Posted by Greg Rediske on Feb 22, 2019
      Have you ever noticed how our esteemed editor, Eric Quinn, aka Quinn the Younger, comes up with witty headlines to make you think, erroneously as it turns out, that the bulletin is indeed witty? "Ides of February"; "Kerouac's Mountain"; "Gayle Force Winds", etc. It does seem that not all editors are as all-seeing and all-knowing as our own Eric. This bulletin right here is going to quote some actual headlines from actual newspapers, which will undoubtedly serve to improve your already lofty opinion of this particular communication tool, aka The Lakewood Key, aka the Rotary Bulletin. For instance: "Homicide Victims Rarely Talk to Police", and "Miracle Cure Kills Fifth Patient". How about "Marijuana Issue Sent to Joint Committee."
     Give me "Gayle Force Winds" any day. And speaking of Gayle, she of Princess Gayle fame, opened the meeting on time, again, with the call to Scott Buser for the invocaiton, and then Charles Heberle led us flawlessly in the pledge to the flag, on George Washington's birthday no less.
Others of note that helped said Princess:
Leon Titus, Paul Harris donations ($125)
Sally Porter Smith and Leanna Christian, auction table
Jan Gee, raffle ticket sales
Ward/Bob/Terry/Duncan on set up, some doing more supervising than set up
Mark Blanchard, substitute photographer and creator of the magnificent table calendars
     Visiting Rotarians: Jason Shay, Redmond
     Visitors: John with Charlene Miseli; Darcy, Bob Hammar's daughter, with Bob.
Sunshine report:
The Sunshine reporter, John Forkenbrock, is sick with the flu. Send yourself a card, John. So Gayle took over, and reported that Bob Peterson is home now after a scary and life threatening stay at the hospital. His 90-year old gall bladder will be removed in a few weeks to complete the recovery. Bob's first task upon returning home was to call Gayle to make sure she got his procured item from Lowe's picked up. (Have YOU procured anything yet?!?) Bob proclaimed to son Kris that it was a great week: he had so many visitors at the hospital! We can all learn from an attitude like that. Get well, Bob! We miss you! Ted Wier and Wynn Hoffman have had repeat visits to the hospital as well. Wynn was with us today, Ted is still recovering.
     Friends of Scouting breakfast, 7 am on March 7 at the Hotel Murano. Hear Joe Theismann. RSVP by Monday to Charlene Miseli:
Rose Stevens received unanimous approval from the Club for a potential $3500 District Matching Grant for a project in Nepal (school uniforms, books, televisions, etc.).
"Total Lunar Eclipse Will Be Broadcast Live on Northwoods Radio"
"Diana Was Still Alive Hours Before She Died"
"Worker Suffers Leg Pain After 800 LB Ball Drops On His Head"
     Leanna Albrecht took over for Bob Peterson in presenting the Student of the Month Award for February. Kim Redmond from Steilacoom High accompanied student Andrew Tan. After only one year at Steilacoom upon moving from Virginia, Andrew is not only on the Principal's advisory committee, the yearbook committee, running for ASB President, and participating in assorted other leadership duties, but he has two startups: a clothing line he created, and a social media company. Andrew graciously accepted the award, saying his diligence to work hard and learn much is in part due to his remission status with lymphoma. Why waste time! Learn now!
Above: Student of the Month, Andrew Tan, accompanied by Kim Redmond, Principal at Steilacoom High
      The night was November 13, 1970, a day which will live in infamy. Lakewood Rotarians decided that some fun was in order, so Charlie Peterson and Harry Mansfield planned a Wild Game Dinner. Hunters and fishermen would donate the fruits of their sport, or what they may have recently run over, and the Lakewood Terrace chefs would cook it all up. The original ticket cost of that first night: $1.00. The Rotary Club picked up the remaining $2.50 of the dinner cost as part of the Fellowship Committee.  43 members and 5 guests enjoyed the night, with $150 in prizes also donated by Lakewood Rotary. That's a net $270 negative. The good news was that the Terrace made a bundle selling the celebrants alcohol.
      The event was a great success, and it was planned again for the next year, only they decided to make a little money. A small auction was begun. It continued to be all-men, all-alcohol. Well, a lot of alcohol. Lakewood Rotary had many events dedicated to the ideals of class, virtue and the pursuit of excellence. The Wild Game Dinner was not one of them. But in 1995, our first female president (Cindy Thompson) decreed there would be women in the crowd, as Rotary had been female-integrated since 1988. The name changed, and the thing got civilized. And we started making LOTS of money.
