Serving the Rotary Club of Lakewood today were (as follows): Mick Johnson at the Foundation table (who happened to collect $490 from members); Mary Lou Sclair sold the winning meeting raffle ticket to Jim Bisceglia (more on that later); Bill Young introduced our lone visiting Rotary (Fred Mosio from Tacoma 8 who last attended Lakewood Rotary in the basement of the Lakewood Terrace).

In addition to the aforementioned Lakewood Rotarians, President Mark Blanchard informed the collected members that we were all greeted by Puffin Larry Saunders; invoked by Bob Peterson; pledged to our flag with the help of soon-to-be-puffin Ron Messenger; photographed by Rod Ladd; calendared by Dave Covey; bulletinizied by PP Ben Sclair; set-up mostly by Duncan Cook with very little help from Richard Simmons. In charge A/V (audio/visual) was PP Dave Reames.


   Ron Messenger, about to become a Lakewood Rotarian.

GUESTS: Leon Titus brought Eagle Scout and newest CBRE agent Harrison Laird and former Lakewood Rotarian Jon Calder. PP Ted Wier had to then interrupt President Blanchard so he could introduce his guest (cuz he's still not a member) Ron Messenger. [It should be noted that Ron showed up before his host and sponsor did, so Ron had to buy his own lunch.]

SUNSHINE: Lakewood Rotarian DeWayne Shepard passed away October 31, 2013. Gayle Selden mentioned that DeWayne joined Rotary 4-5 years ago, just prior to the Sportsmans Dinner & Auction. He showed up Friday for set-up, Saturday for set-up, and by Sunday some of the long-time members were asking him what they should be doing. He was diagnosed with jaw cancer (osteosarcoma) in 2009. A viewing will take place at Edwards Memorial Funeral Home on Saturday, November 9 (4-7 pm). The funeral will take place at  Overcomer Covenant Church (33415 Military Rd S, Auburn, WA 98001) on Sunday, November 10 at 2 pm.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Reports are available upon request from treasurer Bill Potter.

ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS: Assistant Governor Greg Horn is helping the Parkland-Spanaway Rotary Club sell entertainment books for $25.

THANK YOU: President Mark read three thank you letters recently received...

 Washington Women's Employment & Education thanked us for $500 donation; Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound thanked us for $6,500 applied to their Lakewood computer lab. The lab served 17% more students this past summer than in 2012.   Department of Social and Health Services thanks us for a 2012 donation. The recent government shutdown no doubt played a part in the delayed note of gratitude.

TRAVESTY: Animal protection called President Blanchard because a Puffin was found... alone... in the meeting room following last week's meeting. Chuck Hellar (our most recent puffin) immediately raised his hand clutching a newly acquired (tag still attached) puffin. In true Rotary spirit Hellar offered to pay for the required surgery necessary for the abandoned puffin.


      The Minnie Pearl of Puffins: quick thinking, Chuck.


  • Ed Shannon parted with a check, the first of many he assumed, following last weeks birthday announcement. $72.
  • Holiday Dinner Dance sign-up sheets were on the tables. This scribe failed to note the date and time for said festivities, but it is safe to assume it'll be in December.
  • Bowling anyone? Tom Crabill is coordinating a fun night out at Tacoma's Chalet Bowl. Contact Tom if you want to attend.
  • Woodstick. Chris Kimball is seeking a few volunteers to bring our club banner to the event (to be placed on the main stage) and returned.
  • Fallen Officers Food Drive: This November marks the 4th anniversary of the murder of four Lakewood Police officers. Each year since, the Lakewood Police Department has coordinated the Fallen Officers Food Drive. This year they hope to raise $50,000 and 150,000 pounds of food. Drop off food and/or donations at the Lakewood precinct or Les Schwab. More details can be found online.
  • Are you ready for some football? Just prior to 5 pm on Monday, Monday Night Football host Bud Montgomery decided to make sure channel 31 worked on his TV. Good thing, because it didn't. A quick (amazingly) call to Comcast (+ $20 per month added to his bill) and his TV was ready for guests.


