Posted by Joe Quinn on Jul 27, 2018
The District Governor of District 5020 was our speaker for this last Friday in July 2018.  He spoke on many memorable themes but one phrase resonated with us, so we make that our theme for today.  If you are an active member of Lakewood Rotary, then you are truly making a difference or as he said, "moving the needle" with respect to one or more of the issues facing our world where Rotary International is an inspiration.
Moving the needle in the name of club service today were:
Invocation - Dave Coleman
Pledge? - No, instead the inimitable and talented Morris Northcutt played on his cornet both "O Canada" and "The Star Spangled Banner", with some accompanying vocals from the brave.
Photographer - Phil Eng
Leon Titus collected $694 at the Paul Harris table to help move the needle for the RI Foundation.
Setup Guys -  Duncan Cook, Bob Hammar, Rob Erb and Ward Fletcher.
Mark Edgecomb sold raffle tickets and acted as Sergeant at Arms
Our Greeter today was Kendra Riconosciuto, who also introduced Visiting Rotarians, who were Monica Cordell from Covington and Jamie Gregory of Puyallup, local Assistant Governor, as well as Heidi Wachter, President of Clover Park Rotary and Lakewood's City Attorney.
Guests included Walli Roarke and it was good to see Richard Simmons back.
Sunshine was reported by many in Committee Chair John Forkenbrock's absence:  Denise Yochum had some new radiation treatment and will be back working part time in August.  John Korsmo will have surgery next Thursday and will recover in August, saying he will be back after that so we can continue to treat him poorly. 
President Gayle Selden (also known as Goddess Gayle, but more on that later) thanked Greg Rediske for getting the Lakewood Rotary story into the Suburban Times.  Apparently it was a very favorable news article on our club's history of  giving and service above self in Lakewood.  Definitely not fake news.
Announcements:   John Lowney mentioned that more than a dozen Lakewood Rotarians are joining an all-Pierce County Rotary gathering at the Tacoma Rainiers on Thursday, August 2 at Cheney Stadium.  He sold the two extra tickets to Mark Edgecomb.
Rob Erb announced that Saturday August 4th would be the last, and he really means the last, Pavilion Work Party, at the new pavilion at Fort Steilacoom Park.  Bring rakes and shovels at 9:00 a.m. to help.  You can park very close to the structure now.  Speaking of the Pavilion and "moving the needle", Rick Selden said you can sell Legacy Bricks at various events.  He thanked those LR folks who have already staffed the Farmers Market desk.  We have a large commitment and some still needs to be raised by selling more bricks.  You can even do it online.  Phil Eng added one more way to help:  There are concerts at the Pavilion on August 14, 21 and 28 so we will of course sell bricks right then and there.  Lastly, the dedication of the Pavilion is on August 14th at 6:00 p.m. so do not miss that.  No doubt Lakewood Rotary will be appropriately recognized for our efforts on behalf of the City and its citizens.
Phil Eng also said the Floating Board Meeting will be held on Lake  Steilacoom on August 16th, a Thursday.
Blue Badge:  Goddess Gayle (see below) awarded a Blue Badge and extracted a red badge and $5 from Anne Enquist, but Anne cannot give up that Puffin yet. Get out there and move that needle.  The Goddess did what she is going to do with each new member at some point: she asked Anne to name one favorite thing about Rotary so far.  Anne struggled to name one...because she had to name at least two:  she said the RI convention in Toronto was special and she loves our service projects.
Continuing the Enquist show today, Steve Enquist stepped up to award a bunch of Paul Harris Awards, with the help of Craig Gillis, District Governor.  But first he gave us some stats:  in 2017-18 Rotary year, our club gave $64,000 to the Foundation and about half of that went to Polio Plus.  In the Every Rotarian Every Year program we were at 93.3 % for a historical grand total of $1,120,000+.  Now that is moving the needle at earthquake level 8.1 on the Richter Scale.
