Posted by Gayle Selden on Jun 19, 2020
        The June 19th meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood was called to order by Bill Potter after his second to the last walk up song of his Presidential year. His song was Earth, Wind and Fire’s “Do you remember?”
      President Potter picked the song because he sent out an email cancelling the July 5th meeting when he actually meant to cancel the July 3rd meeting. He thanked everyone for their emails and calls correcting  him.  (No one brought it to his attention that it was not his meeting to cancel as he will not even be Prez BP any longer on July 3rd!)
A little backstory to this. . . President Potter mixed up these dates because the date July 5th was stuck in his cerebral cortex. It was stuck there because July 5th was supposed to be the date of President Potter’s FIRST meeting of his Presidential year. That is until his predecessor unilaterally decided to cancel that meeting. I can’t even remember who that President was but they were obviously on a power trip and their crown had gotten a little too tight. Anyways, poor President Potter was just working through some deep seated resentment.
Bob Hammar led us in a lovely Thought for the Day celebrating Juneteenth, Father’s Day and celebrating the good Rotarians can spread in our world. Gary Fulton led us in the pledge as Bill Potter attempted a screen share.
       President Potter has come a long way in his computer skills but once again his screen share was a failure! We should still be impressed about how he has embraced getting our meetings online--encouraging attendance, coming up with great programs and engaging information. Plus, he has updated the design on the white boards behind his head consistently getting us to ask—what is that behind you? He upgraded his computer, covered the Zoom account himself and had to update the house wifi. Such a dedicated President.
       It is amazing how connected we have gotten with Zoom—members and guests can join us from all over the world. We get to see John Magnuson, Charles Heberle, Monica Cordell, Phil Eng in different parts of the US. We watched the bison roam in Wyoming. We’ve walked along with Barlow on the treadmill. We’ve watched Rose carefully use her turn signals while driving. We even watched Greg and Mary Horn last Friday race to the Chaz to try and establish the autonomous zone’s first Rotary Club. Greg’s a little excited to be the best Rotary District Governor ever. And I actually owe some credit for that joke to another member on the Zoom Friday. We’ve also seen many cute little faces and heard many a barking dog. Proud of President Potter and Lakewood Rotary for adjusting to life in the Covid-19 Zoom time.
       We could never have done the Zoom without the amazing Leanna Christian. She mutes you when your dog starts to bark, start typing on your computer or eat chips. And she unmutes you when you wave at the screen and physically raise your hand for attention. She monitors the chat to make sure if you can’t speak you are heard. And when Bill disappears due to wifi issues she keeps us moving along. Leanna has taken us beyond our capabilities and our Windows 7 compliant computers.
       Guests today included Mike Murtha, Carole Wier, Sharon Selden, Storey Quinn and Joan Cook. I also saw an unnamed cat in Leanna’s background.
Mike apologized for missing the morning information meeting but said he offered a 12 pack of beer to his sponsor Greg and said he’d be a better pledge.  Or Puffin.  Now I am wondering if Greg Horn has been hazing Mike in the spirit of Animal House. The first investigation into the antics of District Governor Greg will be forthcoming.
      Rose Stevens proposed an expenditure for World Community Service. WCS requested the approval of $2,000 disbursement to Tacoma Sunrise for the Global Grant to purchase a Rachel Plus server and tablets for a rural school in Africa. It was moved, seconded and passed.
Above: Bill Potter, our very own 
      President Bill was proud of the work of his board, which had its final meeting the night before. He invited Treasurer John Lowney to give the club a little financial update of the club. The club has two sides-- Charitable and Operations. The operations side is fully funded for next year and will be able to donate $5,000 to the charitable side. On the charitable side we had nearly $19,000 that was unable to be spent this year due to cancellation of events and plans due to Covid-19. We have opted to use those funds in the following year to make sure we had a fully funded charitable budget. The assumed budget included that $19,000 plus $28,000 from Auction sponsors and ticket purchasers who “let it ride” and the expected $20,000 from the online auction. The assumed budget nearly fully funded every committee. The finance committee will modify the proposed budget with the actual auction figures in the beginning of July. Bottom line: the Rotary Club of Lakewood is poised to help our local and world community in the next year.
        Since this bulletin writer has inside information about the online auction, I can tell you that the online auction’s GROSS proceeds were about $50,000! We have to subtract the expenses, such as the cost of bid items, credit card processing, cost of the software program and promotional expenses. That will drastically increase our budget for next year. More money to the community thanks to amazing members like you!  Thanks for all the hard work of the fundraising committee--work that continues beyond the date of the auction.
       Joe Quinn reminded us about Youth Protection training. There was a video for members to take over a year ago. We have 46 members who have taken and passed. Joe wanted to see who was interested in a special Zoom meeting that would teach youth protection.   If you still need to pass the test you will be notified and may be invited to a special Zoom meeting just for that.
      Just a reminder that your Lakewood Rotary dues are due. The invoices went out electronically. The annual dues are $185 per person. If you have trouble paying contact your favorite board member. Checks can be mailed to Lakewood Rotary, PO Box 99786, Lakewood, WA 98496. Credit card payments can be communicated to John Lowney.
