What a day we had yesterday for the  Rotary Regatta….3 boats cast off upon overcast skies with a hope of afternoon sunshine. The Lady Barbara, the Blanchard schooner

and the Korsmo cruiser. We rolled into Docton on Maurey Isalnd and headed up the walkway. Tom Crabill and Rick Selden awaited our arrival with tables of food and bbq’s a blazing. (Rick was having fun with the charcoal  lighter fluid). 24 in all, we enjoyed fellowship and a nice steak feed. Good job on the cooking.  The sun came out and warmed our bodies…a fun time was had by all.



Oh, yes…meeting day…my iphone voice recorder is set to record. Only to find out I deleted 58 minutes of today's notes with the simple push of a button. Darn those silly phones. I guess memory will have to serve me a purpose then.

Today's duties

Setup : Duncan Cook

Paul Harris desk : Steve Enquist ( took in $101.00 )

Sgt at Arms : Bill Price

Greeter: myself

Power point : Dave Reames

Photographer: Bob Zawilski

Invocation: Robert Peterson

Pledge: myself again…hmmmm Mark said something about holding 47 jobs ?

Guests of Rotarians to include Mary Horn and Janet Lordahl.

Visiting Rotarians Dave Harkness ( Tacoma South ) & Jeff Klein ( Rotary 8 )



Rotarian of the week was Jim Sharp.  Jim was born in El Paso, TX.  He went to school in Easter Oregon, here at TCC & Pierce College and finished up at U of W. He and his wife Brandee have 2 boys, 11 & 15.  He enjoys mountain biking and snow boarding. Jim has served on many Rotary boards and is currently our membership and fellowship director. As Fire Chief of West Pierce Fire and Rescue, he keeps a busy schedule.


Rose Stevens reported on the Ecuador project. The 1st field school is underway and the model is being used for demo’s. Many contacts have been established and the meeting with the LaMerced parish has generated much enthusiasm.


Today's sunshine report was by Rick Selden...filling in for daughter Gayle. Perhaps Gayle had too much fun in the sun yesterday at the regatta.

Good news…Bill Young is back in action and attended yesterday's fellowship.

Gordy Quick's shoulder is healing , his wife Juanita has been enjoying the peace and quiet.

Morris Nothcutt’s father passed…prayers got out to the family.


Bob Zawilski gave us an update on the Rotary Foundation. A couple of colorful slides showing us just where the money goes that we give. Both the Annual Fund and the Endowment Fund have what I understand as trickledown tubes. The District Designated Fund ( DDF ) and the World Fund ( WF ) have monies controlled by both the district and foundation trustees. Thank goodness for the color page that Bob placed on our tables…it helped me to understand just what's what.


   Some of the Regatta Group, chowing down.


Gordy Quick made a brief announcement about this month being “Vocational Month" and to look at the editorial page in this month's Rotary magazine.


Guest Rotarian Dave Harkness from Tacoma South  gave a brief announcement on their annual fundraiser.   Harkness furniture hosts the mini putt-putt indoor golf tournament . The event is Friday ,October 25th and starts at 5:30 PM. The cost is $50.00 per golfer and that includes $10 in script.  A live jazz band and food prepared by Joseppi’s Italian restaurant, it’s a fun time to be had by all. I’ve personally attended the last 2 years and along with my wife and family and have enjoyed a very fun evening. See the Tacoma South Club Runner for more details.


Speaking of Golf….Joe Quinn's golf outing extravaganza is just around the corner. If you're interested you need to respond "YES YES" by no later than Tuesday Oct 1st. Dinner is $30.00 with your choice of halibut or prime rib. There’s a few spaces still available so hurry and reserve your spot …Tee time is 1:30  Friday the 4th, 2013.


Ben Sclair reminded those interested in Monday Night Football to be at his house a little after 5. Miami vs New Orleans.


