Posted by Gayle Selden on Aug 02, 2019
      As Bill Potter made his way to the podium, most of us couldn’t hear the walk-up music played, but it was one of the best: Eye of the Tiger by the Band Survivor. Follow Survivor on Twitter at
     Bob Peterson shared the invocation and Bill White led us in the pledge.
     Bud Montgomery collected $599 at the Paul Harris Table. Barlow Buescher sold tickets at the desk and acted as the Sergeant at Arms.
     Bill then announced that he read the bulletin last week and how clever writer Greg Rediske was with his banker jokes. So, Bill told his own banker joke and totally forgot to announce the bulletin writer. Although the writer keeps forgetting she is not in charge anymore and keeps interrupting the meetings with her not-so-helpful help, so the slight was totally understood. Walt Richardson was announced as the photographer. I saw on Facebook some amazing photos he took in Glacier National Park. Follow wife Tanya on Facebook to see more of his work or follow Glacier National Park on Instagram
     Visiting Rotarians included Robin DuBin, Past President of the Emerald City (Seattle) Rotary and Mike Yoder of Passport Rotary.
     We had many guests around the room including supportive family for our World Affairs Students. From the Mo Sarram family we had son Ali Sarram; daughter Shahrzad Sarram and Granddaughter Ariana Sarram Rastani. From the Bill White family, we had wife Debbie White, mother in law Joan Swarner and sons Drew and Nolan. From the John Lowney (Jlo) fam we had wife, Pamela, Daughter Shelly and husband Vern Mills and Grandchildren Alex, Caulin and Callie.
Chris Kimball brought potential member David Swindale, and Visiting Rotarian and community member Stephan Michaud.
     Ward reported that Duncan had a tough day yesterday (Duncan’s words). While Duncan was trimming his hedges a neighbor dog jumped on him and he ended up shattering his hip joint. He had surgery Friday at St Clair and will be there for a hopefully short stay. You can check out videos from surgeries (not Duncan’s) on the Franciscan You Tube channel. 
     John Lowney reported that Ted Wier is back at St. Joe’s. He is suffering from an infection called ESBL. Information from the world wide web includes this fact sheet. ESBL is very resistant to antibiotics and Ted is currently in total quarantine (no visitors allowed). Please keep Ted in your thoughts and prayers.
     John Forkenbrock shared some great news—Sonia Martinez had a baby. I did some quick internet research and couldn’t find out the gender. But excited for Sonia and Kevin.
Visiting Rotarian, Mike Yoder, paid a fine for an advertisement for Associated Ministries’ family-friendly, Amazing Race style, homeless learning experience in Fort Steilacoom Park on Saturday, October 5th from 9-1. Check it out at . If you’re interested in learning more about homelessness and how you can help, this sounds like a great opportunity. Maybe a Lakewood Rotary team could get together to take part in this event.
     President Potter then asked for a show of hands to support a food repack project at Nourish August 21-22-23 (that is a Wednesday through Friday). He’ll bring more details later. Follow Nourish on Facebook
      The Floating Board Meeting is next Thursday August 8th. Bring your family and friends to join your Rotary friends at Holly Hedge Lane. We start the party at 4pm. Boat rides will abound, and an amazing Steak dinner will be served. Bring $20 to pay for the meal. Please refer to email from Phil Eng as to parking instructions. to RSVP. Thanks in advance to the Whalens, Mazoffs and Reameses for hosting us. If you live on Lake Steilacoom, contact Dave Reames for a water taxi. Want to learn more about Lake Steilacoom? This Wikipedia page knows almost as much as Greg Horn:
      The Courage is taking place Sat August 24th or 25th. 15 people are signed up to help at the Lakewood Rotary rest stop, but you are always welcome to join. Contact Phil Eng if you are coming. Can’t join us but still want to be involved? Check out the support website and pick a Rotary Rider to meet a fundraising goal for the ride!
      The Reeder Roadster Romp in Leavenworth has one room left. This is a drive where members take their Roadster cars or Honda Odysseys and take a group driving adventure. The dates are Sept 7-9th and the place is the sleeping Lady resort in Leavenworth. Let Phil Eng know if you want to take that last room! See the beautiful Sleeping Lady resort here:
      Bob Hammar announced the Rotary Store will be open August 23rd and 30th. If you want to buy some Lakewood Rotary gear, this time you can pay by Credit Card!
