Posted by Donn Irwin on Jun 07, 2019

The Rotary Club of Lakewood “assembled” at the Tacoma Golf and Country Club and at precisely 12:30 PM, President Gayle rang the bell for the club to come to attention and begin the meeting.

      Our benevolent leader “herded” all of us up to the front tables knowing that attendance would be a bit light as many of the club’s members attended the funeral services for Florence Covey, wife of Dave Covey and former Rotary 8 member, who passed away on May 27th. Her obituary, published in the Suburban Sun Times, can be found by going to  President Gayle reminded all of us that Rotary is a family and that in Florence’s obituary it was stated that she will live on through us.  Rest in peace Florence. Please keep Dave in your thoughts and prayers.
      Paula Olson gave us words of inspiration and Mary Marlin led us in the pledge.The set up crew was a bit short-handed this week but thanks to Bob H., Bob C. and Ward F. the meeting went off without a hitch. A big thank you to these gentlemen for giving us their time to set up AND take down what we need for our meetings. The President’s agenda says that Nicole Hancock or Gary Fulton handled the duties of the Paul Harris table.  Barb Spriggs was the SOA and took care of selling tickets for the drawing. The man with the camera was Walt Richardson and Brian Ivey was the Greeter.
President Gayle made mention of a valuable asset in the running of our meetings. Referring to the good old aging process and bad eyes, she held up an old fashioned round wall clock with big numbers on it that acts as her time keeper during the meetings. It obviously works as the meetings begin and end on time.
      Gary Barton introduced a frequent visitor from Rotary 8 – Larry Treleven. Larry is a long time member and past President of #8. He led #8 during the turn of the century 1999\2000.
Larry was our only visitor.
      Gayle asked that we keep Sonia Martinez’s family in our prayers as they are going through some rough times.
Installation Dinner is Friday June 28th here at the Country Club.
August 15th – fun night at the Rainiers
August 21th – rededication of the Child Abuse Prevention Building at Mary Bridge – renamed to include the Partnership with the Rotary Clubs of Pierce County.
August 24th and 25th – Courage Bike Tour. Contact Phil Eng or Chuck H. if you are interested in helping.
      Steve Enquist was called upon to award Clint Johnson a pin commemorating his 4th Paul Harris. Congratulations and thank you Clint!
Steve took the opportunity to remind us about “Every Rotarian. Every Year." This translates to - every Rotarian gives $100.00 every year to the Foundation. Evidently we are either 3rd or 4th in the District right now. We are at 88% participation.
      Puffin hand off time: Shalom Aburu handed off a Puffin to Gary Barton – but not the one she was given on her “Puffin Day." It seems as though Shalom has a daughter that has fallen in love with our Puffin and is loathe to part with it. As a result, Gary got the Alaskan Puffin that was found on the dais that our President uses during the meetings. Said Puffin had a note attached explaining its calamitous stay with the Enquists. Poor thing.
      Barb Spriggs announced the need for a large cooler for the upcoming gambling event from the auction. Come to find out, Lakewood Rotary already has a large cooler (along with a bunch of other stuff) in a storage trailer somewhere – problem solved.
      Tiara time:
      President Gayle put on the terrible Tiara and immediately launched into a lengthy explanation about not fining visiting Rotarians – usually. Somehow she worked out that, because Larry Treleven was a frequent visitor and had just received some publicity about his company - Sprague Pest Control, that it is\was okay to fine him. Larry graciously accepted paying the fine and offered a $20.00 bill. Joe Quinn interjected that, if Larry added a dollar to the twenty we would then be able to name the $21.00 fine a “Treleven." Larry happily tossed in another dollar and now we have a new fine.
Gary Barton has been appointed to the Lakewood Water District. He paid for it.
