President Dave Reames arghed us to order  right on time on the very first rainy day of Fall.

The Pledge of Allegiance to our flag was led by the Lakewood YMCA’s Clayton DeNault.

Rod Ladd stepped up to do the Invocation and Greg Rediske served as Official Photog.

Mick Johnson manned the Paul Harris Desk, but it looked like he had help from his spouse, Mary Covelli Johnson. 

Sergeant at Arms was Leon Titus with a big assist from the omnipresent Bill Young.
Dave said the mic was being handled by “Cabin Boy” Tom Crabill.

Captain Hook forgot to mention that the bulletin this week is the responsibility of Joe Quinn; correcting Joe’s mistakes will be the erstwhile Editor, Greg Rediske.


Guests:   Chuck Kimrey was introduced as a guest but in reality he is a long-time member (he pays his dues every year!) who seems to play in the Golf Outing whenever we have one.  Dave Coleman introduced our Speaker for today, Dave Curry and his nephew who is a sophomore at Arizona State University.  Judy Hosea introduced Don Irwin, who is a Tacoma 8 member and a prospective member of Lakewood Rotary.  Phil Eng introduced his lovely wife, Judy Eng.  Mike Block introduced Brian Bullard who will soon be a Federal Way Rotarian.  Also, Nick Sumich, who is a Fife-Milton Rotarian was introduced.  Bill Young stepped forward to introduce Visiting Rotarians and found it was mostly already done, under “Guests”.  But he did say that our favorite Sumner Rotarian, Bert Stibbe, was with us once again.  And last but certainly not least, Stan Kanarowski (soon to be a Lakewood Rotarian too…yay!) of Tacoma 8 was introduced.

Gayle Selden handled the Sunshine duties in the absence of Jan Luze.  She said Carl Fynboe has had an awful lot of doctor visits lately.  He is a bit tired from all the blood work.  She said also that Bill Larkin has good days and bad days. Norm Tremaine, it was noted, is with us today.  (Norm recently moved: his new address is on our website.  Same phone.)  Mike McGowan said Gordy Quick is in St. Clare Hospital with a new hip.  Must’ve been a “blue light special” on hips, somebody suggested.


ANNOUNCEMENTS:   Mark Blanchard, President-Elect, presented a good summary of the status of the work of the Major Projects Committee.  Basically, he said the plan is to do a series of “minor projects” that cumulatively probably amount to a major project.  The committee came up with a series of six points ( I would call them criteria) that each project should meet:

1.      there should be a hands-on (sweat equity) part for Lakewood Rotarians;

2.      the projects should be local, not international;

3.      projects should be aimed at youth or the handicapped;

4.      they should be doable in a short time;

5.      projects chosen should have the biggest community impact;

6.      all projects should be branded conspicuously: “done by Lakewood Rotary”.

Mark said the question was asked:  “Do we have the money for this?”  Bill Potter,  Club Treasurer, rose to say “Yes, we do.”    (Was this staged, do ya think?)  Bill reported that we have about $74,000 to spend, not including the committee budgets, and not including the International Baccalaureate money, which is already reserved.  So, Bill summarized, we have realistically $55,000 that we could spend this year on the various small projects to be discussed, costing perhaps $5,000 each.

Mark said the plan is to invite project suggestions/ideas from the members of Rotary, and then research the specifics, keeping in mind the six points/criteria above, and then finally presenting each project to the membership for a vote.  Mark said many of the project ideas thus far came from the Lakewood Parks Department Wish List.  He described one project from that list that is basically an update of the playground, replacing a slide with an ADA-compliant slide plus providing some wood chips.   The cost would be about $2700 for the new slide and about $2000 for wood chips.  The City of Lakewood would essentially match that amount equally with in-kind services and/or labor.  Rick Selden made a motion, which was seconded and the Club approved this project.  Aha, so that is how it will work—democracy in action!  Mark Blanchard urged us to continue to work our ideas, research the specifics and present them to the entire club at a meeting.  He also mentioned that there about three possible projects at the Springbrook Park, which was the initial idea proposed by the Skipper some meetings ago. 

Ron Irwin also discussed the Wounded Warriors—relative to the Veterans’ Hospital American Lake Golf Course—and said there seemed to be some problems or questions regarding the projects there.  However, we have adopted the Wounded Warriors as our theme for the Fall Raffle, and printed the tickets with that on there, so it behooves us to come up with a viable project for the Wounded Warriors to be funded with proceeds of the Raffle.