      August 17th is Beerstock in Orting. $35 to go and $30 goes to your Paul Harris account. There will be home brews aplenty plus tons of fun things to do. The event is held at the private Ski Park Lake. There is a three-hole golf course, a lake for swimming and lots of outdoor areas to explore. The Potter clan will be camping out there so join them! The website will give you directions and information about the site.
      President Potter then announced the Bank is Open. He lamented he had no prop to announce the time for fines. I guess someone else used a prop before Bill’s Presidency. I suggest Bill see Fae Crabill for suggestions.
      Bill called upon Steve Mazoff for traveling. Steve said something about better things coming, so today he only had 4 Irwins (that’s $20). John Lowney or Jlo, as known to his grandchildren, paid $100 as he was so proud of his wonderful family. Greg Horn gave an unknown amount to thank President Bill for the advice to use Puppies in his first Governor Elect video. Dog Thor and Grandson Asa are part of his first (of many) videos. PP Don Daniels paid ahead of time for being gone for the next couple weeks as he is going to Tahiti!  (Can’t wait to see his tan.) Eric Quinn had a Greenleaf ($20) as he and Johanah closed on a New house. Rob Erb paid for a 13-day Italian Cruise. He paid $50 to both the Foundation and the fine budget. Bill White is also super proud of the family and his upcoming 23rd wedding anniversary and paid $100, $50 of which should’ve been payable in the previous President’s year. Kim Prentice also went to Italy and visited Venice, Florence, Rome and Positano. She had a great time and visited absolutely no Rotary meetings. Fun summer by all.
      Mo Sarram introduced our speakers, this year’s World Affairs students. The World Affairs Seminar is held yearly at Carroll University in Wisconsin. The Seminar invites junior and senior high school students to intensely study a subject that will promote peace and understanding. Lakewood Rotary has made a tradition to send family members on this adventure. This year’s students were Ariana Rastani (Seattle Academy), Nolan White (Lakes) and Alex Mills (Lakes).
Above: Our World Affairs Students!
     Ariana, Nolan and Alex walked us through their time in Wisconsin. They experienced nine different keynote speakers and group work which culminated in a “Capstone” project presentation.
Each student worked on ways to use social media to solve a problem. Alex worked on an Instagram page on sexual harassment, focusing on connecting victims with each other and resources. Ariana worked to use social media, mainly Instagram, to increase awareness of the Sudan Crisis. Nolan’s project included a mock Instagram page that was interactive for the students there sharing positive messages to help curb suicide.
     They learned how movements are organized through social media, how social media is used for sex trafficking and how social media is used to make money. Social media’s impact on our culture is great. Some of social media’s impact is negative but Positivity is reigning as small movements gain traction and spread.
     The students gained friendships with students across the nations and world. People from Japan, Uganda, Trinidad and Tobago and Wisconsin got mentioned. They are keeping in touch via Instagram and Snapchat. The World Affairs Seminar is only one of the effective and efficient ways to connect across the country into the depths of the world.
These youths are an amazing part of our future. Thanks to Mo for making sure this program continues with Lakewood Rotary.
Lakewood Rotary does not currently have an Instagram, but it does have a Facebook. Follow us.
There is also a Facebook group for all District 5020 Rotarians which is a great place to interact, connect and learn from other members in our district.
     And as of 11:43 Friday evening there is a Facebook group just for Lakewood Rotarians and friends It’s a group where we can share information more privately with each other and have more interaction. I’ve been told to start one by Dick Muri for the last 280 years. Or at least two. Let’s see how social media will strengthen, grow and connect us.
Ward Fletcher won $5 at the Raffle.
Is Ole still reading this?
Gayle Selden
Past President, begrudgingly
Oh, yes: Read this bulletin and tell Greg Rediske so you can get a make-up for a missed meeting; and if you shop online, please do so at Amazon Smile so a portion of your purchase can be allocated to Lakewood Rotary.