As meetings-run moves into double digits, President Mark - with cool confidence - rang the meeting bell to start the September 20, 2013 meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood. As always, a slew of fellow Rotarians served behind the scenes, in coordinated effort with a single goal, to make President Mark look good. They include:
  • The Rotary Foundation desk - Steven Enquist ($332 collected)
  • Sgt at Arms - Leon Titus
  • Bulletin - Ben Sclair
  • Photoghaper - Greg Rediske
  • Greeter - Rod Ladd
  • Pledge - Col. Andrew Hird, 62nd Operations Group Commander
  • Invocation - Bob Peterson
First order of business, after opening the meeting, was to award Ward Fletcher his $250 raffle winnings. Congratulations, Ward.

Guests of Rotarians (author apologizes for any misspellings) - 
  • Astrid Arola brought David Bakely 
  • Tommy Crabill was brought by Fae Crabill
  • Mary Moss introduced Sgt. Todd Levill and Alicia Hird (wife of Col. Andrew Hird - Friday's speaker)
  • Greg Rediske brought long-time friend Dr. Steve Pace
  • Dave Covey introduced Chuck Heller as a guest and potential Tacoma 8 transplant.

President Mark encouraged everyone who hasn't taken a turn at Rotarian of the Week (ROW) to contact him. ROW is a quick way for fellow attendees to learn more about you. Two minutes about who you are, where you are from, what you do (or did).

No Sunshine Report was offered as Gayle Selden was missing in action.

A meeting of the club's Board of Director's was held after Friday's club meeting. If you'd like to attend future Board meetings, plan for 1:35-3:00 pm on the third Friday of the month.
        All About Grants, beginning with the letter Z       

Recurring Feature: HOW THE CLUB WORKS, as presented by Past President Bob Zawilski...Lovely Rose Stevens, President Mark and Bob Zawilski recently attended a Rotary Foundation training seminar regarding changes taking place in the 2014-2015 year. A host of changes are coming, and currently underway, regarding grants from The Rotary Foundation.

The two types of Grants are District and Global. Both are entirely web based with a much tighter focus on what we can do. Next week Bob will review the easy part (giving the money), then discuss the basic definition of what constitutes humanitarian aid. (Preview: Areas of Focus).

If you haven't checked it out, please click through to the new website.
It is brighter, easier to navigate and more entertaining to read.

Presidential "Attaboy" to John Korsmo for standing up the club's Greeter committee.

The 2014 Reeder Roadster Romp will be run September 5-7 to Sun Mountain Lodge near Winthrop, Wash. The 2013 Romp saw 41 participants. Roadster is not required as everyone is welcome. Contact Phil Eng for more information.

The rehabilitation of our Playground at Ft. Steilacoom, scheduled for September 19-21, was canceled by the City of Lakewood. Seems the park had scheduled a huge Cross Country meet for the weekend and would not be able to close the playground... so, the rehab will be scheduled for April (hopefully). Stay tuned.

   Fae handles all the details for the Regatta, and explained it all perfectly on Friday.
The 340th annual Fellowship Regatta will take place Thursday, September 26. Twenty-two have signed up so far and RSVPs are needed by Tuesday, September 24. $15 per person buys you steak, salad and great fellowship.  Call Tom Crabill, 582-8687

Idlewild Elementary (formerly referred to as the Harvard Elementary of the Northwest) is working toward International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Year Programme certification. To help raise funds, the school is selling IB Bricks ($75 each). At this point, Mike McGowan took over the meeting by making a motion the club find funds to buy a couple of bricks in the name of Lakewood Rotary. The motion was seconded, not discussed, then approved in a span of about 3.5 seconds. 


  • John Lowney enjoyed golf in Couer D'Alene. When asked the extravagant cost of such a junket, Mr. Lowney replied, "I dunno, it was on IGAs nickel. But I heard it was $250 with caddy." Lowney continued, "I had $100 for a fine but I bought a shirt, then raffle tickets, so all I have left is $18." Much grumbling could be heard from the collected membership.