Wow…its time again for the Chris Kimball and Greg Horn show….featuring all those Rotarians with Birthdays, Anniversaries along with club anniversaries…whew…where do I start…here goes…

chris greg

July Birthdays

Ben Sclair , Eric Herbel , Rose Stevens , Lowell Johnson , Skip Stephan ,  Phil Eng , Sam Hunter , Judy Hosea , Denise Yochum , Cliff Rubert ,Jim Weinand , Cal Kushen , Bud Montgomery , John Walstrum

August Birthdays

Joanne Crane , Wynn Hoffman , Morris Northcutt , Jay Mayer , Debbie LeBeau , John Magnuson , John Lowney , Terry Roarke , Ted Weir

September Birthdays

Mike Block , Ward Fletcher ,Jan Luze , Clint Johnson , Jeff Greenwell , Cindy Thompson ,Greg Rediske ,Bob Zawilski , Mark Blanchard , Mike McGowan , Dave Coleman and Gayle Selden


Club Anniversaries


Don Daniels 4 years

Debbie LeBeau 5 years

Andrew Neiditz 8 years

Astrid Arola  , Mark Blanchard ,  Cliff Rubert 9 years

Woody Woodbury 12 years

Clint Johnson 18 years

Eris Herbel 22 years

Charles Heberle 24 years

Joe Quinn 26 years

Gary Fulton , Walt Richardson 29 years

Rick Selden 40 years

Ralph Johnson 51 years


Wedding Anniversaries

Ron Irwin to Liz 3 years

Jim Bisceglia to Carol 6 years

Andrew Neiditz to Marie 7 years

Jim Sharp to Brandee 16 years

Bill White to Debbie 17 years

Ben Sclair to  Deb 19 years

Don Daniels to Lisa , Tom Sadler to Sharon & Kris Peterson to Rosemary 20 years

Denise Yochum to Eric , Walt Richardson to Anne 21 years

John Korsmo Jr to Lisa 22 years

Michael Lewis to Karen, Greg Rediske to Sharon 24 years

Astrid Arola to Kent 29 years

Clint Johnson to Tami 30 years

Mark Blanchard to Joan , Greg Horn to Mary 37 years

Scott Buser to Kathy 38 years

Cliff Rubert to Renee, John Magnuson to Bonnie 39 years

Steve Enquist to Anne 40 years

Debbie LeBeau to Herb 42 years

Bob Zawilski to Marilyn 44 years

Wynn Hoffman to Margie, Rick Selden to Sharon & Paul Wulfestieg to Becky 45 yrs

Bill Price to Pat 48 years

Gary Fulton to Sheri , Mike McGowan to Wendy 49 years

Robert Peterson to Robyn 52 years

Sam Hunter to Sybil 56 years

Gordy Quick to Juanita 61 years


   Mike McGowan, contemplating the cost of his 50th Anniversary next year.....


Today's speaker was to be Helen McGovern from Emergency Food Network but she was called away on business. Filling in for her was Jeff Klein. Jeff has been with EFN for 5 years. He went to school in Baltimore and Connecticut and made mention  of a "humped back duck",  something about the number of humps on a camel.

EFN’s mission is "To provide Pierce County a consistent , diverse , and nutritious food supply so no person goes hungry." EFN produces, transports, stores  and supplies  food to 67 food banks, hot meal sites and shelters.  There’s a focus on reliability along with a diversity of different foods. They provide  fruits , vegetables , meats and dairy along with non food items, too.  EFN partners with NW Harvest to buy foods in bulk,  .i.e rice, oats and ground turkey. They get truckloads of potatoes and onions, too with many drivers donating their time and fuel. EFN is able to purchase $12 worth of food with every  $1 donated. Last year there were 1,861,602 visits to food banks in Pierce Co. Since 2008 their demand for food has gone up 67%. It's not just the poor that need help….it's not just the poor that need help..it's everyday people.  EFN has a couple of upcoming events, the Hunger walk Oct 6 2013 and Abundance Dinner & Auction Oct 26 2013.  

Rick Selden drew the white chip.


  Rick in happier times, before he drew white instead of red.  At Docton.