Above: Lakewood Rotary's Exchange Student, Cristina Coero Borga
From Tacoma 8…
Judy Hosea
Chuck Hellar
Bob Hammar
Andrew Neiditz, Tacoma 8 and Sumner
Donn Irwin
Rob Erb
Chris Kimball
Don Anderson
Tyler Andrew
Ron Adkins (back and forth)
And from other places…
Janie Frasier, Salem Oregon
Wynn Hoffman, Tacoma Narrows
Vaughn Hoffman, Federal Way Sunrise
Lowell Johnson, Puyallup South Hill
John Lowney, Lakewood to Renton and back
Ron Messenger, Clover Park
Joan Strait, McMinnville, Orygun
Don Daniels, Fife-Milton
John Magnuson, Fife-Milton
Clint Johnson, Puyallup
Cal Kushen, California
Donna Phillips
Dave Reames, Sunrise
John Caulfield
John Forkenbrock
And more….
Above: New Member, Mary Marlin
Who are these folks? They are approximately 25% of the membership of The Rotary Club of Lakewood. Not only that, more than half of them serve in leadership and committee positions. There was a time when we used to “Booo” Dave Sclair when he visited from Clover Park Rotary. Why? He left Lakewood Rotary to help start Clover Park. Tantamount to treason, some thought. Then Mary Lou and Ben served the club as Presidents and Dave served the district as Governor. We have three generations of the Selden family in Lakewood Rotary with Ed, Rick – Past President – and the ever-busy Gayle. Many – how many, I don’t know – Lakewood Rotarians are second generation. There is also the unusual distinction of having Greg Rediske as a past president along with his father Jim and Father-in-law Russ Klauser. At least eight people in the above list served as president of their club before coming to Lakewood. At one time there were about 165 members of Lakewood Rotary; now we are about 118 and growing slowly but we continue to lose members now and then. Another positive is that at least 20 past presidents remain involved.
The above comment arises out of our information committee meetings held for each incoming member. There must be such a thing as Rotary DNA. Perhaps that is what makes us a good club with smaller numbers than just large membership. We were a good club in those days and we are still a good club, doing as much or more with fewer committed members.
Whereas our demographic profile is changing at a glacial pace, you must remember that when it comes to statistics, base line information is very difficult to influence with new data. Just recall your college GPA when in your junior year you decided to actually study and get serious? Those two years of doing “The Mess-Around” created an almost impossible task of a higher GPA, moving the base toward your belated goals.
The bottom line is that we are a strong group, doing good things in the world and the community. A large part of that good work comes from our membership that has transferred to Lakewood Rotary. Let’s always keep the “Welcome Mat” out.
The Very Latest News
President Chris began the meeting on time. PP Dave Coleman offered the invocation, and that was followed by our special rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. Did you know that the music for our national anthem stems from The Anacreontic Song in 1782? That was 201 years before Brit Rocker Rod Stewart said, “Optimism is my best defense.”
Chris graciously thanked his minions helping this day: Bob Hammar, Duncan Cook, Rob Erb, Chuck Hellar, Tommy Crabill, Bob Zawilski, Jim Weinand raked in $399 for the Foundation and Ole. Mary Marlin, a new member, was the official greeter.
Visiting Rotarians: Larry Treleven, PP of Tacoma 8, Terry Taylor – the phonetic spelling version of her name, Mary Jo – and I just met her yesterday and I am certain she has a last name, Tacoma 8 and Lorraine Newman, who is not to be confused with Laraine Newman of the original SNL cast, or then maybe it was her.
Guests: Phil Eng introduced a soon-to-be new member Jan Gee, Mo Sarram introduced a friend of his, Dr. Adab, Bill Allen introduced a prospective new member and friend, Don Shafer, Gayle Selden introduced Lisa Korsmo, and winning the long-distance award was our visitor from Lake Placid who just returned from the International Convention in Seoul South Korea, and Gayle introduced our exchange student Cristina. Now, I didn’t get those entire introductions correctly. For accuracy purposes, if you can rework the foregoing into what actually happened, you win my position on the Bulletin writing staff. There will be a ceremony. Submit your correction to Editor-in-Chief Eric Quinn.
Sunshine Report: John Forkenbrock – Once more, no news is good news.
