It was 131 years ago today that Wyatt Earp and his gun toting pals engaged in the infamous shootout at the OK Corral.  Not that today's meeting had anything in common with that bit of violence.  Not much, anyway. 

But we were late starting:  12:33, when The Skipper commanded Bob Peterson to give the Invocation, and Don Daniels to lead us in the Pledge.  Bob Zawilski was taking pictures, while Mick Johnson ran the Paul Harris desk and Tom Crabill was Sgt at Arms, with his able assistant Bill Young.


Visiting Rotarians:  Amy Goings, Tacoma South

Visitors:  Jim Rooks had his nephew, Grant Opperman; Ted Wier eventually introduced Mary Dodsworth; and our speaker and his guests were introduced by Mary Moss:  Deputy Commander Colonel Jeffrey Philippart, Master Sergeant Todd Wivell, and Captain Shane Hughes (Chief of Public Relations, McChord).

Sunshine:  John Korsmo had surgery on his knee.

Greg Horn Time:  Greg is selling entertainment books for $30 on behalf of Parkland/Spanaway Rotary, and while up decided to recognize our own nonagenarian (that's people in their 90's), the barely 90 Richard The Curmudgeon Simmons.  A member since 1964, Richard has outlived 16 of the presidents that he served under.  Those still above ground and present greeted him, he was serenaded with the worst rendition of the Birthday Song ever, and we all enjoyed pictures of Richard with our birthday cake.  And Homer Dodge thoughtfully put together a gift presentation of a very expensive bottle of Italian red wine for Richard, with help from a few Rotarian friends.  Happy Birthday, Richard!!


richard  homer    

Richard: never misses a chance at a hug......   and Homer presents the vino

Project Time:  Mary Dodsworth relayed some more information on our recently voted upon first minor Major Project:  a new slide, and wood chips at the playground at Ft. Steilacoom.  Reserve the date:  Friday, November 30 in the morning, finishing just in time for Rotary at noon.

Rod Ladd suggested we all take a picture of ourselves with the "pinch" pose, showing that we are "this close" to ending polio.  Then log on to and upload the photo, along with thousands and thousands of your closest Rotary friends.

Other important dates:

Monday, Oct 29          Tour of CPHS and Tyee Park "Stem" program, 8:30 to 10:30 AM

                                    Kim Prentice has the details

Sat/Sun, Nov 17-18    Woodstick      See Chris Kimball

Tuesday, Nov 27         6:30 to 8:30 Chalet Lanes:  Lakewood Rotary Bowling Fellowship

                                    $20 includes shoes, bowling, pizza.  And a ball, presumably.  Though Irwin

                                    must bring his own.

Friday, Dec 14             Lakewood Rotary Christmas Dinner Dance

                                    Oakhouse Restaurant (formerly Oakbrook)  Presented by the

                                    Partners in Lakewood Rotary.  Dance, sing, eat.  Not necessarily in that


And don't forget:  Our Raffle, drawing on Friday, Dec 14 (same day as the Dance as luck would have it).  And speaking of the Raffle, there is this:

An old salt he was, name of Reames,

Bragged he'd sailed all seven seas;

But with his grumpy pet pelican

He settled on Lake Steilacoom

And now sails with old retirees.


Now Dave was content by and large

After all, his boat was certainly no barge!

So he took on those Rotarians

Despite many contrarians,

And weekly had them all screaming "Arrgghhh!"


But this story does not end so well

For on Irwin's plan we must dwell;

For Reames said to Ron

"You shall be my pawn,

Now YOU run the Raffle, should they rebel!"


Captain Reames appears to be smart

And for Lakewood, has a big heart;

So those Rotarians so helpful

(though selling tickets can be dreadful)

Said, "Hey, we shall do our part!"


With Reames at the helm of the ship

There was no need for club or buggy whip;

For those Rotarians shouted "Hear, Hear!

We'll sell those tickets, don't fear!"

(Could be they wanted Hawaii, round trip!)


Sell, sell, sell.  Or at least buy, buy, buy.

Have you read the newest ROTARIAN magazine?  Always good stuff in there....this month, there's an interview with Steven Pinker, a Harvard professor whose studies have concluded that we are in the midst of one of the most peaceful times in human history.  "The second half of the 20th century marks the longest period of peace among great powers in 500 years.  The better angels of our nature, as Abraham Lincoln described them, are winning a long-running conflict with our inner demons."  Further, he notes that "when you consider violent deaths as a proportion of the world's population, only one of the 20th century atrocities (WWII) makes the Top 10."  Check it out, and the rest of the ROTARIAN.

The Program:

Colonel Philippart of the 62nd Airlift Wing works under the Air Mobility Command.  Our situation in the Northwest is unusual for the military: we have "power projection capability" here, with Army, Air Force, and Navy facilities close at hand.  500-600 personnel from the McChord are deployed around the world at any one time.  Included in their missions are PNAF, or Prime Nuclear Airlift Force.  We have the only one in the country, airlifting weapons and radioactive materials around the world (though no bombs are at JBLM).  The Colonel noted that another prime mission is "delivery of hope and relief" in humanitarian missions.  Wherever there is disaster around the world, they deliver supplies by the next day.  They also support the National Science Foundation at the South Pole, having flown over 500 missions into the area in difficult flying conditions.  There are 51 C-17's at JBLM, along with some refurbished (basically rebuilt) C-5Ms and some C-130s.  And let's not forget their job of expressing the President here and there, a job that gets really busy every 4 years.  Excellent update from one of our military partners.

dave and dave

And there was more:  Dave Covey was presented with a check for $1353 from his recent drawing winnings, of which he gave $100 to the Lakewood Community Foundation Fund, along with other donations.  John Walstrum paid $100 for announcing the 70th anniversary party of the CP Technical College location.  Opening in 1942 as the Navy Base, the site has been educating  folks for a long time, with more to come.  Soon there will be K-12 thru graduate school.  Congratulations!


Mary Lou Sclair paid $20 for a trip with son Ben, which included a Marilyn Monroe sighting (though I believe it was a statue  Pretty sure.).  And Ed Shannon volunteered $50 for a trip to Branson and Oklahoma. 

Drawing: Don Daniels had #565, but managed only white: $5.00.

And this just in: Our exchange student from 6 years ago, Nick Athia, will be visiting us in February!