Posted by Donn Irwin on Mar 03, 2018

This just in…..all correspondence between Lakewood Rotary Board members, while serving their term, will be absolutely private. No exceptions. No explanation. This resolution was passed by the current board in a 30-second meeting over the past weekend at the Original Donut Shop. They took their cue from the Washington State legislature……

Okay, back to our real business on Fridays at noon.
President Don got us going. Scott Buser gave the invocation. After the invoking is done we normally flow right into the Pledge of Allegiance……normal was different this time however. Our esteemed member, Terry Roarke, was to lead us in the Pledge….which he eventually did. Terry had a “senior moment’ but after some prompting (and good natured harassment) he got us going and we finished the job.
Making things happen today:
Meeting set up – Ward, Duncan, Rob, Bob and Troy; aka the Lakewood Rotary Five
Paul Harris table – Ward Fletcher
Drawing ticket sales AND Sergeant At Arms – Leon Titus. Good to see Leon.
Troy Wilcox – photography
Donn Irwin – reporting
Greeter – Alejandro Sanchez-Perez
Today, long time man of faith Billy Graham was laid to rest. May he rest in peace.
Rob Erb announced that we had zero guests. Greg Rediske introduced a couple of gentlemen from the Lakewood Baseball Club – Paul Nimmo and Jeff Scarlet. More on these two later.
It wasn’t a sunny Sunshine report that John Forkenbrock had the unfortunate duty to deliver. Former members Tom Swarner and Tom Dyer passed away. Joe Quinn added that Fora Acuff, wife of PP Sid Acuff, ’83-’84, also passed away. Vaughn Hoffman announced that brother Wynn was in the hospital fighting an infection after having a toe removed. Vaughn failed to mention that he had taken a fall as well.
Finally some good news – Ted Wier is home from the hospital.
Above: Lakewood Rotary Educator of the Month, Connor Merrill (our own Kim Prentice to his left)
Kimberly Prentice announced our Teacher of the Month – Connor Merrill. Connor is a standout teacher at Meriwether Elementary on JBLM and works for Leila Davis, Principal of Clover Park School’s Meriwether.
Connor was very appreciative of the recognition but was especially pleased by what his students were quoted as saying about him. Congratulations Connor!
Greg R. gave us all a brief history lesson about the club. The second event that Lakewood Rotary put on was an Old Timers Game. The proceeds of that event went to youth baseball. Today Greg presented a check for $1500.00 to…..youth baseball. Specifically to the two gentlemen he introduced earlier. They are on the Board of the Lakewood Baseball Club. Mr. Nimmo gave an acceptance talk, thanking us for the support and listing the many positive aspects of having youth participate in outside activities.
Bob Z coughed up $20.00 to announce an event being put on by the Pierce County Humane Society. It’s called “Going Back in Time” and, according to Bob,  they will have VERY strong drinks that were being consumed in the late 1880’s. I’m wondering if Ole remembers them.
 Larry Clark invited us to attend CPTC Foundation’s gala.
Greg R. was back in the limelight reminding everyone of the Boy Scout’s Breakfast this coming Wednesday, March 7th. Get hold of Greg if you want to attend.
Rick Selden is putting together a block of tickets for a tribute concert to honor Robert Musser as he retires from Tacoma Concert Band. Mr. Musser is the Founder, music director and conductor of TCB. Our own Morris Northcutt is a band member and will be one of two featured performers in a farewell concert put on by TCB members in honor of Mr. Musser. The event takes place Saturday, April 28, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. at the Pantages Theater. Contact Rick if you are interested in going.
In a moving ceremony, the Puffin was passed from Eric Warn to Alejandro Sanchez-Perez. The Puffin never changed expression but I believe I saw a sense of relief on Eric’s face while Alejandro looked a bit confused and a bit apprehensive. I mean, how many of us know the first thing about taking care of a Puffin? To my knowledge, Dr.-Spock-type books don’t exist for taking care of Puffins. We have to learn on our own. We wish you the best Alejandro.
In a lightning-like move, Eric Warn has already completed his red badge duties and was awarded a blue badge by President Don.
PE Gayle Selden announced that she just got back from attending PETS (where the innocent lambs that have volunteered, well elected, to be Rotary Club Presidents go to get trained up to deal with us). Gayle also noted the $1500.00 that we donated today and used that to segue into the Sportsmen’s Dinner by pointing out that our impact is money and the Dinner is how we raise it. Clever girl that Gayle. The Sportsmen’s Dinner and Auction is coming right up:
Sally Smith let us know that we have a complete assembly line team lined up for food prep during the District 5020 Conference. We will be putting together food for the homeless in Pierce County.
How about that Joe Quinn? I don’t know if you all realized it or not but Joe wrote 3 of the last 4 Keys. Thank you for stepping up and lending a helping hand. As always, they were well-written, thought provoking and full of vision…….well, they were fun to read anyway. J I was especially impressed by Joe’s ability to spell Punxsutawney Phil.
Citations (aka fines):
Terry Roarke vaguely remembered that he went to some Hawaiian island that starts with a K. He did remember to add $20.00 to President D’s fine coffers though.
Dave Betz shared that he was in Maui for 6 weeks. He also let us know he will be leaving for Africa on the 22nd along with his daughter. This is the safari he bought at last year’s dinner (the Sportsmen’s Dinner and Auction is on April 14th so get cracking on procurement, buy a ticket, volunteer and/or sponsor a table—it is going to be a blast:
He lamented that no one told him about the cost of GETTING there. According to Dave, the price of the safari itself is cheap compared to the total outlay. All that complaining notwithstanding, I’m betting he has the time of his life. Plus, he paid $100.00 for the right to address us – thank you Dave!
Above: Presenter, Mary Dodsworth
Past President Dave Coleman introduced our program – The Pavillion in the Park Update presented to us by Mary Dodsworth, City of Lakewood Parks and Recreation Director.
As most of us know, Dave has a deep understanding of this project as well as a much deeper understanding of how government works. According to Dave it is a sloooowwwww process.
Our speaker got right to it, letting us know that she has been a City of Lakewood employee for 17 years. She also mentioned that this project has had many names, starting I believe with Amphitheater.
Mary mentioned that Ft. Steilacoom Park gets one million visitors a year. She believes that 999,992 of them call her to let her know what they think…..
She gave an overview of what the new Pavilion will look like and pointed out its features.
For the park\pavilion, her power point listed:
Among their goals is to build a community venue. She noted that Lakewood is a destination for people and the more the park has to offer the better revenue generation for local businesses. They want to encourage visitors to stay for at least 4 hours or overnight. Providing a pavilion that has multiple use potential will help achieve that goal.
The vision is that the pavilion will be used for performances, special events, weddings and parties. The facility will have a big plus because, since it rains just a bit here, the ability to have a “plan B’ and go into an inside area is a tremendous selling point.
Mary noted that there are other things happening at the park. They have redone the trail around Waughop Lake, there are improvements in parking and safety with more improvements in the works.
The Lakewood City Council approved a company called Construction Inc to build the Pavillion and while announcing the winning bidder thanked Lakewood Rotary for our efforts in making this happen.
Thank you Mary for the update and congratulations Lakewood Rotary for once again making a difference.
The Foundation took in $444.00
Ed Shannon was the lucky winner of $5.00 in the drawing.
Johnnnnnnnnnnnnn, have you figured out who reads this stuff?
By the way: If you read this bulletin, inform Greg Rediske and it will count as attendance at a meeting. Also, if you do some online shopping, consider doing so on Amazon Smile because a portion of the money spent can be donated to Lakewood Rotary: