Posted by Mary Marlin on Apr 06, 2018
 With the temporary termination of rain, the encouragement of sun and the Lakewood Rotarians eager and ready, the meeting was called to order by past president, Rose Stevens. Rob Erb called her Dose, respecting, of course, Don Daniels who is off on another adventure in a warmer climate.  Rose, gracious and organized, welcomed fellow Rotarians, visiting Rotarians and guests. (You will see that the pictures are all in the front. Sorry. That is because the regular editor is basking in Tahiti while his substitute basks in Arizona with his Apple. And the Apple is not cooperating. Apologies)


The team was ready:

Invocation: Bob Hammar (with a heartfelt poem)

Flag Salute: Duncan Cook

Meeting Set up: Ward Fletcher, Duncan Cook, Bob Hammar, and Rob Erb

Paul Harris table: Mike McGowan and Mick Johnson

Bulletin Writer: Yours Truly

Photographer: Sonia Martinez

Sergeant at Arms: Barlow Buescher

Greeter: Christine Vu

Auction Table: Sally Smith 


Rose informed us about projects to rescue and protect endangered species such as African rhinos, elephants, mountain gorillas, orangutans, and pygmy elephants in Borneo.The purpose of these projects by Rotarians and Rotaractors is to provide global awareness and focused action in the continuing struggle to preserve and protect endangered species. Mobilizing local clubs and having others support these projects located in areas of concern is needed immediately. Rose has more information for those who are interested.  Guests today included Charlene Miseli's parents and the son in law of Bill Price. His son in law is a librarian in the Clover Park School District. John Forkenbrock had news that Denise Yochum is recovering well from her surgery. 



  1. Springbrook Summer Day Camp raffle will be held on April 19th from 4 to 9:00 at Carr's Restaurant in Lakewood. Carr's will donate a percentage of the profits to benefit the students of Springbrook. Come on down!
  2. Gayle Selden encouraged us all to keep on it and bring our friends and family to the best auction ever. Volunteers have been stepping up and many things are coming together. Next Thursday from 5-8 and Friday from 2-6 would be a welcome time to volunteer your services and help set up at McGavick Center. Hope to see you there.
  3. Mary Horn encouraged folks to attend the Blue Mouse Theatre April 7 from 10-1 to learn more about homelessness and what can be done to prevent it.
    Dan Livingston...April 8
    Leon Titus...April 8
    Bill White....April 8  (really?)
    Dave Betz...April 12
    Mick Johnson...April 13
    Mary Covelli Johnson...April 18
    Donn Irwin...April 19
    Jerry Williams...April 21
    Mark Edgecomb...April 28 (apparently a big fan of the 80's!)
    Janie Frasier...April 28
    Eric Warn....5 years with Kathie (concerned that some members haven't renewed their vows...hmmm)
    Troy Wilcox...18 years with Stephanie
    Kim Prentice...20 years with Tom (married at St. Marys in Lakewood)
    Bill Potter...24 years with Sue ( He was happy to be reminded. Remarried by Elvis too!)
    Donn Irwin...33 years with Debbie  (and she accepted!)
    Rob Erb...41 years with Vickie  (He thanked Charlene for the reminder.)
    Ted Wier...60 years with Carole
    Bob Cammarano...63 years with!
    Rotary Anniversaries:
    Mary Marlin...2 years
    Barb Spriggs...2 years
    Kim Prentice...12 years
    Mary Covelli Johnson...14 years
    Paul Wulfesteig...19 years
    Joan Strait...27 years
    Sam Hunter...35 years!!
    Ah, and now the fines.............not citations, because Don is not here.
       Gary Fulton gave $1 for scaring yours truly at the front tables. (Gotta watch your back!)
       John Magnuson offered to do the hula for Rose but she took the money instead. BTW, Greg Rediske once owned the Blue Mouse Theatre.
       Mo Sarram was with his children and grandchildren in Denver.  Something about "As they grow, you become smaller and be careful with words."
       Chris Kimball , the famous drummer, visited friends for several days  in Texas, played bingo and went to the shooting range.
       Bill Potter denied being in Texas, said his homeland was Hawaii, enjoyed bikes and scooters and had to pay a fine for having fun.
       Duncan Cook was in Arizona with his family and had a great time being Ubered everywhere. Cool driver from Australia! He also witnessed an act of kindness by
           a SW Airlines pilot who pushed someone in a wheelchair that needed help getting through security to the plane! Now there's a good Samaritan!
       Chuck Heller has been in Florida for 2 months and got his first hole in one!!  Noted!!
       Charlene Miseli thanked her parents for helping her son with his full ride scholarship. She also paid $5 fine for her blue badge.
       John Warner was disappointed that Michigan didn't win the tournament and paid up.....sadly.
       Rob Erb and his wife babysat the grandkids for four days and was happy to get back to Rotary and relax. The fine was worth it.
         The program today was led by Bill Potter re. the finances he has been managing as the club treasurer. Right now we have $240, 000 in the bank. He mentioned that for three years we have raised more than we have spent. Money has now been set aside for major projects, esp. the pavilion being built at the park. Bill mentioned that the committees are doing well, the budget is pretty much balanced, and most all monies are designated. Almost all of next year's  budget will come from the Sportsman's Dinner. Each board will determine how the money will be spent.  Eleven thousand dollars has already been collected. Bill mentioned that 
    "We're in really good shape, although there are still some issues to be paid....ex, paint for the pavilion." All in all....good news!
    Jay Mayer, committee chair of Community Concerns reminded the club that the intention of this committee is to focus on individuals with lower incomes in Lakewood and contribute to projects having sustainability. Nearly $18, 000 has been spent on projects like Bikes for Kids, Lakewood scholarships, Springbrook, helping Steilacoom HS students become more independent, Caring for Kids, Greater Lakes Winter project incl. blankets, assisting parents and schools and other projects that address needs of the community.   Rob Erb spoke about Military Appreciation and the Wreaths Across America project, Warrior Pickle Ball (if I got that right), and scholarships for cadets to finally learn to fly solo and be hired.  Steve Mazoff mentioned that $2000 was budgeted for the parks system, and $1000 was budgeted for Waughop Lake as well as maintenance for the playground and cleanup.  Kim Prentice works with educators and students and has awarded 10 teachers this year and 6 students in several high schools. Incentive awards are also given to seniors who have earned the opportunity and counselors are encouraged to share Rotary opportunities with HS students. Dave Coleman invited members to come and check out Steilacoom Park. The digging has begun!! John Korsmo will oversee the construction projects. Gayle Selden reminded all of us what Rotary is about.... Service above Self and "why we do the things we do". She said we should all be very proud of all we have accomplished, that we work hard and we are an amazing fund- raising club.Her comment "We are getting so smart in our 48th year!!" is a tribute to all efforts and all committees! With that, and a suggestion to volunteer on Thursday and Friday, we are nearly there! 
    Rose then adjourned the meeting and Eric Warn had the winning number and won $640!!  Watch out for the citations next week, Eric!
    Paul Harris Foundation secured $432!!  Another reason to celebrate!!
    On to the next adventure...............yours truly, Mary Marlin