Just like the 1970's rock group, T. Rex, who sang "Bang a gong/Get it on", President Kimball started the proceedings in that very way on this 18th day of March, 2016.
Speaking of this day in history (were we?), here's a fact for you: on March 18, 2002, on Moosic Street in Scranton, Pennsylvania, a tractor-trailer carrying 15 tons of bananas lost control and crashed into cars, telephone poles, and houses on its way down the hill, injuring many people and killing the driver. Singer/Songwriter Harry Chapin tells the story of the tragic event in his song, "30,000 Pounds Of Bananas." It is music news like this that keeps the printing presses running here at the worldwide headquarters of the Lakewood Rotary bulletin, aka, The Key. Oh, the gong: it happened at 12:26 p.m., followed by the rock and roll quote from one of the most played songs in music history, "Yesterday", by the Beatles. Perhaps you've heard of it. Chris announced his helpers: Mick Johnson at the Paul Harris desk ($340 today), Judy Hosea taking and giving auction stuff, Troy Wilcox learning the fine art of sergeant-at-arms-ing from Tom Crabill, Bob Hammar/Rob Erb/Duncan Cook did set up, with Walt Richardson providing the award-winning camera work. Tom Crabill announced three visiting Rotarians, Carl Roth from Clover Park, Chuck (I think) from Tacoma South, and Mickey (I think) from Tacoma North. No guests of Rotarians.
Rotary Spotlight: Robert "Bob" Peterson. Born in 1928, Bob grew up in DuPont, and went to Clover Park High School, playing basketball and baseball. Investing, reading and traveling are what he does for fun, not counting playing with his grandkids. While going to school and after, he worked at DuPont blowing stuff up. After graduating from CP, he traveled to 23 states to see baseball, including DiMaggio and Ted Williams. 1951 saw him enter the Army, followed closely thereafter by a teaching career of 28 years at Hudtloff, Clover Park, and mostly Lakes High School, where he famously assisted in the successful graduation of this writer. Though he can't be blamed for this bulletin writing, as he taught me Western Civilization.  After getting his Masters at the UW, he married Robyn in 1961, and has four children: a lawyer, a doctor (Kris, also a Lakewood Rotarian), a singer, and a teacher. To put all those kids through school, he quit teaching to work as a financial planner at Ameriprise, retiring in 2004 to help care for a bunch of grandkids. Bob finished with a heartfelt "thank-you" to Rotary, and Lakewood Rotarians in particular.
Sunshine Report: Bob Gee's health is precarious. He can be reached by going through the Caring Bridge website. http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/bobgee
Above: President Chris Kimball getting a well-deserved massage during Friday's Program
Gayle Selden #1: After failing to get Mary Lou Sclair to do an Irish jig, Gayle said that we received notice from last year's exchange student, Selen from Turkey, that she was OK following the bombing near her (2 KM away) last week. Current student Cristina had her first tennis match ever for Lakes today (Friday), having just learned the sport. Gayle's main message: "Take the time" to do things with Cristina: only 3 months left!
Gayle Selden #2: Sportsmen's Dinner is April 23, $75 per ticket. She lauded Eric Quinn for his procurement, while encouraging all to get busy on that, as well as signing up on John Lowney's work detail list. 26 names (some the same) showed up on the handout today, but you can also sign up here: http://lakewoodrotary.com/event/4b7911e4-59da-4424-be93-d33a89fbde54/  Or go to our website, www.lakewoodrotary.com, Sportsmen's Dinner (on left), Volunteer (on left), Volunteer (on left). Easy-peasy.
People always ask me, they say, "Greg, I want to ask you, how did this Sportsmen's Dinner thing start anyway?" And I refer them to our history professor, the distinguished know-it-all, Ole Magnuson. His credentials are impeccable: he graduated from the UW, and......well, other stuff. Unfortunately, his Swedish-ness gets in the way of his scholarship occasionally, or some times, or, well, you know, most of the time. At any rate, this is his historical treatise on the origins of the Wild Game Dinner/Sportsmen's Dinner. A few things are even accurate. Very few. But it is spiritually correct.