Steve and Mr. Gillis then gave out many Paul Harris awards to (above):  Terry Roarke (his fifth), Walli Roarke (#1), Anne Enquist (#1), Goddess Gayle (we are getting to it, just be patient) (#3), Mary Horn (#3), Jim Weinand (#4) and Ed Shannon (#4).  Congrats to all were offered by Craig Gillis, and this is when the silver tongued District Governor referred to Gayle as "Goddess Gayle", if my weak memory serves.
Birthdays and Anniversaries:  Greg Horn, with the assistance of Kendra Riconosciuto, went over the birthday and anniversaries for July and we found the following most notable:
                Birthdays:  called forward for recognition:  Phil Eng, Jim Weinand and Bud Montgomery
                Wedding Anniversaries:  45 years for Phil and Judy Eng
                Rotary Anniversaries:   Charles Heberle won this month's longest tenure at 29 years
Kendra asked the three birthday boys to name their favorite cartoon character and they said:  Phil:  the Tasmanian Devil; Bud: Peanuts; and Jim: Calvin and Hobbes (really guys, no one picked the Far Side!)
Uhoh.  At that point in the meeting Goddess Gayle was seen putting on her tiara (or crown) and she fined, and fined, and fined.   John Lowney shared that Supervalu was bought out by another grocery giant but he doesn't even care cuz he's retired.  He would pay $100 but somehow he had one of the Goddess' Get out of Jail/or Fine Free Cards.  Nonetheless, John offered $100 for a pavilion brick and $20 to the Goddess Fine Fund.  (He gets to keep his card, right, for future immunity?)  Kendra R. paid a Greenleaf or $20 for a trip to Nashville, Tennessee.  Steve Enquist said their wedding anniversary is actually on Bastille Day--July 14th-- but he still paid $45.  Anne said it should be fifty!!  She may have added five dollars or just claimed credit for that red badge to blue badge fine.  Welcome to Rotary Anne.
Heidi Wachter apparently fined a visiting Lakewood Rotarian to the Clover Park Club two dollars so revenge was had by Goddess Gayle!  Heidi said she is known as being so cheap that a two dollar fine at CP Rotary is called a "Wachter".  Haha.  But at LR we are big spenders I guess.  Heidi our lowest fine is $5 and called an "Irwin" in honor of Ron Irwin.   Gayle fined our editor Eric Quinn $30 because he went to Oahu for a wedding of Johanah's cousin.  Lastly, she nabbed Jay Mayer for a Greenleaf for going to a wedding at Red Lodge, Montana with a side trip to Yellowstone National Park.
I've probably heard about 25 District Governor speeches during annual visits, but this was one of the very best.  Assistant Governor Jamie Gregory introduced DG Craig Gillis of Campbell River, British Columbia.  Craig is a member of the Daybreak club in Campbell River.  A career educator and school administrator, Craig has been much involved in LR Youth Programs in the District.  A graduate of the University of Victoria, Craig also performs wedding ceremonies and has done many.
Above: District 5020 Governor Craig Gillis (center), with one past DG, Gordon Quick, and one future DG, Greg Horn
During the introduction, Jamie read a piece that he found when going through some personal effects of his grandfather.  It was a newspaper clipping authored by an unknown person right after World War I and his grandfather saved it for some reason.  When you read it at the end of this bulletin (we have clever ways to keep you reading until the very end so do not skip there now.  DO NOT! )  you will see why Jamie included this in the intro for this remarkable District Governor.  Whoever wrote it must have been a Rotarian in the earliest years of Rotary International.
Maybe it was at this juncture that Craig Gillis called her Goddess Gayle as he thanked her for this opportunity to address the club.  He said the new RI President has announced this year's Rotary motto as :  Be the Inspiration!  And Craig certainly did inspire us.  Cutting right to the chase he asked sincerely:  "Why do we have District Governor visits?"  (Admit it, have asked yourself that!)  Craig alluded to the Art and Science of Teaching and said he thinks of the Heart, not the art, when it comes to Rotary's "Heart of Service."  But he did discuss the Science of Rotary...the "how" we do things.  He said membership growth is a key to our success as then we have more hands...and more hearts. 
