Friday, October 18…..a day that will live in Lakewood Rotary history!


A dapper and suited PP John Lowney manned the clipboard and assumed the duties of acting President in as much as “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” was being re-enacted by Mr. Blanchard.



  PP President John Lowney, 1999-2000, confers with The Editor


A very heartfelt and appropriate invocation was delivered by your scribe.  The invocation was highly overshadowed by the irreverent demonstration of Italian pride accompanied by a little dance by PP Joe Ghilarducci.  (pictures speak louder than words).  Having been caught up in awe at the spectacle, Mr. Bill Young, official photographer, had to quickly call for a re-do, so he could preserve this Rotary event in the annuls of history!  Well done, Bill!  And Joe….the next time, you will go before the heartfelt invocation.



Two visiting Rotarians were present today:  Sherry Hodson from Clover Park Rotary and Clara Gillard from the Sumner club.


Guests:  Becky Huber and Barbara Lord Nelson, introduced by Dave Coleman, and PP Joe Quinn introduced his sister Jeri from Albany, New York.


Gayle Selden shared news that one of our younger members, Ray Ainsworth, suffered a heart attack and spent a few days in the hospital.  Now equipped with a stint, he will be returning gingerly to work next week.  Take care and pay attention to signs your body is giving you.  Send Ray your best wishes for a smooth recovery.


At the Paul Harris desk sat Bud Montgomery, who is back to 90% of his regular self after last summer’s bike injury.  Jim Weinand was our greeter with a big smile and firm handshake!  Sergeant-at-Arms was Mr. Double-Duty, Bill Young.  PP Dave Covey provided the event calendars for the tables, and your scribe is Hoseb.


His honorable substitute President, John Lowney announced that there was to be no board meeting following today, but rather it would be postponed until 5:50pm at President Blanchard’s home.  (Problem is….I didn’t catch what day).  Mark….plan on extras for dinner all next week.


Clara Gillard is our Foundation Stewardship Chair for Area 7.  She congratulated our club for good work on foundation matching grants, especially Steve Mazoff, Rose Stevens and Mick Johnson.


Joe Quinn, speaking on behalf of the Community Concerns Committee, the Board and the entire Club, presented a check for $6,500 to Judy Hosea and the Lakewood Boys & Girls Club.  Our Rotary Club is investing in the computer upgrade to replace the 2006 models that have served the membership well the past seven years.  The new model will be a cart with chromebooks, wireless portable technology that can be used anywhere in the HOPE Center using wireless applications.  The Boys & Girls Clubs’ staff is very grateful to Lakewood Rotary for taking this leadership position in helping us sustain the level of technological relevance for the children served in the Lakewood community.. 


    Joe to Judy:  Here's the money.  Smiles all around.


Sherry Hodson invited our members to the Lakewood Playhouse on November 10th.  There will be wine, hors d’ oeuvres and a presentation of “Pride and Prejudice”.  Bill Young and PP Ted Wier are already signed up.  Cost is $50 per person.  Bill can help you secure tickets.

Clover Park Rotary is focusing on kids and the arts this year in their philanthropic endeavors.


An impromptu  Rotary Moment was delivered by Steve Mazoff.  Although he was missing the yellow legal pad, I sensed it was in his mind and the notes on bullet points!  Thus:

               Born in New York

               Wife, Ellen, 48 years

               Two daughters, three grandchildren

               University of Carolina at Chapel Hill and law school somewhere I missed

               Oil business as an attorney and multiple moves, finally Houston

               Retired in 2002

               Cal Kushen introduced him into Rotary…which before that time, he had very little knowledge

               (well, we know he had lots of knowledge, but not about Rotary)

               The end.


 Steve, talking with his hands in keeping with the Italian theme.


Next, with PP Dave Reames working the computer…(good job with the whack, Dave!  I think that did it!)

PP Bob Zawilski shared his last Foundation update reflecting changes that will take place in 2014 to the structure.  This update helped members distinguish between District and Global Grants and the process to secure both.

               District Grants are matching grants to a maximum of $3,500

               **Lakewood Rotary secured a matching grant for the $20,000 Braille Printer for Nepal

                    In this case, we received the maximum of $3,500.


