Posted by Greg Rediske on Nov 22, 2019
Have you ever turned on a sitcom and NOT heard a theme song? Impossible. Just doesn’t happen. Here we are at the end of November, and there’s no theme song yet for this year’s Lakewood Rotary sitcom. Sure, random songs to start the meetings. But no unifying tune to say, “Hey! It’s the Year of Potter!”
So I took it upon myself to write one. Sung to the tune of the “Beverly Hillbillies”. A one, and a two, and a……
Come and listen to my story ‘bout a man named Bill
He once was a banker and he is a banker still
But then one day he was at his Friday coterie
When he was offered a new job at Lakewood Rotary.
President that is, King of the Hill, Superstar.
Well the first thing you know ol’ Bill makes a speech
He says he’s the President, and you better not impeach!
He said, “My jokes will stink if I want them to!”
And sure enough, they all stunk, we all went “pee-ew!”
Bad, that is. Very bad. Henny Youngman bad.
And if that’s not enough, Potter went looking for some tunes
Songs proclaiming that President Bill has walked into the room
There was just one thing that he did not contemplate
It was that half the room each week was over 68
Years that is. Old. Deaf as doorposts.
Well it’s almost December and we’re nearly half-way there
Only six more months—wait, seven! Au contraire!
By then we’ll be adjusted and his nonsense will hit home,
But then we’ll have to get ready for ol’ Mark Edgecomb!
The accountant. Number cruncher. CPA.
Y'all come back now, y'hear?
As the above has yet to pass the required vetting process (and probably never will),  we began the meeting of November 22, 2019 with the soothing tones of the Beastie Boys, “No Sleep Till Brooklyn”.  Trust me, it was not of “Beverly Hillbillies” caliber. Mr. Potter (not the one from Bedford Falls, but a banker just the same) called upon Scott Buser for the Invocation/Thought for the Day, followed by Bill White leading us in the pledge to the flag. Mr. Potter admonished us to “listen faster” as he rushed through the litany of thank-yous: Christine Vu at the Paul Harris desk (and our new and beloved editor of this bulletin), who grabbed $667 from willing Rotarians (including $100 from Ed Shannon in honor of his birthday). Barlow Buescher was the ticket seller and Sgt At Arms, while Julie White and Gary Barton were ably greeting the arriving throng. Walt Richardson, using his “grown up” camera, took these amazing shots you see below, while Barlow announced our visiting Rotarians: Howard Svigals (Gig Harbor), Liz Heath (Tacoma North), and Jamie Gregory (Puyallup). Guests: Eric Quinn brought Johanah and the new baby, Storey; Bill Price brought Pat; Duncan Cook brought Joan as part of her birthday celebration; and Greg Horn brought his lucky friend Pete.
John Forkenbrock announced as part of the Sunshine Report that Carole Wier is cleaning out her freezer, see her if you need old frozen stuff. And Pam Lowney’s surgery went perfectly, and she’s home recuperating. (And John Lowney is still recovering nicely from his back surgery. Just don’t ask him to lift anything.)
And then: Gary Barton was called up to receive his blue badge. While there, he announced that the board meeting from last night was spectacular. Or at least OK. (Speaking of that: highlights of the meeting included Lowney’s report that we are currently solvent, as of yesterday, and taxes are being filed. Membership is at 121, with a new edition coming December 6. And Bill Potter promised to say that we should all use for purchases at that website, as we get a portion of all sales sent to our club. Simply pick Rotary Club of Lakewood Charitable Fund as your chosen charity.) And then Gary ceremoniously presented the Puffin to Julie White for safekeeping until the 6th. Sadly, the Puffin has a band-aid from some accident or another.
Pictured above: Gary Barton speaks before receiving his blue badge. 
Energizer Bunny arrested!!  Charged with battery!
David Swindale reminded all of the EFN break bag event December 14. Start at Old Country Buffet for breakfast at 10:30, then to EFN at 12 noon.
Greg Horn took a few minutes to recount two major events. On this very day 56 years ago, President Kennedy was assassinated. And on November 29, 2009, Lakewood lost four of its police officers to a vicious murder. Greg remembered that he was in Philadelphia enjoying the sites when Chief Larry Saunders called him to ask a favor: could Lakewood Rotary be counted on to help with serving 120 meals three times per day for a week to police officers filling in for the grieving Lakewood Police Department? The answer was a definite yes. Dave Reames, Scott Buser, local churches, Burs and more contributed to help in what Greg described as his proudest Lakewood Rotary moment. Andrew Neiditz added to the story by noting that the nine children of those officers have benefited from a trust set up during those dark days. Chris Kimball and Mike Zaro are two of those on that board with Andrew, as they help these kids with schooling and such. Bittersweet memories, indeed.