       Wearing his new expensive shirt, Mr. Lowney awaits judgment.

  • To prove the "fine" committee isn't exempt from said fines, Co-Chair John Magnuson paid $20 for Eng's taking Bonnie to lunch... in Hawaii.
  • John Korsmo's construction firm, Korsmo Construction, recently completed the renovation of Eastvold Hall at PLU. In his benevolence, finer Magnuson offered to waive any fine for the promoted project if Korsmo could tell us all the first name of the Eastvold the building was named for. John offered $50 and his first name is Seth.


    Ole acts with surprise at Korsmo's lack of an answer.  Or he's showing off his fine dental work.

  • Long-time Lakewood Water District Commissioner William W. Philip (44 years a commissioner) was recently honored by the District with a water tank dedicated in his name. Magnuson wanted to know "if anyone here is on the sewer commission?" It was noted Greg Rediske and John Korsmo (as current Commissioners) attended the dedication. When do we get to see Korsmo or Rediske water tanks? "In about 40 years."
  • Dave Covey already paid for grandson Briggs Lee. Once again feeling generous, Magnuson waived any further club compensation.
  • Phil Eng then completed the story of taking Bonnie Magnuson to lunch. Seems Bonnie was running late, so Phil and wife Judy, were forced to enjoy a beer, listen to live music while enjoying majestic views of the Pacific Ocean. What a pair of troopers Phil and Judy are.
  • Bud Montgormery reportedly caught fish on TWO coasts in a week - $20.
  • Rod Ladd - Went to Modesto, Calif. and attended a Modesto Rotary meeting. Rod noted that 40% of their 200 active members are women. $20.
  • Tommy and Fae Crabill went to London, Scotland, etc. $40.
  • Bob Lordahl drove to Kingman, Ariz. recently. Not sure how the math works, but Lordahl reportedly offered $1 per mile, then said, "Here's $40 dollars."
  • Overtaken with vanity, John Lowney stood up, told the membership he'd just borrowed $2 from Rod Ladd. He didn't want to be low-man on the fines for the week. So make note: Lowney - $20 = $18 cash + $2 unsecured loan.

Mary Moss introduced Col. Andrew Hird as our speaker. Hird is from Missouri, a 1991 graduate of the Air Force Academy, and currently 62nd Operations Group Commander at McChord Field at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM). 

Col. Hird briefed the club on the recently completed training exercise dubbed, TALISMAN SABER 2013. This joint (with Australia) bi-annual exercise happens in odd years in July. JBLM played a large role in this 7th Naval Fleet 'ready to fight' exercise. JBLM's portion of the exercise "Forced Entry via Strategic Airborne Insertion" of paratroopers from C-17s. 

In an attempt to summarize the 62nd Operations Group component: departing 10 minutes late from Elmendorf (Alaska), five C-17s rendezvoused with four KC-10 aerial refuelers over the Pacific Ocean in the middle of the night. After receiving the required fuel, the C-17s continued on to the Australian drop zone. 420 paratroopers were dropped, on target, 10 seconds late. One paratrooper suffered a back injury as a result of failing to drop his pack prior to landing. These words don't do justice to Col. Hird's briefing of the exercise.

Col. Hird answered a few questions then added his father is a Rotarian and he, as a student, enjoyed a Rotary Student Exchange. As he prepared for Friday's briefing he looked more deeply at Rotary and found the Air Force mantra of "Integrity. Service. Excellence" parallels that of Rotary (especially the four-way test) quite nicely. However, Col. Hird felt that "Service Trumps All."

He explained that it is  possible to conduct yourself with integrity and excellence and still hurt people. However, when truly serving others, a person will be more easily be forgiven if that service yields less than perfect integrity or excellence. Col. Hird's off-script remarks made for a wonderful send off for the meeting. Thank you Col. Hird.


Ward Fletcher held the winning ticket, but this author failed to see if the chip he pulled was White or Red.