President-Elect (busy guy!) Mark Blanchard also said we are getting a Global Grant for a proposed project in Ecuador.  I am not sure I got the numbers right but we all know that these RI Foundation grants involve a huge amount of leveraging of dollars.  Seemed like he said we will get a $12,000 match from District 5020 and an $18,000 match from Rotary International, so that grant appears to be a go.

FINE TIME:  Joan Strait offered up $50 for a vacation in Scotland, Brittany and Normandy.  Pretty moving she said.

THE PROGRAM:  Dave Coleman introduced our Speaker, Dave Curry, who is CEO of the Tacoma Rescue Mission.  Apparently, the Mission did receive one or more grants from the Murdock Trust, Dave Coleman's employer.  Dave has been the CEO of the Mission now for eight years.  Dave said this is the 100th anniversary year for the Mission, which was founded in 1912 through the efforts of a number of Tacoma churches.  This is one of the most progressive missions in all of the U.S.   They deal with the homeless, but as we learned, do so much more than that too.  Mike Lonergan was the Director for many years, and now is in the running for County Assessor-Treasurer.    Dave showed a short video, which featured the Mission’s family housing and youth programs, as well as their efforts to foster literacy and education.  Recently, they changed their name officially to “The Rescue Mission” which reflects that they serve much more than just the City of Tacoma.

In fact, he said 25% of their “clientele” come from the City of Lakewood!  Dave said the mission has changed even as society has changed.  And they do a lot that nobody knows about.   We think of the Rescue Mission as taking care of homeless men, but it is so much more.  He said, “Tonight, we will provide shelter to 170 kids under the age of twelve.”  They have a very active Drug Rehabilitation Center and serve 1000 meals per day.  800 people sleep over, every night.  And they do not have enough beds so upwards of 100 sleep on the floor most nights.

He liked their motto so much he put it on a mural:  “If you can’t find a friend anywhere, you can find one here.”  He pointed out that homelessness is much more than a housing issue; it is a spiritual issue too.  They try to support the needy but do not enable bad habits.  Instead they foster independent living skills and do not just do everything for their clients. Dave, said:  “Yes, we enable them…we enable them to get off the streets.”  And the New Life programs works with people addicted to meth, heroin, or alcohol.  It can last up to 6-9 months and there are many aspects to the program.  They also offer transitional housing and people can live there up to two years, especially if they have children. 

Dave said 70% of their funding is from private contributions, about 20% is from foundations like the Murdock Trust and about 10% comes from HUD.  They now have six facilities in Pierce County; it is not just the headquarters down near South Tacoma Way.  Their annual budget is about $5 million and they definitely can use volunteers.  With only one chef on duty, they would not be able to serve so many meals daily without many, many volunteers in the kitchen.  About 15 helpers are needed every meal.

For more info:  go to

DRAWING: Prospective member Don Irwin won the drawing ($5?) and this time it included a gift certificate to Carr’s Restaurant.

Queen Barbara says, "Oh!!", while Phil & Judy Eng, Sharon Rediske, Tom & Fae Crabill,and the President chat on.


Joe & Kris Quinn, Rick & Sharon Selden, Ron Irwin, Rod Ladd, Bill Potter, and a guest who shall remain nameless for the moment....


Gary Fulton can barely bring himself to look at the results, but eventually opened his eyes long enough to announce the winning scores....

EXTRA, EXTRA:  This just in from the wire services:   After the meeting, 20+ Rotarians, spouses and friends played 18 holes of golf at Tacoma Golf & Country Club, with dinner afterwards.  The best golfers won all the prizes as expected:  Low Gross for the men was Mick Johnson with a nice 80.  Gary Fulton was next with 84 and Phil Eng was not far behind with 85.  Low net was won by Don Daniels and second low net was Leon Titus.  The Calloway best was Bob Lordahl.   Among the women, Kris Quinn had low gross and low net was Sharon Selden.  (Both of their spouses played with them too, but apparently not very well.)  A good time was had by all and no clubs were thrown—or at least I am not admitting to it.

Ed. Note:  As you can see, the week's photographer was no great shakes.  I need another photographer or two!  Currently, Bill Young, Bob Zawilski, and Rod Ladd are volunteers for this important duty.  Please: I need 1 or 2 more!  Also, I bring you the picture below for your viewing pleasure. The picture has no Rotary value, except to adhere to the late great Dave Sclair's plan to brag about this grandkids whenever the opportunity presented itself.   Below: Sharon & Greg Rediske's granddaughter, Natalie (9 months).