Posted by John Magnuson on Dec 01, 2017
Did you see the full super moon on Sunday morning? It is also known as the full cold moon. That’s not a big news item. Neither would it be astounding to write this bulletin on the theme of The Twelve Days of Christmas. How about Advent? Ask a millennial if they even know what the story of Advent is. Not that any millenials read this. In fact, if it doesn’t fit on the screen of a smart phone, millenials probably can’t read it! What about sexual harassment? Wow! There’s news! Maybe the crack Lakewood Rotary Bulletin Committee could get an interview with Matt Lauer or Harvey Weinstein. Probably not. I know – this bulletin will just be about the meeting on December 1st and a mention about the festivities that evening hosted by the Partners in Lakewood Rotary. Just for fun we’ll throw in some speculation and innuendo.
Above: Plans for the Pavilion in the Park!!!
President Elect Gayle Selden…
Just back from a meeting with the Pope, PE Gayle began the meeting. While in The Vatican, PE Gayle advised The Pontiff on a variety of issues – not the least of which is the mystery of the whereabouts of President Don Daniels. Film at 11:00. Most efficiently, Gayle called upon PP Chris Kimball for the invocation that included an acknowledgement (or was it a confession?) that the world is sort of messed-up. John Warner led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Gayle then thanked those who facilitate the gathering as Chuckals, Bob, Rob and Duncan.  Furthermore, she noted that Mike McGowan was back – as did John Forkenbrock in the Sunshine  report – and upright and taking nourishment.  Leon Titus, Sonia Martinez, and Ole also had assignments.
Visiting Rotarians were limited to one – Lew Samdahl of Parkland Spanaway. Guests Likewise one only - the lovely, beautiful and delightful Sharon Rediske. Neighbor Forkenbrock announced some really good news: Nicole Hancock had her baby girl on her very own birthday – Charlie Pearl – what a great name! – Mother and daughter doing fine. How long has it been since we had a baby in Lakewood Rotary? I Googled that very question and you may be surprised at the definitive answer. Dr. Ralph Johnson, member since 1962, sired several children recently with one of his wives but being the Swede that he is – he is reticent to talk about the matter. We’ll respect his discretion.
PE Selden then announced that over 400 books have been donated per the District Governor’s request. Barlow upped the ante on that number. PP Rick Selden announced that those of us who volunteered to assemble bicycles overwhelmed Charlie Maxwell and he fled to Nicaragua with the Lemay petty cash. Distribution of those bikes will still take place on December 16. Sign-ups next week. Rob Erb detailed the letter of gratitude from Margie Hoffman regarding our donation for the Wreaths Across America event at Camp Lewis Cemetery also on December 16. The Partners of Rotary are also supporting this poignant event. Echo Curry announced the December 9th Emergency Food Network effort. 30 volunteers are needed at EFN between 12:00 and 2:00; come prepared to be cross-examined, finger-printed and pass a photo line-up. One can never be too careful while stuffing break bags! 
PP Chris Kimball muttered some slurs against those of us who are considered as old. He wants Lakewood Rotarians to bring young people as guests! Imagine that! Jim Bisceglia had to be resuscitated after thinking about the prospects of young people sitting at “The Table!” Sportsman’s Dinner and Auction committee Co-chair Gayle – with PP John Lowney – held a meeting in the bowels of TCGC after the meeting. They were looking for more volunteers for the 2018 event. Several of those who attended have yet to be seen or heard from. Perhaps they’ll surface in May of 2018.
A Citation is an airplane manufactured by Cessna…
Or it is the equivalent of what used to be known as a fine. Ed Shannon stepped forth with a Rotary Banner from a small club in West Virginia. He and Jayne recently travelled there for – surprise – some golf. He paid. PE Gayle acknowledged her father as having encouraged her to accept the nod to be Lakewood Rotary President. Ed Selden Floor Covering Carpet One was recently honored and recognized by the City of Lakewood so she paid for herself and her Dad.