Happening Now or nearly now
The Installation Banquet at TCGC: Friday June 17, 6:00, $50 per person. Reservation and payment no later than June 10th. Mail to John Lowney 11909 Nyanza Road SW, Lakewood 98499.
July 21st, Tacoma Rainier’s game with members of other Pierce County clubs, $16.50 and tailgate starts at 5:30.
Dues are due. Dew is probably not due any longer this summer, what with today’s temperature.
Go to Rotary International.com to find out all about the RI Convention in Atlanta Georgia.
Shelving re-work is needed in the storage container. Check with Ward Fletcher.
Some Fine Fines
Mary Marlin was in Spain and Portugal - $X. Duncan Cook was in Mazatlan peacefully - $X. Gordon Quick volunteered $20 on behalf of the generous Korsmo family’s hosting of Cristina. Ed Shannon spent 3 weeks in West Virginia and managed to get some golf in. $100 for the Foundation. Clayton DeNault and Gayle Selden said or offered something but I was in an aural null zone. Larry Treleven apologized for his role in producing the evil spawn we have in the way of our Tacoma 8 escapee club president. Larry, shame! I don’t think he paid for that.
Program – Club Assembly
Cristina Coero Borga gave her final report to the club. It can best be summarized as follows (pay close attention.) Barge (home) is in the Piemonte with 7000 residents. Cristina went to Mount Rainier, Northwest Trek, Pike Place Market, saw an eclipse of the moon, attended RYE orientation with 30 students from exactly a lot of countries, attended Lakes High School, which was very different than the Italian’s school system. At that precise moment Donn Irwin’s phone rang. Like any shiny object, I turned my attention to Donn’s phone. It is small, black, has a face with lots of small stuff on it – icons and apps, I imagine. It lights up and has a bunch of cool games. Oh, Cristina went to San Francisco and rode a Cable Car, and went to Stanford for a football game.
She experienced a homecoming dance, Halloween, DisneyLand, Cheerleaders, Hollywood, Thanksgiving, Christmas and a real Christmas tree, Christmas gifts, Vancouver, ice hockey, Comox, Hawaii, and more Seattle. Gayle arranged a surprise 18th birthday party, Prom, the Washington and Oregon coasts, Forks, football games. She made the varsity volleyball team at Lakes, won her varsity letter and was named honorable mention MVP. She went to a Husky game, Crystal mountain ski trip, and the Mariner’s opening night baseball game. All of the foregoing was “really, really cool or really, really fun.” This was an amazing report from an amazing young lady. We were blessed in having Cristina into our homes and hearts.
Cristina, a nome di tutti Lakewood Rotary, grazie per noi benedizione con la vostra visita. Vi auguriamo il meglio con i vostri viaggi continui. Sarete sempre i benvenuti qui a Lakewood Rotary. Si prega di rimanere in contatto con noi e dirci dei vostri successi nella vita. Con affetto, Lakewood Rotary
Above: A Major Sketch of the Major Project
Past President Dave Coleman gave an update on the major project now underway.  The “not amphitheater” is located between the playground and the caretaker’s house. Its design is not “cow-barnish but more lodge – winery barnish.” Paul Casey has done the design work and John Korsmo the construction pre-work. City Manager and Lakewood Rotarian John Caulfield has the file on his desk. Pre-development estimates are running close to $800,000! Groundbreaking is set for Springtime of 2017 with an opening in the Fall. We have $75,000 ready to deploy with two more “buckets of $25,000 each to follow.” Design and construction work in-kind, foundation grants, and raids on the lodging tax should manage the rest of the financial commitment necessary. Sweat equity work may be janitorial in nature – hmmm, right up our alley. Check out the sign-up sheet for possible involvement opportunities.
Chris gave a summary of the year:
  • Membership made gains
  • Committee structure and descriptions accomplished
  • Chairman succession planned
  • SD & A net appears to be $85,000 up from $57,000!
  • Successfully encourage Foundation giving and we are approaching the $1,000,000 mark
  • Coffee with members. Chris suggests it is a great way to bond so it is now up to us to continue
  • Rotarian Spotlight ran out of volunteers. Rose?
  • Programs – good variety
  • Overseas project reported by Rose – all successful
The Drawing was won by Jim Weinand  - $5.
Who reads this stuff?