Posted by Donn Irwin on Sep 28, 2018
The Pledge of Allegiance, the 4 Way Test and the Scout’s Oath – all in the same meeting! If that isn’t enough to get your moral fiber recharged, I don’t know what will. Well maybe a tent revival meeting by Billy Graham, but that won’t be happening again.
With a slight nod of the head to someone sitting behind me, her Ladyship, aka President Gayle, opened the meeting at precisely 12:30PM. (Yes, I checked).
Charlene Miseli gave us a thought for the day. (Whatever happened to Invocation?) Ward Fletcher encouraged us to follow him in the Pledge. Kudos were sent out to the fine folks that make our meetings happen. Thank you to Duncan, Ward, Bob and Troy for the set up. Eric Warn took our money at the Paul Harris table and collected a very respectable $347.00. Chuck Hellar sold us raffle tickets and played Sargent at Arms. Our greeter(s) according to the President’s notes were Christine Vu and some guy named Rick Selden. Phil Eng took pictures while Donn Irwin scribbled stuff down so that The Key could be written.
Thought: The Mariners once again are not in the baseball playoffs this year while Oakland is. The Mariners payroll is around 150 million – the Oakland A’s is about 65 million. Hmmmm…
Our visiting Rotarians today were: Charlie Maxwell from Clover Park, Ken Woo from Seattle International and Joseph Beaulieu from Hawks Prairie. Three guests were introduced by Charlene Miseli - Barb Perez (who would be one of our presenters for the day), Ralph Voelker (Scout Executive) and John Allen, who is a member of the Council’s Commission.
Announcements: Eric Warn canceled the get together at Diamonds by Design. Charlie Maxwell thanked Lakewood Rotary for their past support of Build a Bike and confessed that the organization is “behind the curve” which, I believe, means that they need some $$.
Bob Z. talked about the online training available for Great Management. There are in-person training sessions in Tenino on 10\14 and at the Clover Park Rotunda on 10\21. There will be two training sessions: 9:00AM – 10:45AM for Qualifying and 11:00AM-1:00PM for Project Training.
Joe Quinn announced that 7 Lakewood Rotarians have passed criminal background checks.
Mo S. put World Affairs Seminar Brochures on the tables. The action takes place next year from 6\22-6\28 at Carroll University in Wisconsin.
Bob Hammar let us know that the Lakewood Rotary Store will be open for the next two meetings. Past President Don Daniels offered to sell us one-gallon laurel plants for $6.00. He has 55 of them to peddle. Chris K. plugged a slot car race at Tacoma which is directly across from Griot’s Garage in Tacoma. I think it was President Gayle that let us know that Mary Bridge is working on ways we can affect the health of Pierce County. Bob Z. grabbed the mic again to give a very heavy hint about grant money. He suggested strongly that we look at other countries to send grant requests for a well in Kitsap County as they have dollars to spend that can come back to the United States.
I keep asking my boss if I can get a raise to, say, $8,000,000 a year so I can feel disrespected. So far it hasn’t worked.
We had a Blue Badge recipient at today’s meeting: Johnny Walker. Johnny confessed that his favorite thing about Rotary so far has been the Wreaths Across America event. Congratulations on getting your blue badge.
 Above: Various New Rotarians with their sponsors!
The introduction of new Rotarians followed. Doug Kernutt, Leanna Albrecht and Colleen Cook all became the world’s newest Rotarians – at least at that point in time.
President Gayle made an attempt to do some things from memory but….she ended up asking the audience for a “do over.” (After the meeting this scribe suggested to the Queen that she didn’t have to ask the audience’s permission as she is the President AND she has the mic). President Gayle then read the induction speech and got the 4 Way Test recited at the same time – nicely done.
Doug Kernutt is the interim Superintendent at Clover Park School District. He has been married to his wife Norma for 46 years and has returned to CPSD to help them out for a while.
Colleen Cook let us know that she is a mom first to her two boys. She has a husband of 20 years and has been a realtor for 20 years.