      President Gayle called upon name dropping Greg Horn to explain a situation that he had gotten into with the local gendarmes. Evidently one of his employees, along with a cement mixer and a bunch of tools, was spotted on a barge on the lake and mistaken for someone attempting to steal said items. The local authorities were called and they began a search for the perpetrators of the supposed crimes. As they were searching for these hardened, brazen criminals, they came upon one Greg Horn at Ron Irwin’s dock. Two Lakewood officers warily approached Greg and began to question him. Greg, always known to be a quick thinker, stated that he knew Mike Zaro (who is the head cop in Lakewood and is a member of our club). One of the officers contacted Mike (who just happened to be two blocks away while searching for the “perps” that performed the alleged heist) and explained to him the situation and the name of the “suspect." Mike, realizing what his officers had to deal with, immediately instructed them to “taze” Greg. Great story with a funny ending.
      Greg H. delved deep into his soul after seeing the Puffin exchange earlier in the meeting, and confessed that he has had a Puffin from Rotary for 22 years, and after some house cleaning his wife Mary gave it to a niece or granddaughter.
      NOTE: Barb Spriggs, performing her duties as SOA, took the mic away from Greg when he was done with his story and asked how often Mary cleans house….all in good fun.
     With that, Gayle launched into the crux of the meeting:
Jim Rooks, as the new Chairman of Community Concerns, told us that grant requests are on the website and that “simple grants” are usually for $50.00 or less.
Jay Mayer called our attention to packets of information that he had placed on the tables. The packets included a detailed report of where the money we have raised since 2014 has gone.
Andrew Kruse announced that the basketball hoop is up ($$ provided by Lakewood Rotary) and gave us a big thank you.
Eric Quinn, using the Rotary Wheel as a tool, broke down the various committees/components of how the auction is put together. There was a $10,000 increase in the live auction with a net increase for just that part of $8700.0. This does not include Raise the Paddle or Rotary Partners.
Give or take a few dollars the auction netted $113,436.00 for the Lakewood community!!
The Cash Cows Procurement Team won the award for the highest dollar amount procured. Members of the committee that were present received a “gold plated” duck on an ebony stand that is entitled The Quacktastic Award.
Above: members of the Cash Cows Procurement Team. Congrats to all of you and well done!
      Rick Selden commented that he is excited by all of the new faces he is seeing that are involved in the Sportsman’s Dinner and Auction.
Auction alert\reminder: The next auction is number 50!
      Nicole Hancock accused Mark Edgecomb of having a brilliant idea regarding corporate sponsorship for next year – start procuring corporate sponsorships in July. I have to say that I was sitting right next to Mark during the meeting and he was startled when Nicole mentioned the term brilliant…..
      Wynn Hoffman announced that Auction Tracker now offers a Mobile Bidding add-on to its software. Eric Quinn lauded Wynn’s efforts regarding the auction and that, when it comes to the numbers, Wynn is “the guy." For his efforts, Wynn was given a Quacktastic Trophy….something he will treasure forever I’m sure.
Just a heads up – the Liquor Control Board has busted several auctions for selling liquor for less than what it should sell for; thus there will be changes next year.
Sue Potter, Executive Director of Nourish Food Banks of Pierce County, sent a lovely thank you letter for our support of Nourish.
John Lowney gave a quick Treasurer’s update: At one point there were six bank accounts and a Pavilion project with unknown expenses that provided a real challenge initially. These issues have been fixed and we are moving forward. Also, and more importantly, we did not go broke!
The drawing was for over $1100.00 and Mark Edgecomb (yes the same guy that was sitting right next to me) had the winning ticket. He “won” $5.00.
Let us never forget what was happening on the beaches for northern France on this day in 1944. One day after the initial D-Day landing, there were still people dying while fighting against the crazy man in Germany. Although Thank You seems so inadequate, it as all we have to give. Nothing can replace these heroes' lives.
Oh...yes: If you shop online, please shop online at Amazon Smile and you should know why by now (some of your money can go to Lakewood Rotary;) also, if and when you read this bulletin, tell Greg Rediske so you can get a make-up.