Posted by Andrew Kruse on Apr 26, 2019
Whether you heard it or not, the bell was rung by our very own Rose Stevens at 12:30 on Friday to start the last Lakewood Rotary meeting for the month of April 2019. It all began just swimmingly; Charlene Miseli led our thought of the day with a wonderful Rotary blessing and Donna Phillips led us in the pledge.

Then we were reminded of the wonderful hands and feet (aka Duncan Cook, Ward Fletcher, Bob Hammar, Rob Erb, Troy Wilcox, Terry Roarke, and Bob Cammarano) that make our meetings happen. Rose was also quick to thank those smiling faces behind the table that greeted us (Brian Ivey), helped us invest in the Rotary Foundation (Chuck Hellar), and sold us the opportunity of winning $5 or hitting the Rotary jackpot (Leon Titus). Our club was also informed of the opportunity afforded to take a free mediation training by Bill Lincoln at some point in the future. Our visiting Rotarians for the day were Karl Roth, Ardell Samdal, and Larry Treleven. Then Jim Weinand introduced his wife, Jenny, as a visitor.


As it was already a sunny day, we went along with the Sunshine Report. Chuck Hellar shared that John Forkenbrock is still recovering from his back surgery. Then Rick Selden shared that President Gayle was out due to sickness. We wish you both a good solid recovery!


A few dates to be reminded of: Saturday May 4th at Fort Steilacoom Park is the Hunger Walk/Run for Emergency Food Network. Jim Rooks is coordinating a team for this event so contact him if you’re interested. District Conference is the next weekend (as is Mother’s Day) in Victoria. Mick Johnson wants you to turn in nominations for the Bernie Ootkin Non-Rotarian of the Year Award - due May 9th. I think he mentioned that after handing out paper flyers he had several nominations come in, so it will be interesting to see who is selected!


Then we were updated by Jay Mayer from the Community Concerns committee of the Springbrook Coalition Summer Camp, which had a request of a $2000 donation that was overwhelmingly approved by all those in favor of supporting such a wonderful program.


Then we had another special event: a member induction. Shalom Aburu is our newest addition to Lakewood Rotary. Shalom is a wife, mother, Fashion Designer, graduate of Pierce College, student of Criminal Justice at Western Governor’s University, and head of a nonprofit that helps educate youth in Uganda. She was strongly encouraged to join Rotary by her parents who are members of Rotary in Uganda. Showing that where distance divides, Rotary connects. Shalom hopes to one day attend Law School and practice as a Human Rights attorney. Her husband Nicholas and her daughter were in attendance to support her. When presented with the Puffin, her daughter took it. I don’t think it will be easy for Shalom to confiscate it to bring it to Rotary next week. When you see her at our next meeting I would encourage you to say hello and hear more of her story.



Above: Our Newest Lakewood Rotarian, Shalom Aburu



Funny enough, just as the meeting began with Charlene Miseli, so did the fines. Rose reminded Charlene to share about her husband, Jay, changing command of the Stryker Brigade at JBLM. Charlene said it’s the best sleep they’ve had in a few years, and that she had to take a rain check to bring the fine to the next meeting she attends.

Then we quickly moved on to Gordy Quick whose grandson stopped a shooting in progress at a yoga studio this past winter, and was also at the State of the Union. He guessed those accomplishments were worth $20.



Bob Hammar announced that he was giving a donation for his birthday, and would bring more once Facebook sent him his check for raising money via his page for Rotary (which anyone can do for their anniversary, birthday, etc.). Way to go Bob!

Peter Marsh visited Washington D.C. recently to visit his grandkids. He also updated the club that his daughter has become the youngest tenured professor at Georgetown.

Chuck Hellar was happy to finish off the last $10 of his $50 pledge he recently made.

Duncan Cook’s barber made a donation to Rotary too late for the Sportsman’s Dinner, but we’ll count it for the fine account. Way to go Duncan!

Ed Shannon attended Charlene’s husband’s change of command ceremony and wanted to give $10 towards this good-spirited event.

Mark Edgecomb gave $108 for the total of his birthdays and wedding anniversaries combined. What an accomplishment!



Lastly, Bob Zawilski introduced Stuart Earley, CEO of the Humane Society of Tacoma-Pierce County as our program speaker for the day. Stuart is from Scotland and he showed us throughout his presentation that his love for animals extends way beyond his day job. He has served in many roles to help and advocate for animals in the United States and UK. I was astounded to learn that they care for almost 10,000 animals per year and are able to help adopt or reconnect the majority of them with their original or new owners. They also provide 7-day veterinary care that includes spay/neuter program, end of life services, and a pet food pantry. In addition, they have a foster program for families to help animals adjust until they find their forever home. Whether or not you are a lover of animals, I think that you would come away with an appreciation for the fine things this organization does to help make the lives of pets better. We learned that they will take animals such as dogs, cats, and snakes. I saw Don Daniels cringe when the snakes were mentioned (I can’t say I blame him though). During Q&A we also learned not to call animal control on your neighbor’s cats; and that the Humane Society won’t take your wild animals such as rabbits that are eating your garden (thanks to Gordy for making such a humorous proposition for the Humane Society to come pick them up). Long term, Stuart shared that the Humane Society wants to build a new campus with state of the art facilities to help even more animals.


After hearing this interesting presentation, the drum roll was pounded and the winning ticket was drawn so that Mark Edgecomb could have his chance of drawing chips for a $735 jackpot. Another white chip, another opportunity for someone next time! Then we were dismissed to go out and live the Rotary values through serving the community until we meet again next week!


P.S. Thank you to those that gave to the Rotary Foundation this week. $255 was collected due to all of your generosity!


Ah, yes: Read this bulletin and tell Greg Rediske so you can get a make-up for a missed meeting; also, please do your online shopping at Amazon Smile so a portion of your purchase can be allocated to Lakewood Rotary.