Posted by Gayle Selden on Mar 16, 2018
The March 16th Rotary meeting was called to order by President Don Daniels.
The invocation was said by Charlene Miseli’s son Nate and the pledge was by Mayor Don Anderson.
A happier President Daniels thanked the set-up crew for finding the “lost” gavel. President Don then thanked all those that were part of the Rotary meeting production including: Charlene Miseli as the greeter, Selden and Selden on the Sportsman’s Desk; Mick Johnson, who collected $404 at the Foundation desk and Barlow Buescher at the drawing. Gayle Selden was trying to think of a creative angle for the bulletin and Eric Quinn took the photos.
Rob Erb introduced visiting Rotarians Dave Hall from Clover Park and our incoming District Governor, Craig Gillis from Campbell River Daybreak.
Visitors included Pat Price, wife of Bill; Ellen Mazoff, wife of Steve; Nate Miseli, son of Charlene and Gail Connley, community service officer from the Lakewood PD; Diane Formoso, Caring for Kids (and inaugural Larry Saunders Service Award winner) and Linda and Phil Yeats.
For the sunshine report we learned that Larry Clark lost his father. Thoughts are with Larry, Carla and their family.
Steve Enquist reported that the foundation has collected $41,021 so far this year--$36,000 has gone to the Rotary International Foundation and we’ve had 22 Paul Harris awards bestowed this year. He then presented Scott Buser with his 9th Paul Harris award and Greg Horn (and Mary Horn) with a Major Donor Level 1 award, which equals $10,000 donated to the foundation.
The Rotary Foundation puts Foundation money toward one of six avenues: promoting peace, providing clean water, saving women and children, supporting education, growing local economies and fighting disease. Every $1000 donation can buy 2000 polio vaccines. Donations are also used for district grants which helped fund our past Ecuador project.
Alejandro Sanchez-Perez handed off the Puffin to Andrew Kruse. The puffin is a Lakewood Rotary tradition as the Puffin travels from one new member to the next. The tradition of the Puffin dates back many years where new members are responsible for the care of the stuffed animal. Members are reminded to take the Puffin with them to all meetings and care for him/ her well. However, please do not take the puffin to the bathroom with you. . .that was not the best Presidential advice. . .we are big on not spreading disease in Rotary.
Eric Quinn and Rick Selden talked about the 48th Annual Sportsman’s Dinner, which is taking place April 14th.  Members have two weeks to get their procurements in and are encouraged to buy tickets now! This link is the website for ticket purchase. We are looking forward to another fun event to raise money for the club to use in the community!
Eric Warn said the fellowship event, seeing the Tacoma Concert Band, to watch our own Morris Northcutt solo, is up to 41 people. If you want to join, get in touch with Eric Warn quickly.
Eric Quinn has requested to be called Quinn to keep the confusion in having two Erics in the club to a low. . .however this writer is confused how that would help as there are two Quinns in the club as well. So, I propose Eric to be known as EQ. Not to be confused with the EQC, Troy Wilcox’s employer.
Dave Hall from Clover Park Rotary made an announcement about the Clover Park Rotary rose sale and promised if we bought 15 dozen roses he would get us a foursome of Golf at Chambers Bay. Members of the Sportsman’s committee bought 11 dozen—so we only need four more for a great auction item. See your favorite Clover Park Rotarian to by some roses. They will be delivered April 24th or 25th.
Jesse Black from Springbrook Connect came to give a report on the Springbrook neighborhood. He wanted to thank Lakewood Rotary for our support of the summer program and other events. The 112-member Springbrook connect group oversees a community garden, end of summer BBQ, Halloween Party, Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas giveaway. This serves one of the most struggling areas of the Lakewood community.
President Daniels then had some time for citations today. He has been struggling to meet his budgeted fine amount. He called for the Sun River Ski Bums to pay a fine for abandoning the rest of the club last Friday. Those Sun Valley funbirds present ponied up $20. Eric Quinn paid $20 for a Birthday. Peter Marsh took a Viking cruise up the amazon and paid $20 as well. Troy Wilcox paid a fine for his extraordinary son Dylan’s art to be in St. Clare hospital for the next year (not to get the art there but because it will be there already). Mark Edgecomb taught us all March 16th is known as Match Day—which is when medical students get matched with their programs; and his daughter got matched with U of Wisconsin, one of her top choices.
Mark also reminded us that May 3rd is the first district service project. Lakewood Rotary is not meeting that Friday in the hopes that members will join to do food packing taking place that Thursday. We are hoping our club and other local clubs will fill up the morning shifts. Here is the sign-up website: It looks like the two Lakewood Rotary tables are full but that does not mean you cannot sign up. Pick a morning shift and you will be surrounded by Lakewood Rotarians including Greg Rediske as the DJ?!?! Work parties are at the Hotel Murano.
Pat Price paid $20 for being responsible for Bill missing Rotary as she had a rough recovery from knee replacement surgery and she was thrilled her grandson Nick was attending the World Affairs Conference. Dave Coleman paid for 49 years of marriage. Jason Whalen paid for a trip to San Diego where he was looking for the vacationing Mazoffs. Our final citation was paid by Craig Gillis, who visited us while taking a break from sleeping in the gym at RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Academy) to report on Gayle Selden’s behavior at PETS (President Elect Training Seminar). Craig decided to not share his report after learning Gayle’s father was in the room. He paid $5 which is $50 Canadian!
Steve Enquist introduced Symphony Tacoma conductor and music director, Sarah Ioannides. Sarah shared her journey prior to joining Symphony Tacoma. This journey included El Paso, Spartanburg, making spreadsheets and raising children in three different school districts. She is excited to settle in Tacoma even as her husband commutes to work at Yale University.
Sarah showed some programs that the symphony is bringing to local students, including music instruction by professionals in Tacoma Schools, vocal training and collaboration with the Tacoma Youth Symphony. Symphony Tacoma wants to be a part of the Artistic Renaissance of Tacoma. Sarah is excited to bring wonderful music to Tacoma to create a safer world.
Above: Presenter, Sarah Ioannides
Symphony Tacoma has many performances coming up. Check them out at and when buying tickets use "directors20" as a code at checkout, for a discount on your purchase.
Ward Fletcher was our raffle winner but he pulled white for $5. Didn’t Ward get $5 last week??? Is he wearing special raffle-winning magnets?
See you next week , when Lt. Col. Trace Dotson is speaking about Operation Deep Freeze.
Selden #2 says tell Greg Rediske you read this bulletin so you get a makeup. Our attendance is at 56%. We are better than that! Also, if you are making online purchases, try making them through Amazon Smile as a portion of your purchase may be donated to Lakewood Rotary!