"Not too many people know that T. Torvald Torvaldssen III, a second generation Norwegian, was the progenitor of the event. He was originally from the Poulsbo Rotary Club. After having been run out of Kitsap County for trying to fob off lefse and lutefisk as Kosher meals during Hanukkah one year, he settled in the Ponders Corner area.  Apparently he enjoyed the view.  He was taken into Lakewood Rotary by Al Stearns, a Lakewood Pharmacist who enjoyed a reputation of taking his position as ‘drug peddler’ a little too seriously.  Nevertheless, Mr. Torvaldssen (henceforth referred to as TTTIII) immediately became a protégé of Greg Rediske’s Dad, Jim Rediske, later a president of our club. Torvald had a reputation of sorts regarding hunting, fishing, lying (redundant), road kill, and cooking (or should I say stewing) the product of his efforts.  He was well known for his prowess in concocting white sauce.  He served white sauce on everything, but his specialty de la casa was---are you ready for your saliva glands to start juicing up?---Wonder Bread with white sauce.  Mmmmm, mmmm.  On a date that remains a mystery (but it was the ‘60’s, and we all know what a time of turmoil that was) TTTIII decided to institute an event that remains today, but under a far more politically incorrect moniker:  The Wild Game Dinner.  Borrowing from a theme begun many years earlier in Gillette, Arkansas, he thought we could profit from their historic dinner called “The Gillette ‘Coon Supper”.  Now everyone knows you can’t call something that, but that’s what they call it down there, and I have been there a couple of times and it is a rousing, successful event.  They collect raccoons from hunting safaris, highways, traps, and ‘coon hounds too numerous to mention and cook ‘em up for folks to enjoy!  So in Lakewood, in our meager attempt to replicate what happens in Arkansas as naturally as cousins marrying, Rotarians brought duck, goose, salmon, eel, and lutefisk.  TTTIII even found he could charge for it!  The rest is history."
More history, including some historical accuracy:
Wild Game Dinner #1
11/13/70          48 guests                       $2.50 Dinner Cost                      ($270) Net Income (loss)
Wild Game Dinner/Sportsmen's Dinner #45                                                                  
4/11/15           314 guests                     $75   Dinner Cost                       $57,518 Net Income
And this from Chairman Wynn:
Buying admission to the SD gains you entrance to one of the great parties held in Pierce County.  It also includes a wonderful dinner.   Funds not needed to defray the expenses of the  SD go to the bottom line and are turned over to the club.   Purchasing dinner tickets  helps to support all the service that our Rotary Club provides.
What he's saying is: Buy Tickets, Sell Tickets!
More Announcements, but not as important as Sportsmen's Dinner Annoucements:
District Leadership Training Assembly, April 1-3, Victoria
District Conference, June 25
Chris Sez: Move around to different tables at least once per month at Friday meetings. See new people!
Chris Sez: Bringing in new members gets you the opportunity for at least a $250 credit toward your Paul Harris. Though bringing in a new member is its own reward, of course.
Rotarian Charlie Thompson form St. Vincent DePaul: Celebrating a 90 year birthday with a fundraiser on 3/31. They helped over 20,000 people last year. Help them!
Gil from the NW Furniture Bank announced their fundraiser, Friday, April 1, at their facility on Puyallup Avenue. $75, 6 to 9. www.nwfurniturebank.org
Andrew Neiditz: Lakewood Rotary scholarships are up for grabs, and need to be applied for by March 31, $1000 each. Spread the word
Curious what members in our club do what? Go to our website, www.lakewoodrotary.com, and on the left column is a heading "Member Occupation Listing". It's there.
Bob Peterson, 2013 Chevy Impala with 29,000 miles. $25
Ron Adkins, because picking team colors is as good as his in-depth research for the NCAA tournament, $20
Clint Johnson, church trip to Israel for two weeks, visit with his new granddaughter: $100
Clayton DeNault, turned 50 in January, went to Japan snowboarding: $100
Rose Stevens introduced Phil Vindetti from the Clover Park Technical College, who brought over five students to give their speeches as part of their speech class. Gairo spoke to the greatness of his mother. Sid talked of his father and his greatness. Joelle reminded us of the importance of listening to the airline safety speeches. Karen gave President Chris a chair massage while explaining the process. And Tiffany talked about food insecurity, and what her community has done to help. Thanks to all for performing in front of the scary group known as Lakewood Rotary. But we were well behaved this time.
Above: Our Presenters for the day, student speakers from Clover Park Technical College
The Pot: Ward Fletcher took home $5, instead of $270.
From the Board Meeting immediately following, I was told to relay the following:
Mondays at noon (after the news), KLAY features our own Chris Kimball talking about how to not let money ruin your life, while also spreading the good word of Lakewood Rotary. Stay tuned for special speakers who will regale the listening audience with tales of the Sportsmen's Dinner and Auction. April 23, don't you know.
And now for the rest of the story. As regards the gonging of the bell before announcing the raffle winner: Apparently, the Lacey Rotary Club has a raffle, like most Rotary clubs. They did their usual thing at their meeting on the day that the speaker was from the Washington State Gambling Commission. He told them after the meeting that they can't recognize the winner of a gambling contest during their service club meeting by state statute. Oh, and by the way, here's a fine, too.
We don't want a fine.
And finally, for you golfing enthusiasts:
"I was three over. One over a house, one over a patio, and one over a swimming pool."
   ~ George Brett