               Global Grants start at a minimum amount of $30,000

               Approved by RI

               Online process

               Can be multiple year payout

               Requires annual reporting

               Must have a host club in country

               MOU is required

               Active hands-on Rotarian participation and training

               Large scale projects


               Financially:  Club must contribute a minimum of $10K.  District Match to a maximum of $15K

               Rotary Foundation Match starts at $30K

Rotary International:      

Group Global Grants

               Group exchange has been replaced by Vocational Training Teams



On November 2nd, Bill McCarthy, District Foundation Chair will be the program.  Don’t miss this one!


Lakewood Rotarians were pleased to learn that PP John Lowney still carries around his Official Retail Grocer’s Product Label JOKE BOOK:

               Liquid Plummer – do not use empty bottle to store beverages

               Toilet Plunger – do not use near power lines         

               Nytol – warning:  may cause drowsiness.  Do not take laxatives while using this product

               Hair Color – do not use as ice cream topping (and this was before people used Koolaid to color                                              their hair!)


We had a moment of tension when PP John called our “Three Fine Fellows”, the “Three Stooges”.

However, very quick on his feet and nonplussed PP Ben Sclair noted that his fine list had just been made longer by one.  Uh oh.  PP Ole chastised PP Joe Ghilarducci for his Irish Flag Demonstration and was told that there was now an Italian Death Threat cursing him.  PP Joe Quinn paid for a visit to Big Sur (not Medium Sur, as was suggested).  He travelled in his convertible Mustang on an extended “Roadster Romp”, visiting Pebble Beach, the waterfall at Big Sur….and yes, this was his version of a filibuster.  It still cost him $40.  Dave Harkness from Tacoma South Rotary was here last week to pitch their Putt Putt tournament inside Harkness Furniture.  He was to be hosted by an absent Jay Mayer.  However, Jay was here today and paid $80 for his absence last week and a birthday IOU.  When Mike McGovern was asked if he had anything to say to the club before he headed south for the winter….”See Ya”  was what we heard.  And he paid.  PP Greg Rediske was fined a Greenleaf for two mistakes in one week.  (Yikes….I didn’t know someone was keeping track)


Disclaimer……any exaggerations, misspelled words or names, or flat out lies are not the fault of the auther.  Howzat?  I now have immunity!  And you are fine fellows indeed!  (Ed. Note:  Not knowing if "auther" is actually a female author in Hoseb speak, I left that alone.)


The final of the Fine Fellows, or Three Amigos, as Bill Potter referred to the trio, called upon Ralph Johnson, and in his not bad Scandinavian accent, told us about the Lutefisk Festival at Normana Hall Sunday at 15th and K.  For $20, you can have all the lutefisk you want.  The festival is held upstairs and downstairs is the stomach pump.  Ralph explained the difference between Swedish and Norwegian Lutefisk.  The Swedes like it in a thick salty gravy that is white of course.  The Norwegians  with a little butter sauce.



PE Dave Coleman introduced our program on the Lakewood Historical Society.  Becky Huber has been the President of the Society since 2006, unpaid and volunteer.  She retired after 20 years in the US Army including Madigan Hospital and lives in Lakewood.  Also with her was Board Member Barbara Lord Nelson, who had an interview program on KLAY radio for 30 years and is also a Lakewood resident.


The Lakewood History Museum at 6211 Mt Tacoma Drive SW, is entirely run by volunteers.  It is open to the public Wednesday through Saturday from 12-4.  The museum and society have grown since 2006 from 300 visitors the first year to over 1,200 this year.  Membership costs are low at $20 for individuals, $35 for a family and $50 for businesses. 


Visit the museum and discover Lakewood’s very rich history:  “The Steilacoom, Nisqually and Puyallup Indians roamed the Lakewood prairies, woodlands and nearby shorelines to fish, hunt and gather the bounty of their natural environment before the arrival of hunters, explorers, military garrisons and settlers in the 1800’s”.  From then until Lakewood became a city in 1996 and now….there is a lot of history in Lakewood!


Barbara Lord Nelson announced the Annual Fund Drive and encouraged all of us to support with a donation at $100-$250-$500 (Norton Clapp Level), and get your name displayed on a plaque at the museum.  Of course any amount is welcome as well as volunteers.


PP John thanked Becky Huber and Barbara Lord Nelson and then proceeded to read the winning number for our drawing.  A hand shot up from Gayle Selden, and although I didn’t see her pick the chip….the 18 to 1 odds were not in her favor.  I predict she got the customary $5 consolation prize.


This meeting of Lakewood Rotary IS HISTORY!



Below: the Courage Classic team from a couple months ago.