President Potter then announced that the board has voted to induct Past President Mary Lou Sclair and Carole Wier as honorary members. Honorary members have no attendance requirements or dues requirements. But they are required to provide us with joy. We love both these ladies. And our club has been shaped and bettered by their involvement.
       Phil Eng reminded us that next FRIDAY is the installation meeting via Zoom. To fit it all in President Potter will start the meeting at 12:15. At 12:30 the installation will start. Phil is trying to get everyone on Zoom to attend. We now all have Gordy Quick’s number to call and help him. But if you know anyone else who has trouble with Zoom,  please contact Phil. He’ll get them tech savvy or teach them how to use it to get on the meeting.  At the installation meeting, we thank the outgoing board and celebrate the beginning of the next phase of Lakewood Rotary with Mark Edgecomb at the helm (or is it Matk Edgewater?).
       Phil is getting together a Lakewood Rotary team to virtual ride the Courage. Showing interest at the meeting were Greg Horn, Mark Edgecomb, John Warner, Rick Selden, Mary Marlin, Barbara Spriggs Steve and Anne Enquist, Sally Porter Smith and Gary Barton.  Actual bike riders of the past Walt Richardson, Bud Montgomery and Dave Covey are also encouraged to join. This Courage is raising funds for the CAID center at Mary Bridge so the virtual ride will be worth it!
Leanna Albrecht was named Clover Park School District’s Administrative Employee of the Year so when we see her next she will be fine-able!
Chris Kimball, actual Birthday Boy, showing off his new Walmart camera, did an amazing screen share of the Minions singing Happy Birthday for our Birthdays and Anniversaries celebration. Happy Birthday to James Guerrero, Leanna Albrecht, Astrid Arola, Don Anderson, Kim Prentice, Mary Lou Sclair, Paula Olson, Jason Whalen, Chris Kimball, Mo Sarram, Andrew Neiditz, Andrew Kruse, Eric Warn, Don Daniels and Jan Gee.
       Celebrating anniversaries were Joan and Gail Strait,30 years; Ron and Vanessa Banner, 22 years; Steve and Ellen Mazoff, 55 years; Bob and Mary Hammar, 63 years; Ed and Jayne Shannon, 54 years; Andrew and Rachel Kruse, 5 years; Jay and Stella Mayer, 28 years; Mary Jo Strom Copland and Russ Anderson, 19 years; Bob and Janet Lordahl, 61 years; Jason and Gael Whalen, 33 years; Duncan and Joan Cook, 64 years; Joe and Kris Quinn, 52 years.
       Rotary anniversaries included John Caufield, 20 years; Phil Eng, 26 years; Mick Johnson, 34 years; John Magnuson, 45 years; Tom Sadler, 43 years; Jan Gee, 4 years; Mary Jo Strom Copland, 22 years; Bill White, 19 years; Mary Moss 10 years; John Lowney, 32 years; Bob Lordahl, 46 years.
Bill Potter then took some time to FINE. He has admitted not allowing enough time during the meetings for fines. And he realized he is stopping us all from sharing our Tidbits of Joy with the group. So, he opened up the time for all to share. Jan Gee started us off with a Birthday donation. Gary Barton made a donation as he was getting back to work again training a 17-year-old in hockey. Bob Hammar coughed up $63 for his anniversary. Steve Mazoff paid $55 for 55 years. Duncan and Joan made up for being left out of the verbal anniversary report by paying $64 for their 64 years. Rick Selden paid $50 in recognition of Bill Potter’s 50th meeting and swore. At least, I think. Donn Irwin chipped in $100 celebrating two family graduations—a grandson from college and a grandson from High School. Peter Marsh donated something but the scribe got distracted. Joe Quinn donated $52 for his anniversary and for John Lowney building him safety boxes that saved him from being crushed by 320 pounds. Barb Spriggs paid $55 that matched the number of minutes it took her to join this  Zoom meeting. Donna Phillips promoted some auction items for $25. And John Lowney paid $50 in celebration of Pam rebounding after her cancer treatments.
There was a lot of fine love for President Potter at his last full meeting as President of the Rotary Club of Lakewood.
President Bill then asked Gary Barton to share a little about his career and work in the hockey field and the impact of Covid-19. Gary suited up in a helmet and pads to give us our talk. Gary instructs hockey players at an ice rink in Bremerton. The rink is just opening to training and is allowing only one instructor and five students to come on the rink at one time as per Phase 2 regulations. The rink has reduced the contact allowed by reducing the pre- and post-ice time for students and teachers. That means the skaters must arrive dressed and ready for practice. They can sit on a bench to don their skates but that is it for prep. Participants are only allowed to be in the rink, not any parents or other observers. Gary was excited to get back to training as he has never been off the ice this long.
Above: Gary Barton, our very own 
President Potter saved his corniest joke for the end of the meeting and maybe the year when he commented about Gary being on THIN ICE.
We groaned, we moaned but we really are going to miss President Potter.
He signed off making everyone a raffle winner!
Good year Bill!