Posted by Joe Quinn on Jul 17, 2020
Our new President Mark Edgecomb called us to order after a pre-meeting Zoom meeting that included at least a dozen Rotarians.  If you want some fellowship in this time of Covid-19 and you want a behind the scenes look at what Lakewood Rotarians are thinking, just tune in early.  I think the Zoom pre-meeting kicks off as early as 11:30 a.m.
Paula Olson did the invocation and Jim Bisceglia led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  Greg Horn showed a wonderful and hilarious video about next year’s District Conference and Assembly to be held at the Great Wolf Lodge just off I-5 north of Centralia.  This is the conference to bring the kids and grand-kids to enjoy the water park, but the Lodge has it all.  Greg also introduced Tony Camoroda, our new Assistant Governor for Area 11.5, who is with us today.  Area 11.5 consists of about 4-5 clubs in this part of district 5020.  Welcome Tony. 
GUESTS:  Our guests today included two ladies that were later inducted by President Mark into membership:   Brehen Freeman and Carole Wier (honorary) that you will hear more about  below. 
SUNSHINE:  John Warner mentioned that Bill Allen came down with pneumonia (not Covid-19) but is doing better.   Gordie Quick had back surgery but was with us today on Zoom so must be doing OK.  Chuck Hellar also mentioned that Dave Covey is not doing so well lately but would love to hear from us.  As most know, Dave suffers from Parkinson’s.
THANK YOUS:  President Mark shared a thank you letter from Jennifer Arroyo, one of our recent Mike McGowan Educational Incentive Award awardees.
INDUCTIONS:  Next Mark inducted two more new members!  At this rate, our statistical experts tell us that we will have 100 new members during Mark’s term of office.  Let’s see…two per week times 50 weeks….  Brehen Freeman joins us from Tacoma South Rotary.  An employee of Kelly’s Tax Service, Brehen insisted that Astrid Arola did not pressure her to join Lakewood Rotary.  This mother of four has the energy and interest to join a club that she described as “a better fit” for her.  So Welcome Brehen.   
Above:  Brehen Freeman
Carole Wier is not exactly a new member to us.  Carole and Ted Wier were such a big part of Lakewood Rotary for so many years we just could not let her get away!  Carole talked about how much she appreciates Lakewood Rotary and loves her friends here;  I don’t know about you but I suspect there was not a dry eye in the house when Carole got down with her heartfelt emotional talk.
Above:  Carole Wier
NEW PROJECT:   Jan Gee discussed a new project idea for Lakewood Rotary: showing appreciation for the Lakewood Police.  Stay tuned for the details of this project, but for now we know it will entail collecting supportive cards signed by Rotarians.  Apparently, there have been some demonstrations or protests near the Lakewood Police Precinct, so it was felt that a little love and appreciation for our local police is definitely due!  One wag suggested that we could bring donuts along with the baskets full of cards. 
FELLOWSHIP:  Phil Eng sent out an email to all seeking input for the Fellowship Committee.   Amid all these cancellations, let us let Phil know what we can do, not what we cannot do, to maintain fellowship efforts.
President Debits and Credits mentioned that the District 5020 encourages us to submit articles for publication in the new 5020 online newsletter.  President Mark also said the Edgecombs and the Horns are signed up already for the RI convention in Taipei, Taiwan in June of 2021. 
The Enquists reported on Sunday’s successful mixology class with Donna and Andy Phillips’ son Seamus Phillips.  Anne said she, Ellen Mazoff and Sharon Selden fell asleep after one strong drink but we doubt that.  We know Sharon pretty well and it seems to us that one drink gets her singing silly songs but not sleeping.
DEBITS AND CREDITS:  Mark explained his theory of debits and credits with two teams competing.  The winning team, the one that reaches $3500 in fines first, will get to draw for a dinner at the Adriatic with our Prez and his first lady Nicola.   In the interest of marital harmony, Mark said the three married couples who are members—the Mick Johnsons, the Enquists, and the Horns—will all be on the same team with their spouse.  Could not help noticing, however, that Eric Quinn is a Debit and Joe Quinn is a credit (that does seem fitting—Ed).
Steve Enquist offered $47 for a 47th wedding anniversary, but Anne raised that bet to $100.  Marital discord??    Gary Barton ponied up $37 for that many years of wedded bliss.  Carole Wier offered up $100 (!) because she liked that Clint Johnson last week paid the same for a Grand Canyon river rafting trip; Carole and Ted did that years ago and… fond memories.  Charlene Miseli said her daughter is going to be the first female Eagle Scout in this area.  That was worth $25 and she said they are doing the project at Andrew Kruse’s Youth For Christ domain in Tillicum.  Tony Camoroda gave $10 each for the Debits and the Credits as an Area Governor should not play favorites.  Tony needs to run for political office! 
THE PROGRAM:   Greg Rediske is not only Club Secretary, he is also a Lakewood Water District Commissioner.  As such he introduced Randy Black, the long time Manager of the district to bring us up to date on current district matters.  Randy spoke in detail about the district’s response to a recent finding that some 10 district wells are affected by PFAS and PFOA, chemicals that are found in many household products and formerly in firefighting foam.  Apparently, Scotchguard and Teflon pans have these chemicals.  Randy said that given the wells that are polluted by these chemicals (more than 70 parts per trillion) their conclusion is that the source must be Joint Base Lewis McChord.  There is no manufacturing whatsoever of these chemicals in this state.   Virtually all of the products that use these chemicals have been phased out but the stuff is in the groundwater and can stay there for many years.  While some wells were taken offline, now the district has installed granulated carbon on the Ponders wells so they have been brought back online.  The problem is mainly confined to the shallow aquifer and many Lakewood Water District wells are screened on the deeper aquifers.  The district has put $3 million into that system for cleanup and wants to recover that money.
Randy announced that yesterday—July 16, 2020—the district filed suit against federal agencies including the Department of Defense and 13 manufacturers, seeking damages for this pollution and the needed cleanup and/or prevention efforts.  He and Greg Rediske added that are over 100 bases being sued over the same problem in federal courts all around the Unitec States.  Randy stressed several times that the district just wants to do its utmost that our drinking water in Lakewood remains of the highest quality.  And he assured us again today that it is.
Great program Randy and thanks Greg Rediske for presenting it too.
By the way, West Pierce Fire Chief Jim Sharp confirmed in the Q&A session that those firefighting foams containing those chemicals have not been used in Lakewood for about thirty years!  Also during the Q&A, President Mark fined himself $50 as apparently his cell phone went off during the program.  A great precedent and an even greater President! 
Next Week:  The Lakewood Multi-Cultural Coalition is our program.
Note:  Read this bulletin and tell Greg Rediske so you can get a makeup.  Also, if you shop online, please do so at Amazon Smile—a portion of your purchase will be allocated to Lakewood Rotary.