Craig told a heartwarming story about one student of the month they had, much like our tradition, but with a twist.  One time they had Mary, age 73, as student of the month.  It seems Mary was unable to read at age 5 and was pulled out of school (apparently for being "slow" or "retarded".)  She went back to school at an advanced age and learned to read.  Campbell River Rotary recognized her as Student of the Month.
Craig spoke of the science of Rotary and the "best practices" that various clubs might have.  He said the RI Foundation is amazing and really quite brilliant in its simplicity.  He told us to envision all the projects all over the world and locally and in our nation attributable to Rotary.  Now envision the world without those and the sense of loss or void without Rotary. 
His second story related to his teaching days with Social Studies 11 students in Campbell River.  He urged them to think about life "beyond yourselves".  He referenced a Time Magazine article about the "five different worlds", with the wealthiest countries as #1 countries and lands like India (or worse) as the #5 countries due to abject poverty.  Then he told his students to imagine themselves happening to be born in #5 instead of #1.  They cried, "That's not fair!"  He answered, "No it is not", and pointed out how fortunate we are to be born in the U.S. or Canada.  We have better access to health care, better access to opportunity for betterment, better everything really.  His message was, because we have so much and are so lucky ,we have the means to help those less fortunate.  When we do that through Rotary, Craig said, we are "moving the needle" forward.  Each one of us can do it in our own small way, or not so small, in the case of some people. 
Craig said, in the words of one New York speaker at an RI Convention, "Dig into your privilege."  In the process of doing that, we transform ourselves.  Yes, no mistake about it, Craig said, by changing the world in some small way you also change or transform yourself.  He especially praised Rotary Youth Programs saying that they "sow the seeds of peace". 
He summed up by saying there is a triad of Heart, Science and Inspiration in Rotary.  He urged each of us to just do this:  Move the Needle Forward.  He concluded by bringing out a Shoebox of Life.  His box was full of little notes from other Rotarians, friends and family.  We give to others a little piece of ourselves, but we get back so much more.  Craig gave to each of us a little note card we can use to give someone (maybe someone who needs cheering up) so they will keep it in their little Shoebox of Life.  He said when you are down and nothing's going right the Shoebox comes in handy so he goes back and reads a few notes on those bad days.  He then thanked us and especially Goddess Gayle for the opportunity to come and visit.  And he gave a note to Ted Wier for being a great Rotarian and one to Bob Zawilski for all he's done at District level.
Very Inspirational talk and Craig definitely moved the needle of our hearts.
The Drawing:  Troy Wilcox moved the needle but only a bit as he only won $5.
From Jamie's Grandfather Gregory, post WWI news clipping:
                Are you an active member,
                The kind that's liked so well,
                Or are you just contented
                With the pin on your lapel?
                Do you attend the meetings,
                And mingle with the flock,
                Or do you stay at home
                And criticize and knock?
                Do you take an active part
                To help the work along,
                Or are you satisfied to be
                The kind that "just belongs"?
                Do you help the club,
                And be ready and willing to do?
                Do you help to think and plan,
                Or leave the work to just a few?
                So, come to the meetings often
                And help with hand and heart.
                Don't be just a member,
                But take an active part.
                Think things over, members.
                You know right from wrong.
                Are you an "active" member,
                Or do you "just belong"?
Next week (Aug 3) the presentation will be: Washington State Representative Dick Muri on the 5th Annual National Drive Electric Week.
Also: Shop on Amazon Smile so you can allocate a portion of your purchase to Lakewood Rotary; and tell Greg Rediske that you read this bulletin so you can get a make-up.