Eric Quinn, my boss, moved into an apartment with the help of Rick Selden, John Lowney, Steve Mazoff and Joe Quinn – The Over 70 Movers (a special nod to Eric's Mom, Kris, for helping clean the old digs). Take that Chris Kimball – you and your younger people hypothesis! Anyway, after moving into a place with two – count’em, two bathroom sinks – hers and hers, he decided to run off to Las Vegas and get married on December 9th. For this he graciously and very generously (remember he is my boss) donated a slip of paper with an i.o.u. scribbled  in pencil thereupon for $51.
Great news from the United States Navy: Jeff Eng has been promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class. That is a big deal, trust me. Congratulations to Jeff and the Eng family. PP Phil paid into the Foundation. Dr. Jim Rooks is batting a thousand percent: He has lined up two programs for Lakewood Rotary; one when Rick Selden was president 28 years ago and one for December 1st, 2017 – both cancelled. He paid. PP Chris Kimball – he who obsesses over we older Rotarians – surprised Vickie with two – count’em, two puppies – hers and hers. Bud Montgomery coughed up something for his and Marilyn’s 48th anniversary. Barlow Buescher donated $20 on behalf of Nicole Hancock’s new baby.
The King Dome was resurrected and moved to Fort Steilacoom Park…
Complete with a new stage, 100 Women’s restrooms, 10 Men’s rooms and parking for thousands. Is that the truth? Would I lie to you? After 5 years of meetings every hour on the hour, the It’s Not An Amphitheater project is headed for completion. PP Dave Coleman and James Guerrero detailed actual building plans (above) and a time-line for the Lakewood Rotary major project. Dave thanked the City Manager – Rotarian John Caulfield, Mayor – Rotarian Don Anderson, City Council members and Rotarians, Jason Whalen and Mary Moss, for their help in steering this project through the minefields of bureaucracy and community. He also thanked Mary Dodsworth, City Parks and Recreation Director. The math was unclear at best, but it appears that Lakewood Rotary has engendered at least $300,000 in cash and in-kind contributions for this one-million-dollar-plus project. Yet to be realized are named tiles to be sold. Dave noted that if every Rotarian bought a tile for themselves, their family and grandchildren the tile sales could be completed. Confidential aside to PP Chris Kimball – for your eyes only: How many more young folks’ tile sales would it take to out-total all of those tile sales by us old folks with lots of kids and grandkids!? You may use a BlueBook to answer but you must show your math! Begin NOW, Chris.
Plans, bids, contractor selection, more in-kind contributions, all manner of progress is pending a February start and Summerfest 2018 Grand Opening. Many pointed questions were fielded by James and Dave. It is clear to some that smaller and more expensive seems to be the end result of all those years of accommodating the community and the government. It’s probably not perfect from all perspectives but what is these days? The sticking points appear to be water supply, restrooms, guest accommodation size, and cost per square foot. Let’s hope for the best and pitch-in to make it another example of what Lakewood Rotary is famous for: Doing what otherwise wouldn’t get done in the community!
Thanks to Dave and James for saving Jim Rooks’ hide!
John Forkenbrock won the drawing for $5.
Who reads This Stuff?
The Annual Lakewood Rotary Christmas Dinner Dance and Soiree
Fifty- five Rotarians, partners, guests, invitees and one person from the I-5 interchange at 72nd Street gathered in the lower level of TCGC on Friday evening. A wonderful evening of fellowship, music, dancing and great food was enjoyed by all. The ladies were lovely and the men were dashing in their holiday garb. Ooops, you probably can’t say that these pc days. Oh well, too bad. Our Lakewood Partners really know how to throw a great party!
We all owe gratitude to Rondi Johnson, Pam Lowney and Bonnie Magnuson for all the work that goes into such a flawless event. Judy Eng also gets the nod for her generous donation of the Poinsettias at each table. Judy bought them from Janet Lordahl and her PEO Chapter. They were sold to the attendees who hadn’t bought theirs yet at WalMart. The proceeds of the sale help the Partners with their budget that does so much good in the community. Partners President Fae Crabill remarked about the efforts of Partners. A wonderful time was had by all – except those of us who cannot line dance!