The Moon is in its final waxing gibbous phase; next will be a full moon. Forewarned is forearmed! Be on the lookout for lunacy attributable to the full moon. Lunacy -moon (lunar.) Get it? Ha! I don’t believe a word of it but I will wear a garlic clove on a braid of horsehair around my neck just in case. If nothing else, the smell should keep people away from me. By the way, this event has nothing to do with the “Parlor” in Ponders Corner that advertises a special on gibbous waxing.

The meeting opened without a hitch, but a wary eye was kept on participants:
            The Tillicum Branch of Local 666 of the Wiccan Society did not conduct the invocation. Rather Past President Don Goldman rendered the invocation. I missed what organization it was that he presided over.  All performed the National Anthem along with a full orchestra and one snare drum. Rock and Roll gave us the Swedish Pop/Rock group named ABBA – an acronym for the 4 members’ first names: Awful, Bad, Boy are we bad, and Arrrgh. In their 1974 hit – Waterloo, there is a line, “The history book on the shelf is always repeating itself.” President Chris saw fit to teach us that factoid; a sin for which he should be severely punished!
Visiting Rotarians:
            It was reported that we had visiting Rotarian (s) but it went unrecorded. Why? I don’t know; perhaps I was distracted by trying to remember who last year’s president was.
            A special guest was our new Exchange Student from near Turin, Italy – Christina Coera Borga.  Gayle Selden introduced Christina who will enter her junior year at Lakes. She is staying with the Johnson family in Oakbrook. She hasn’t been here one week and she tried out for and made the varsity volleyball team. Her contact number is 253 313 3478 – you need this number to include Christina in all manner of activities during the year.
            Other guests were Fae Crabill and Pat Price, introduced by their respective husbands Tommy and Bill. Past Assistant Governor/Past President Ted Wier introduced his Granddaughter Anna from Minnesota. PP Mark Blanchard introduced guest and prospective member Steph Lauritzen – I apologize if that spelling is incorrect.
            John Forkenbrock gave a disturbing report that Donna Feldman is suffering from ovarian cancer. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Donna and her daughter Kelly as she undergoes her chemotherapy treatments. John reported that he had nothing new to report of Bobby Gee’s recent brain cancer surgery.
Sunshine is especially nettlesome to lunatics and Andromedans. To wit: Andromedans report, “The Moon is hollow. It contains huge underground facilities built by E.T.’s and later humans from Earth. There are seven openings into the Moon’s crust, and underground bases. Conservative scientists have wondered why so many craters seem so shallow, despite their size. The Andromedans say, it’s because much of the surface was built on top of a metallic shell of a circular space crest; or ‘A War Carrier’, as the Andromedans describe it.” Okaaay.
            Kim Prentice reminded all that school is beginning soon. Please drive with extra care and obey the speed limits. As former Chief Larry Saunders likes to point out, “It’s only a block or two at the most. You can slow down for a block or two!” Agreed.
            PP Phil Eng reported a couple of openings for the Reeder Roadster Romp to Hood River. Departure date is Saturday September 12th – returning Monday September 14th. Phil also asked for signups for Monday Night Football and boat owners for the Floating Board meeting that is now called something else. Well, it’s not called “something else,” it is called something other than “Floating Board Meeting.” For more accurate information, contact Phil.
            President Chris noted that announcements for the upcoming meeting should be forwarded to Caroline Brady at .
            PP Bob Zawilski announced the annual Foundation training effort. It will be held in Lakewood at Holiday Inn Express on September 12th. For more information check the District 5020 website. There is also Rotary Membership Summit to be held in Olympia on September 19th. More info on the 5020 website. On November 10 – 19 there is a polio immunization exercise at Cote d’Ivorie, West Africa. Contact Bradford Howard, 516 Grand Ave., Oakland, CA 94610, (510) 834-2260.
            A member achieves a Paul Harris Fellowship when $1000 is donated. At that time the member gets “1000 points.” Those points can be used as a credit to bring in another Paul Harris Fellow. One dollar equals one point. Chuck Hellar has created a “game” whereby a member sponsors a new member of Lakewood Rotary and his or her name enters a drawing for 250 points. The drawing will be conducted quarterly. At year’s end there will be a drawing for 500 points. Lakewood Rotary has a goal to meet the one million dollar level during 2015-2016 Rotary year. According to Steve Enquist we are $70,000 close. Of note is the collection at the Paul Harris Desk: a whopping $2,356. Remarkable!
