Posted by Greg Rediske on May 31, 2019
      Have you ever noticed how when an older person makes the news, it always starts out with “84-year old John Doe”, or “John Doe, who is 79 years old….”?
      Well, this is the news, too. Kind of. So: 91-year old John Warner knows of the late Bo Schembechler, and if you’re over 60 you probably know that Bo was the head football coach at the University of Michigan, John’s beloved alma mater. Well, this is a quote from Bo:
      “I figured this was the easy stuff, and if we couldn't show up on time, looking right and acting right, we weren't going to be able to do anything else.” 
      At the Rotary Club of Lakewood, we can do anything as well as anything else. And it starts with the easy stuff, starting the meeting on time. Gayle does this without fail each and every week. You can set your watch to 12:30 when she rings the bell. Of course, there is another side to punctuality: “I think the only way to properly face doom is to be on time.” (Jennifer Dubois)
      Were we facing doom, or looking and acting right? The answer depends on whether you were on the fine list, I would guess.
      And so Gayle’s helpers before and after her 12:30 start were:
66-year old John Lowney, who has brought our Club into the 21st century (with a fair amount of kicking and screaming) with the new credit card billing apparatus, took money for the Installation and for dues….Eric Warn took $774 of Paul Harris money……Mark Edgecomb was the Sergeant-at-Arms, Eric Quinn substituted as ace photographer… Duncan/Bob/Ward/Rod/Terry/Bob did set up and takedown…..Mick Johnson gave the thought/prayer for the day…..Don Daniels flawlessly led us in the pledge to the flag. This is clearly not a one-woman show, though I’m confident Gayle could do it; she just chooses to share some of glory that is Lakewood Rotary.
Visiting Rotarian: Cindy Niemi, Tacoma 8
Guests of Rotarians: Jeannie and Christi from Crunch Fitness (Johnny Walker).
Sunshine Report:
Florence Covey’s memorial service will be at Christ Lutheran Church at 11 am on Friday, June 7.
87-year old Ted Wier was in the room! Looking good, too.
Barb Spriggs: Texas Hold ‘em at Thornewood Castle on June 14. 26 signed up (anyone else?). Need some dealers to join Sally Saunders.
June 28: Installation.  RSVP by cash, check or credit card to John Lowney, please.
Bill Potter: Rotary night at the Tacoma Rainiers, August 15, 5:15. $18 gets you the tailgate party (dinner!) and tickets to the game.
RI Convention on June 6-10, 2020 will be in Honolulu. Greg & Mary Horn will be there (he as incoming District Governor). Anyone else?
Jay Mayer: Community Concerns approved $2000 for the YMCA Camp Coral program for military families. Per club by-laws, it was approved by a voice vote. Unanimously.
Larry Clark: Clover Park Technical College Foundation is sponsoring a golf tournament at High Cedars Golf Course, July 13, $125/golfer, 1:15 pm. Larry is looking for a donation for the silent auction of rounds of golf at the TC&G course. Gayle thanked Larry again for the donation of storage space for the just-completed auction.
Birthdays & Anniversaries:
Greg Horn got things off to a rousing start by recognizing Leah and Jennie for 21 and 42 years of marriage. Sadly, he didn’t know which Rotarian each was married to. Shouts from the crowd identified Dan Livingston and Jim Weinand. Rough start. Ron Irwin was the winner for longest-serving Lakewood Rotarian who joined in May, 38 years. Chris Kimball announced the birthdays, when he forced the six in attendance to tell us what attracted them to their first love. Bob Lordahl’s response doubles as the title to this week’s bulletin: He was attracted to his first love by her pretty green dress on a nice rump. So there.
Fines, or Facing Doom via the wrath of Gayle:
Gordon Quick was granted a visa to visit Nebraska, where he helped celebrate a club’s 100th year in Rotary. No fine, as he has paid three times this year. Unbelievably.
Barb Spriggs and Mary Marlin: three weeks in Italy (two with Rick Steves). Gayle was gifted a Pinocchio whose nose grows when you pull the string, and a bell that can provide a wonderful contrast to her giant bell that she rings at exactly 12:30 every Friday.
Donna Phillips recounted a story of her brother’s ashes in salt shakers, distributed to friends, family and strangers to scatter around the world. You had to be there.
The Sun Birds Return: Lowell Johnson, AZ and Florida; Bud Montgomery, Green Valley, AZ; Phil Eng, Indio, CA and many national parks. $$$
Jim Sharp received news that his son and his girlfriend were going to have a baby. And then that they were getting married. A daughter-in-law and a grandchild: $50.
Chuck Hellar has known our speaker for 19 years.  Cindy Niemi is a member at #8, and Major Gifts Officer at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. She gave kudos to our club, which started the Child Abuse Intervention Center with our gift of $100,000 27 years ago. That $100K has turned into an endowed fund of $10 Million, thanks to Rotary’s Courage Classic bike ride. The Hospital changed the Courage Classic to the Courage two years ago, and changed the route off the mountain, and minimized Rotary’s contribution. The results were not good. All that is changed, and they’re back on the mountain, and Rotary is front and center. Not only that, their new “Safe & Sound Building” will recognize Pierce County Rotary Clubs with a plaque at the dedication on August 21, 5-7 pm.
August 24: Day 1 of the new Courage, Cle Elum to Leavenwoth, via Blewett Pass. 59.14 miles, with an elevation gain of 3,182’. That is the day of Lakewood Rotary’s rest stop at the “97 Rock House”.
August 25: Day 2, Leavenworth to Cle Elum, via Old Blewett Pass. 57 miles, 3,908 elevation gain. This is new leg of the journey. Tacoma South has volunteered to do a rest stop, but will need some help. There are already 225 riders signed up, versus only 95 signed up total last year.
Above: Presenter, Cindy Niemi 
Donations won’t fund the endowment fund anymore, as their needs are great right now. Funds can be given to: Child Abuse Intervention, or where the need is the greatest. All of which supplements the 5% from the endowed fund.
Dan Livingston will be riding for Lakewood Rotary (make pledges, please), and maybe Johnny Walker??
The Drawing:
69-year old Rob Erb had the correct ticket, and was roundly greeted by his best friends with a chant of “White chip! White chip!” Instead of $1098.50, he rewarded these same friends by picking white. Next week: 2 white, 1 red.
Program for June 7: Club Assembly. Be there, if you’re not at Florence Covey’s service.
And your inspiration quote for the day:
If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.
Oh, yes: Read  this bulletin and tell me, Greg Rediske, so you can get a make-up for a missed meeting. Additionally, if you are shopping online, please do that at Amazon Smile so a portion of your purchase can be allocated to Lakewood Rotary.