Leanna Albrecht is the Marketing Director for CPSD. She is looking to build friendships within the community and wants to share what CPSD is doing. Leanna has two children – a son and a daughter.
Welcome to Lakewood Rotary!
Tiara Time:
Break out the wallets\purses:
Anne Enquist was called upon to confess that she attended her class reunion in Roswell NM. She awarded President Gayle an Alien Pin from Roswell. The image on the pin was unidentifiable….
Joe Quinn was called upon to receive a fine because President Gayle missed him. Seems that Joe has been gone for three weeks (did anyone else miss him)? Mr. J. Quinn took a 3-week trip to I don’t know where (Lake Tahoe to see his niece, and the Roadster Romp) and offered to pay a $100.00 fine sometime down the road, but for now he used his get out of a fine card. Joe also promised that the Puffin Puppets are on their way.
Now that the Mariners’ season is over and baseball is winding down for the year, I think it only fitting that we get a couple more quotes from some legendary baseball figure. Here is one from Casey Stengel that I have always liked: “The secret of successful managing is to keep the five guys who hate you away from the four guys who haven't made up their minds.”
And here is one from Casey that should straighten out just about any assessment you will ever want to make: “Well, the fella I got on there is hitting pretty good and I know he can make that throw, and if he don't make it that other fella I got coming has shown me a lot, and if he can't I have my guy and I know what he can do. On the other hand, the guy's not around now. And, well, this guy may be able to do it against left-handers if my guy ain't strong enough. I know one of my guys is gonna do it.”
Above: Presenters Charlene Miseli and Barbara Perez
The program today was all about scouting. Our own Charlene Miseli, along with her partner at Scouting USA’s Pacific Harbors Council, Barbara Perez, gave us a rundown on what is happening in the Scouting world.
The Miseli\Perez show on scouting started with a short video that covered the recent changes in Boy Scouts of America. The message was mainly that girls were now allowed in Boy scouts. At the conclusion of the video all former Scouts were asked to stand and recite the Scout Oath. About half the room participated.
It was October of 2017 when it was announced that girls would be allowed into Boy Scouts. The start date was January of 2018. Some Councils jumped on board right away while others took a “wait and see” approach.
Our co-presenter Barb Perez’s daughter was evidently the first girl allowed in. I’m not sure if that was nationally or locally.
Boy Scouts of America changed their name to Scouting America. The scouting programs will be the same, however the boys and girls will be kept separate due to the different maturity levels between the sexes.
The presenters shared that money is raised through Annual Giving campaigns, community outreach, popcorn sales, legacy gifts, grant writing and special events. As with most organizations, volunteers make them great. There are some 4500 volunteers in the Pacific Harbors Council.
There is a huge Rotary connection to scouting. A few years back, James D. West, the first Boy Scout Executive met with a guy by the name of Paul Harris, and Rotary became a huge supporter of BSA.  Today there are some 45,000 Scouts being helped by Rotary in some way.
There was something mentioned during the program about Rotary 8 helping, but this reporter momentarily blanked out and can’t remember the particulars.
Thank you to our two presenters for getting us up to date as to what Scouting is doing. They kept the program lively and most everyone seemed to be awake.
If the last Casey Stengel quote sort of muddled your mind, perhaps this one will make more sense: “You look up and down the bench and you have to say to yourself, 'Can't anybody here play this game?' There comes a time in every man's life and I've had plenty of them.”
Anne Enquist won the raffle and a chance to pull out a red chip worth something like $1275.00.
The rest of us got lucky as the pot will be bigger next week. Anne pulled out a white chip and earned $5.00 for her efforts.
Note to the President – their r no speeling errorrs in the bulletine.
Melissa West from Village Reach will be talking to us on Oct 5th about Global Efforts in Accessing and Delivering Health Care.
I can feel the force sending a strong feeling that something is happening at Lakewood Rotary that hasn’t happened in a long time…….
Oh yes, read this bulletin and tell Greg Rediske so you can get a make-up. Also, do your online shopping at Amazon Smile so a portion of your purchase can be allocated to Lakewood Rotary.