            PDG/PP Gordy Quick and John Warner belong to a clandestine organization that drinks coffee in the mornings. They conceived of a plot to pass a cap around the room to collect money for Eastern Washington fire victims. $1491 was collected. Again, remarkable!
            The unusually large crowd welcomed new member Chris Easter. Actually, not everyone was unusual but there were 7, or 9. Bob Peterson, Sponsor and PP Mick Johnson, Mentor, joined Chris as President Chris installed Chris. Bob Peterson has a son named Kris. Joe Quinn has a wife named Kris.          Anyway, Mr. Easter comes from Kansas City, Kansas – not Missouri – and Minnesota. He is a Lakes and Western Washington grad. He is married with two teens; his wife teaches at Steilacoom High – Go Sentinels! Welcome Chris Easter; he eagerly took charge of the Puffin.
 Ted Wier eagerly attended to Steve Enquist’s award of a Paul Harris for his Granddaughter Anna.
            Eric Quinn announced that Nicole Hancock and Donn Irwin have decided to join him on the Publicity Committee. Kim Prentice has also agreed to act as an outside consultant.
            PP Dave Coleman reintroduced himself to those who don’t remember him. He paid a fine for taking his family to Coeur d’Alene Idaho and making them suffer through smoke, ash and dust. Shame on him!
            Rob Erb vacationed in Oregon, Nevada and California: $50 for travel and $20 for a cell phone violation.
            PP Joe Quinn went to New York for two weddings; he gave some for the ball cap and some for the good of the order.
            Don Daniels visited Santa Fe, NM and liked it so much he contributed $100 to Paul Harris and another $20.
            Phil Eng parted with a $20 for meeting his former colleague at US Bank, our speaker – Evelyn Ryberg.
            Bob Hammar bought the condo he has been renting, but I didn’t get the fine.
            Jim Bisceglia gave a whopping $100 for returning to the scene of his nuptials – Niagara Falls – that’s with an N not a V!
            Eric Quinn - $20 for a trip to Vegas and Greg Horn for Son Brandon’s marriage and honeymoon in the Maldives - $20 to the ball cap. Bill Price gave $50 for 50 years with Pat.   
            Evelyn Ryberg and Gina Anstey presented information about The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation. The 501 c 3 manages $111 million of foundation assets. It currently has over $100 million out in grants. It is focused geographically throughout Pierce County. It brings together needs with resources. Both ends of the effort involve people, money, ideas and education.
In 2014 they raised $6.5 million; up from $5.2 million in 2013. They serve over 500 charities and have returned $3 million to the Lakewood community over 5 years. The former Rotary Clubs of Lakewood Community Foundation is rolled-up in their management.
They utilize donor directed giving as well as foundation directed funding. Their fundholders are both ordinary and extraordinary members of the community. They are not necessarily rich and they include businesses, civic organizations, non-profits and private foundations.  
            Walt Richardson took home a whopping $5!
Note: it is with great sadness that I bring to everyone’s attention the resignation of Bill Young from Lakewood Rotary. Bill has been a positive fixture in Lakewood Rotary for 26 years. The man doesn’t know the meaning of the word “no.” He was constantly picking up the slack in someone’s absence or bringing a humorous light on some circumstance. We all relished the sincerely happy greeting Bill gave everyone at the entry table every Friday. I, along other Rotarians who know Bill, am going to miss him fiercely. They don’t come any nicer than Bill Young!
I normally sign off with “Who reads this stuff?” But I hope sincerely that you read the above about our friend.
Hold on a darned minute: Whose Rotarian head is this anyways? Guess correctly and win a free raffle ticket!
CORRECTION: This editor apologizes for a mischaracterization in the August 7, 2015 bulletin. This related to the excellent presentation by President Kimball’s son, David, on Windows 10. The bulletin read that Windows 10 “works on Apple devices, too.” Instead, the bulletin should have read that “Many of the services that are a part of Windows 10 work on Apple devices as well.”