adkins suggested taking this on as a multi-year big project.  Like building the Playground at Ft. Steilacoom, we have the power to make it happen.

PE Ben suggested we also take on some mini projects, but we need more hands-on engagement of our members.  They should be quick, fun, and possibly end with a BBQ.   Maybe model it after Parks Appreciation Day.  Possibly show up every 2ndSaturday of the month.  PP Ted Wier volunteered to head this up.  His wife Carole suggested weeding of their yard would be a good kickoff project.

Jim Sharp said he has built relationships working on Parks Appreciation Day and at the food banks.  This could be an extension of that.

Mike McGowan recounted how scholarships can hurt kid’s financial aid at four year schools.

Ben talked about our honoring the Educators of the Month.  If we really want to honor them maybe we should kick in a $100 bill in addition to the lunch, recognition, plaque and bumper stickers we typically honor them with.  (Whoops!  Did I just end a sentence with a proposition?)

There was discussion of our highly successful Next Step program.  Maybe we should develop a partnership with Clover Park Technical College or other Pierce County colleges.

The District Conference is in Tacoma this year, June 3, 4 & 5.  The only cost is meals if you so choose.  Let’s try to get a big group going to support our DG Bob Martin.  You may register online at

Drawering:  Duncan Cook was going to buy 2 weekly raffle tickets because his wife Joan was attending.  She urged him to step up and buy 3.  At the end of the meeting guess who held the winning ticket?  Joan stepped up and drew 1 chip from the Crown Royal bag.  RED!  $250.00.  It looks like she (or possibly Paul Harris) will benefit from her chip drawing skill.

Next week’s program: Former Lakewoodian C. Mark Smith will be speaking about his book Raising Cain:  The Life and Politics of Senator Harry P. Cain.  (Harry Cain was the only U S senator from Tacoma).

Congratulations to Stephanie and Gregg Walsh, proud new parents to a bouncing teenage Dane!  Victor is staying with the Walshs for 2 weeks. That should shake up the household!