Posted by Eric Quinn on Jun 23, 2017
Through the infernal curtain, another Rotary meeting began. We were swiftly reminded that this was President Rose Stevens’s second-to-last appearance before us as President. Don Daniels is next in line. Bob Hammar gave the invocation. Ron Irwin led us in the Pledge. For our Rotary Moment, Rose spoke to us about an upcoming trip to Nepal, between October 28 and November 14, presumably. Is anyone interested in that? Contact Rose.
Rose also shared further experiences about her time in Atlanta at the Rotary International Conference. She recalled attending one of the breakout sessions at the confernence. There, she learned that in India, outdoor defecation is a problem. There are latrines, but no one is using them. That leads to sanitation deficiencies. This is one of many infrastructural changes needed in that troubled region. Rose also reminded us that approximately 4,000 people a day die from Hepatitis C. Summer has truly begun.
Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.
Setting up the meeting were Duncan Cook, Bob Hammar and Troy Wilcox. Bud Montgomery worked the Paul Harris table, and collected $277 for the Foundation. Tom Crabill was sergeant at arms and drew ticket sales. Eric Quinn wrote the bulletin. Bob Zawilski took pictures.
There was one visiting Rotarian: Karl Roth from Clover Park Rotary. As for guests, Chris Kimball introduced Eric Ryan, who works for Bekins Northwest.
For Sunshine, John Forkenbrock informed us that longtime-member Chuck Kimrey has died. Our thoughts are with his family.
We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.
As for announcements, the Club discovered that the President-Elect for 2018-2019 is none other than Gayle Selden. We are looking forward to that!
John Lowney spoke to us about the upcoming Installation Banquet, where we will be saying goodbye to President Rose and congratulating her on her great leadership of this Club over the last year. We will also be welcoming Don Daniels as President. Any member can sign up until Tuesday, June 27. Tickets are $45, and the banquet takes place at the Tacoma Golf and Country Club on Friday, June 30. In other words, sign up for this thing!
All pro athletes are 
bilingual. They speak English and profanity.
Vaughn Hoffman presented a scholarship opportunity to the Club. This particular scholarship would be for the Clover Park (CP) culinary school. The Auction Committee came up with this idea for this scholarship, because of all the help that CP has offered for the Auction in the last few years. Of course, John Korsmo came up with the idea of having CP provide food services at the Auction, rather than an outside catering service. This has saved approximately $20,000 over the last few years. This scholarship would be for $2,400 toward the culinary program; the student/scholar must maintain a 3.0 GPA. Of course, the scholarship will be based on the student’s need. The technical college will be vetting the applicants, not Rotary. After this first year of awarding the scholarship, the Club will decide whether this shall continue in the years to come. After being so informed, the Club voted unanimously to provide this $2,400 scholarship.
Greg Horn then spoke to us about the Paul Harris Society (PHS). He spoke about the different types of awards provided through the Foundation, but additionally expounded on the PHS. He shared with us that only 3-4% of Rotarians are members of the PHS, but those 3-4% account for 43% of Rotary giving! Greg finally directed us to a link to look at all the great speeches from the most-recent Rotary International Convention in Atlanta:
Upcoming President Don Daniels gave us all the lowdown on the upcoming Lakewood Rotary mandatory fun night. Pay $18 and you get a tailgate party with hot dogs and other delectable cuisine, in addition to a Tacoma Rainiers game! The fun starts at 5:30 at Cheney Stadium. The game begins at 7.
If you want to get back on your feet, try missing a couple of car payments.
Then Steve Enquist bestowed a few Paul Harris Awards: (1) Leon Titus obtained his fourth Paul Harris—a pin with three sapphires; (2) Lowell Johnson enjoyed his fourth PH; and (3) John Caulfiled received his fifth PH. Congratulations, gentlemen. Each of you are invaluable members of this Club.
Then came the fines. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooo! Ward Fletcher, who won the drawing at last week’s meeting, $650, to be exact, forked over $300. That is very generous, Ward. Mike McGowan gave $40, on the condition that President Rose match that $40. Rose tendered an IOU. Charles Heberle, who we have not seen in a while, gave $100 for the excellent job that the Club did in welcoming the various Russians to this area, and showing them what Rotary is all about. Greg Horn’s oldest son, Brandon, is retiring already.
Greg forked over a “scurvy Irwin”—$5—in celebration of his son’s early retirement. Terry Roarke parted with an undisclosed amount of money for his recent roadtrip to Chicago. He said there wasn’t much to see. That does not mean that no money is owed for the pleasure of seeing very little. Wynn Hoffman cut a $50 check for the purpose of being recognized for once. John Caulfield was fined $40 for a future vacation. Andrew Neiditz gave 50 Canadian dollars because he recently took his 30-year-old son up to the Grand Prix in Montreal, for a father-son birthday celebration. Nicole Hancock is pregnant with her and Bryan’s first child. She paid $50. Congratulations, Bryan and Nicole!  Barb Spriggs kindly donated $50 for the great time she had at the International conference in Atlanta. John Magnuson gave $20 for his youngest son doing something marvelous militarily. Vaughn Hoffman tendered an undisclosed amount in honor of his puppies doing very well at herding competitions.
Two plus two does not equal for.
Above: Presenter, James Oliver Lee
Then came the Program. James Oliver Lee shared information about Lakewood’s Choice (LC), which is essentially an organization designed to combat substance abuse from early childhood to young adulthood. James was joined by Diana Sullivan, also a member of LC. Both were very impressed by the impact of Lakewood Rotary on the community. LC is primarily focused in the Springbrook area—we all know where Springbrook is. Specifically, LC directs most of its attention to Clover Park High School and Lochburn Middle School. This organization works at all developmental stages, to root out the risk factors that lead to substance abuse, and establish preventive factors to combat substance abuse. Essentially, the concept of “just say no” has lost its usefulness, and LC is devoted to shifting that paradigm. James analogized LC to what Rose had mentioned earlier about public defecation. He recently discovered that his four-year-old son had peed down the slide in the backyard. Instead of yelling at his son, James took his son inside and gave him a hose to wash off the slide. LC functions in this way: Giving kids the tools they need to combat substance abuse, when these tools may not be provided at home.
James shared some videos with us as well, one including an inspirational story from a middle-schooler named Genesis who had been through the LC program. There was another video showcasing Dr. David Hawkins, who founded Communities that Care, which LC is modelled after. Dr. Hawkins underlined that since 1999, there has been a dramatic reduction in the amount of deaths from heart disease, because the medical community has become aware of numerous risk factors, and established preventive factors in the process. The same goes for substance abuse. James concluded by asking everyone in the room to shout out words or phrases that came to mind when establishing risk factors for substance abuse. Many hands were raised, and many words/phrases, such as “poverty,” “access” and “single-parent home,” were identified as risk factors. We were not able to discuss preventive factors. Thank you, James and Diana from Lakewood’s Choice. What a great organization.
A lotion thief is a smooth criminal.
All one-liners courtesy of and other dubious sources.
As for the drawing, Steve Enquist drew white.
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