Pictured above: Greg Horn shares two of his memories of this date in time. 
Liz Heath from Tacoma North announced their fund raiser at the Spar Tavern on December 3rd, from 12 to 8.  10% of all food purchases benefit the club, and they are selling raffle tickets (250 max) for $20 each for a variety of cool prizes.
Gayle Selden then announced our recommended slate of officers for 2019. Nominations from the floor will be accepted until December 6. If there are none, a voice vote will be taken on the below:
Board of Directors (3 positions, 2-year term): Jan Gee, Nicole Hancock, Leanna Christian. Secretary, Greg Rediske. Treasurer, John Lowney. President-elect: Dr. Jim Rooks. Mark Edgecomb will ascend to the throne, while Bill Potter will remain on the board as Past President. Congratulations to the Club for another outstanding group to legislate for us.
Assistant Governor Jamie Gregory introduced 5020 Foundation Director Howard Svigals, who presented a certificate to Past President Gayle Selden for far exceeding the RI mandated $1500/club Paul Harris donation. Our incoming District Governor, Greg Horn, was then presented with the Foundation Champion Award, the only one in our club who has attained this rare honor. Nine other Lakewood Rotarians, however, have 2 of the 3 requirements: Major Donor ($10,000 Paul Harris giving), Bequest Society member ($10K or over), and Paul Harris Society member ($1000/year). Wow.
Last year, we sponsored a Christmas party at Western State Hospital for some residents there, bringing gifts and snacks. It was a huge success, completely delighting the recipients. President Bill needs someone to coordinate the event with oversight over volunteers and the $600 budget. See Bill.
Is a book on voyeurism a peeping tome?
By the way: below is a listing of this year’s charitable giving to date. Pretty impressive, and a work in progress.
Lakewood Rotary Charitable Giving   2019-2020
Community Concerns
Family Renewal Shelter
Puyallup Rotary
Courage rest stop supplies
Military Appreciation
Air Force Association
Airmen support golf tournament
World Community Service
Arghakhanchi Nepal
DSG project
World Community Service
Tulum, Mexico
Water purification system /fountain
Community Concerns
Tacoma Area Literacy grant
Community Concerns
Springbrook Connections
Springbrook park grant
Community Concerns
Communities in School
Communities is school grant
Community Concerns
Lakewood Arts Festival
7th annual film-arts-books extravaganza
World Community Service
training rural teachers for the blind
World Community Service
Russia Intercountry Comm.
Siberian flooding disaster relief
Community Concerns
Steilacoom High School
Advanced community based instruction
Community Concerns
Lemay WCMX
Bike build project for needy children
Rotary Foundation
Rotary Foundation
Money raised at Beerfest
World Community Service
Rotary club of Dhulikhel
X-ray machine
World Community Service
Tacoma South Rotary
DSG water project in India. Bio sand filters
World Community Service
Rotary disaster relief fund
Money raised at 9/13 & 9/20 meeting for relief to Nassau from hurricane Dorian.
Military Appreciation
Puget Sound Honor Flight
Transport veterans to DC memorial
World Community Service
Rotary Club of Morea
Handicap center of Morea, Tahiti to purchase 3 car seats, a laminator and a blue tooth Bose
Youth Activities & Sports
Additional monies for the bike build
Phil Eng
Supplies for the rest stop
Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?
Andrew Kruse introduced another Andrew for our program, esteemed Lakewood Rotarian Andrew Neiditz. Andrew has been the Executive Director of South Sound 911 since 2013, and he updated previous presentations with the delightful news that the Communications Center is now being built (site of the old Puget Sound Hospital off Pacific Avenue). The project started with a resounding yes vote to a ballot measure for a 1/10 of one percent sales tax increase to fund Sound Sound 911. Since then, $60 million has been invested in radio system improvements (4500 units); there has been consolidated police and fire dispatch; a new telephone system; $5 M went for a CAD system (Computer Aided Dispatch); dispatch center consolidation; and texting has been added as a means of contact (for hearing/talking challenged, or people in hiding and unable to speak). The new center will be 75,000 square feet, and was budgeted at $65 Million. Andrew tasked his builders and managers to do better and cut 10% from that budget. $59 million is now the expected cost of a building that will house 250 employees. Employees whom Andrew described as pursuing “a calling” to this vocation. They are committed. (How come I always like programs from our own members best??)
The Drawing for Big Bucks (but not identified exactly): Mark Edgecomb won! But not big. $5.00.
Pictured above: Mark Edgecomb wins a big $5.00.
No meeting next week. On December 6, Chief Mike Zaro will update us on the Lakewood Police’s response to homelessness.
A hangover is the wrath of grapes.