      Now comes #49. This is our only fundraiser, and if you're a Lakewood Rotarian, you MUST participate. If you're not comfortable soliciting donations, or don't want to attend, you still are expected to write a check at the very least. We need 100% participation!! We are here to serve the community, and we need money to do it, and this is it. April 13. Be there or be square.
Turn in items at the front desk on Fridays, or to Ed Selden Floor Covering. Thanks to Larry Clark and Clover Park Technical College for providing storage for us. Sign up to work/volunteer at  Fill out donation forms at the same site. And Rick Selden thanks former member Rod Ladd, Jim Weinand, Jay Mayer, Gayle Selden and Ron Messenger for table sponsorships.
"Man Accused of Killing Lawyer Receives New Attorney"
"Barbershop Singers Bring Joy to School for the Deaf"
"Statistics Show that Teen Pregnancy Drops Off Significantly After Age 25"
Princess Gayle Strikes Again: All she needs is $160/week for the remainder of her term to hit budget! And these people helped:
Chris Kimball is sponsoring a cyber security forum with a super-smart fellow he is flying in for the occasion. (I heard it last year: very informative) Thursday, 2/28, Tacoma Country Club, 12-2:30. RSVP with Chris: 253-722-7526. Free, with lunch.
Barb Spriggs and Mary Marlin went to Vegas for 2 days, where Mary learned poker (but not how to win at poker, apparently), while Barb won again.
Charles Heberle has lately been to Arizona, Texas, and Washington D.C., the latter of which he characterized as a "crazy place".  $$
Jan Gee is going to San Diego to get the "Woman of the Year" award from the National Grocers Association.  $$
Nicole Hancock ran across the article about her being named Student of the Month at Tacoma South Rotary in 2001.  And now look! Chair of the Auction!!
Mark Enquist was concerned about Gayle meeting her $160/week goal, and volunteered $20, as long as Gayle remembers his largesse in a couple years when he is at the podium.
Mary Moss looked guilty to Gayle, apparently because she had eye surgery. But it turns out it was also her birthday Friday, and she chose to celebrate with us. In return, she was subjected to the Happy Birthday song, once again demonstrating why Lakewood Rotary is not a singing club.
"Parents Keep Kids Home to Protest School Closure"
"Federal Agents Raid Gun Shop, Find Weapons"
"Study Shows Frequent Sex Enhances Pregnancy Chances"
The Program:
Superintendant Doug Kernutt introduced Kevin Rupprecht, principal of  Harrison Preparatory, who gave us the latest on the school and the International Baccalaureate program. (We gave the School District $150,000 for start up funds, beginning with 2006 Rotary year.)
2003-5  Investigation begins in pursuit of a college prep school for the District
2005-8  Grades 5-12 begin
2008     Located to the Lake City Elementary campus; IB program adopted
2011    Middle Years Program (MYP) certified
2015    Diploma program certified; New building occupied
What was 300 students is now 700 students at the school, with applications handled as first come, first served from inside the Clover Park School District boundaries.  Kevin said that Harrison Prep is a 7-year high school, rather than a middle school and a high school in the same building. Spanish is the only foreign language taught, with an emphasis on being bilingual (7 years of study). The Theory of Knowledge class is perhaps the most popular. 150 hours of community service is required to graduate. The other two high schools in the district provide AP programs, covering some disciplines. IB covers all disciplines. In the last several years, they have had a 100% graduation rate (on time). Kevin was very enthusiastic about his school and the IB program, which should make all of us equally proud for the part we played in making that happen. Mike McGowan, Ron Adkins, Bob Zawilski and others spent countless hours making sure it did.
Above: Presenter, Kevin Rupprecht
The drawing: John Warner could have gotten $380, but being altruistic like he is, went for the white chip instead. Thanks, John!!
And did you know (you didn't, because I just found out) that we just received $45.78 from Amazon's Smile program. That's nearly double the previous quarter. Please order anything you get from Amazon through the Smile program, naming the Rotary Club of Lakewood Charitable Fund as the recipient, and Amazon donates .5% of whatever you spend (most things). Free money for us! (Must go into every time you buy.) Also, read this bulletin and tell me, Greg Rediske, so you can get a make-up for a missed meeting.
"City Unsure Why the Sewer Smells"
"Hospitals Resort to Hiring Doctors"
(Pressure's on Editor Eric: make the headline a good one! Editor's Note: the above headline is not a real headline, but we have seen worse, thanks to Greg, one of our great writers)