   Chris Kimball is seeking volunteers for Woodstick.  Excellent opportunity for community service: how about volunteering yourself and a kid or grandkid?

  • Joe Quinn - Good bulletin writer, fine manners. Was on TV (he heard) but he didn't see it, so that doesn't count. $50.
  • Fred Mosio - Apparently he's sold a lot of cars to a lot of people... even a blind person, the late Lakewood Rotarian, Dez Isaacson.  Fred paid something..
  • Ward Fletcher - Admitted he was late in donating $58 from when he won the drawing. [John Magnuson thought it was for his birthday, which would have been REALLY late]. Ever generous Ward added another $42 ($.50 per year) to make it up for his birthday and donated $100.
  • Jason Whalen  thanked us for earning a 98% vote to return to the City Council. He offered up $20 and promised to complete his first Paul Harris before year-end, so he can get a good tax deduction. That's the spirit Jason...



   Our brain trust in action....    

MAJOR PROJECT: President Elect (PE) Dave Coleman led a club assemby discussing major projects. When one has a stellar command of the english language, as Dave obviously does, he can (and does) make witty comments that sadly flew right over the head of this poor righter... Suffice it to say, a six step process is happening to find our next major project(s):

  1. Listen to the community
  2. Listen to the club
  3. Form a committee (of which PE Coleman is chair)
  4. Study the options
  5. Seek Club Approval
  6. Then raise the money
PE Dave then outlined six projects worthy of consideration (from step 1 - see above).
  • 13 - Clover Park Technical College's new Health Sciences building needs to raise $500,000+ to complete outfitting some of the rooms. Could mean investing money in a room, with naming opportunities.
  • 10 - Communities in Schools - Create a college readiness program at Clover Park High School, then Lakes High School.
  • 46 - Lakewood City Parks - Amphitheater at Ft. Steilacoom Park for public gatherings.
  • 32 - RallyPoint/6 - Military community support for standing up the program and their new facility behind the Black Angus.
  • 18 - Lakewood YMCA - $30,000 investment for a handicapped access to the building.
  • 12 - Package a few up into a combination of a few of the above.
On each table was an envelope with six pennies taped together. Members were instructed to vote for their favorites. The numbers in front of the above noted projects are the number of pennies each received. A very creative way to cut to the quick. Well done Dave.

  • President Mark noted there are only eight members not currently on any committee.
  • CRAPPPP committee (a bunch of past presidents: Committee for Retaining And Promoting Participation by Past Presidents) is getting more members to more meetings more often
  • Fellowship is growing. Lots of activities. Thank you Tom Crabill
  • Puffins are greeting once again
  • Membership will be led by Stephanie Walsh and Gayle Selden
  • Bill Price and Terry Roarke are coordinating the Rotary Outlet - Lots of unique Rotary-branded apparel and items for purchase
  • Every member has paid their dues - Discussion of a dues party with one lucky member getting dues waived for the year.
  • In the near future - A lesson on how to do a make-up. Committee meetings, other meeting, fellowship... those are all make-ups.
  • Ron Messenger - rapidly moving through the process and filling out the new application. He's our Guinea Pig
  • Community Concerns has given away $10,000+ so far this year, with more to go
  • Rose Stevens just got back from Nepal. Coordinated a Braille printer purchase. $3,500 from us, the remaining $18,000 from other clubs, District and Foundation.
  • Chris Kimball (Director of Publicity) - Ads on radio are doing well and he's been asked by CP Rotary to run ads as well. 
  • Our Rotary signs will be grandfathered into the forthcoming sign ordinance.
  • Rotarian of the Week has been a great program. We've learned a lot about fellow members
  • Procedure of the week, while a little dry, is crucial to learn the goings on of the club.

At this point, President Mark asked PE Dave to pull a raffle ticket, which turned out to be #44555 owned by Jim Bisceglia. He pulled a red chip and won $260. Congrats Jim...