If feels good to be back behind the keyboard... Judy Hosea took over my shift a few weeks ago so I could attend Jack's VIP day at school. Of note: I've always thought myself a VIP, but it took a 1st grade VIP day to confirm it. Apparently there are lots of VIPs. Anyway, thanks for the assist Judy.

Visiting Rotarians: Bert Stibbe (Sumner Rotary) and Neel Parikh (Tacoma 8) graced our club today, which was nice, as no guests found their way to the Tacoma Country & Golf Club.


Assisting President Dave in running the meeting was: Mary Lou Sclair (collecting Sportsman's Dinner & Auction ticket order forms); James Guerrero (Paul Harris Desk) who collected $173; Bill Young (Sgt-At-Arms); Mark Blanchard (Pledge); Chris Kimball (Invocation); Rod Ladd (Photographer) and Ben Sclair (Scribe).

Sunshine: Gayle Selden, busy with Sportsman's Dinner & Auction planning, had no known sunshine, but she did hand the mic to Greg Horn for an update on son Zach. Zach, who broke two and crushed one vertebrae, in a para-gliding accident at Chambers Bay in University Place is doing well. No surgery, but he's wearing a big back brace and is back teaching. Phew.

District Leadership Training Assembly (DLTA): Assistant Governor (AG) Greg Horn reported he hosted a stellar hospitality suite  at the recently concluded DLTA in Victoria with fellow AG Scott Seitz. Greg also put the club on notice that the upcoming District 5020 Conference is coming up May 31-June 2 at Sidney, British Columbia, Canada.

Judy Hosea proudly offered up a Greenleaf ($20) for announcing Karlee Cossette as the 2013 Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound Youth of the Year. "Karlee has been a member of the North Mason Branch for six years. She is a senior at North Mason High School and also participates in the Running Start Program at Olympic College. At the Club Karlee demonstrates her leadership and service in many ways, through her involvement with Keystone and mentoring younger members. Karlee plans to attend the University of Washington-Tacoma and pursue a career as a Physical Therapist."


 Chris Kimball looked relieved and relaxed having recently passed an unwelcome Kidney Stone Thursday morning. In light of upcoming medical bills, Chris donated $10. 

Sportsman's Dinner & Auction, April 6, 2013 at the McGavick Center at Clover Park Technical College. Following are various reports by those from the committee who are working hard to make it happen:

  • Morris Northcutt - Please turn in your ticket order form, with guest names and addresses, to Morris or Mary Lou. We have about 200 people signed up, but history has shown about 50% of attendees sign up in the last week, so please fill in your ticket order form completely an email it in.
  • Wynn Hoffman - About to celebrate a great party. Come, bid, have fun, and party. Lots of open spots.
  • Judy Hosea - If you haven't turned in your procurement items, please bring them to the McGavick Center on Friday, April 5, so the committee has time to organize them.
  • Paul Wulfestieg - We've committed to 380 dinners, so shake the trees and get your friends signed up and ready to have a great time.



There's no more Pancake Breakfast: only the Sportsmans Dinner!  And the task remains the same: sell tickets so we have people to serve (and money to collect).  Pictured here are Benny Anderson (in the suit) and Jim Rediske, Al Hagen, and an unidentified Rotarian.

Joan Strait paid a Greenleaf ($20) for a lovely time in Sun Valley.

President-Elect Mark Blanchard pointed out the Puffin Table Tent challenge. Feeling the effects of sequestration... M&Ms were not available for the winners. It was decided at my table that pride is more than enough prize.

Jay Mayer reported that the conversion from Northwest Commercial Bank to Heritage Bank earlier this month is now complete and he's still trying to remember where his new bank branch is...

President Dave Reames reported he's hitched his largesse (or that "large ass" as Greg Horn wondered) to Lakewood's Reeder Management. President Dave took executive privilege by waiving a fine.

Clayton Denault bragged (a Greenleaf's worth) about the recently completed "Strong kids campaign" which netted $170,000 for the YMCA  successful campaign.

President Elect Mark Blanchard - All committee budgets for the 2013-2014 year will start with Zero, Zip, Nada unless the committee completes a Budget Proposal Form




President Elect Nominee Dave Coleman introduced Anne Sprute (a native of Richland). Anne retired as a Chief Warrant 4 in 2010 from the U.S. Army after a 24-year helicopter career. After a stint at Microsoft she's founded Rally Point 6 (RP6), the unfinished mission. 

Rally Point 6 has joined the Points of Light Foundation and is focusing on eight specific impact areas for active duty military personnel, veterans and their family:

  1. Community Reintegration
  2. Employment
  3. Education
  4. Family Strength
  5. Health/Behavorial Health
  6. Finance/Legal
  7. Housing Stability
  8. Volunteerism

The Puget Sound region has the third largest veteran population in the United States and ensuring that population, and their families, find the community resources they need, is "the unfinished mission" of Rally Point 6.

The Gary E. Milgard Family Foundation has stepped up with a $1 million challenge grant to raise $3 million to fully stand up Rally Point 6. 


Guest speaker Anne then pulled ticket # 8639, which was held by Dave Coleman. (An investigation is underway). Of the 12 chips, Dave was lucky enough to pull a white one and won $5.