The bell rang, the gong gonged and President Rose, fresh from her relaxing trip to upstate New York, got right to it. Immediate past prez Chris Kimball gave the invocation and Don Daniels followed up by leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
This week’s Rotary moment focused on what passes as Rotary in North Korea. It’s called The Korean Friendship Network of Rotarians. The organization consists of an informal network Rotarians, Rotaracters and like-minded humanitarians who wish to help “ordinary” North Koreans in need. The group was established in 2001. They partner with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and public service organizations (PSO’s) that serve the needy. The group helps Rotarians conduct service projects in DPRK in any sector but have zeroed in on three key needs: Energy Poverty, Malnutrition and Health & Hygiene.
The chief players in the Korean Friendship Network are Randal Eastman, PHF who is a Canadian based in Shanghai for more than 15 years. He has twice served as President of the Rotary Club of Shanghai and is currently Rotary International’s Special Representative to China. Dr. Maxx Urbani, PHF, an Italian Medical doctor; Tom Wilkinson, PHF – a Canadian Rotarian and Past-President of Charlolettetown Royalty and Past District Governor of district 7820 and  Dr. Winston Johnston, PHD – also a Charlolettetown Royalty Rotarian. The chief counterpart in North Korea to the above folks is Dr. Jong Sang Hun PhD who is, among many things, Vice-Secretary General, Korea Committee for the Promotion of International Trade.
Thank you President Rose for keeping us informed as to Rotary’s involvement all over the world.
The people that did the work to bring you this week’s extravaganza are:
Lighting and make-up…, er, meeting set up: Mr. Bob Hammar and Lowell Johnson.
Ward Fletcher was at the Paul Harris Table while Mark Edgecomb helped us with the drawing ticket sales. Tom Crabill was once again your Sergeant at Arms. The bulletin writer was Donn Irwin (uh, that would be me) and the man with the camera immortalizing folks in pixels was Eric Quinn.
Lakewood Rotarians welcomed a visiting Rotarian from a long ways away. Pauline Wantate joined us from the Sunrise Kampala club in Uganda. Welcome Pauline!
We had one guest today – Mo Sarram’s lovely wife Fereshteh joined us.
John Forkenbrock gave us the sad news that Mark Blanchard’s brother passed away. Our deepest sympathies to Mark and his family.
While John had the mic he announced that he was a good grandpa and paid a Greenleaf for the privilege to do so. (John might have jumped the gun a bit on the fine thing but 20 bucks is 20 bucks so Tom C. took the cash!).
The Pierce College Volleyball team made a presentation to us and pitched their upcoming season. Their home games are played at the Health Education Center – 9401 Farwest Dr SW. This season’s first game is on Sept 1st against Edmonds (at the HEC). They will celebrate their 50th anniversary on Oct. 7th at 7:00PM against their arch rivals, the Tacoma Titans.
Past President Greg Rediske called out Past President Chris Kimball for having his shoes off and his feet up on a chair. Greg called for a fine and current President Rose obliged him. Chris coughed up some $$. (We haven’t even gotten to the fine part of the meeting yet!).
Above: Three Paul Harris Fellows. Mo Sarram, Ed Shannon, and Jim Rooks
Steve Enquist was called forward as a representative of the Rotary Foundation to recognize more Paul Harris recipients. Steve announced that we currently have $993,819.00 that Lakewood Rotarians have given to the Foundation….that’s like almost a million dollars!!
Lakewood Rotary’s newest Paul Harris Fellows are: Ed Shannon – his 3rd. Mo Sarram – his 4th. Jim Rooks – his second. Congratulations and thank you to all three of you!
Barb Spriggs reminded us of the Rick King event. Here is what Joe Quinn wrote last week: “On September 10th, past RI President Rick King will be speaking at the McGavick Conference Center. Take 10 tickets from her and sell them to all who will listen and learn about the RI mission.”
Buy some tickets.
Ed Shannon needs volunteers for the Military Appreciation Committee.
Phil Eng reminded us about the floating “Board meeting” that happens this Thursday Aug. 25th.
Steve Mazoff invited everyone to the Monday Night Football event(s). He mentioned that Phil Eng will be sending out a notice to everyone.
Joe Quinn did kind of a save the date thing – Lakewood Rotary golf at the country Club on Sept. 30th. You can golf after the Rotary meeting and have pizza for dinner after. You don’t have to golf to go to the dinner.
It was a good day for fines (or a bad day depending on how you look at it…). As I mentioned earlier, we already had two folks paying fines before we got to this point in the meeting.
So……, President Rose announces that she has 8 minutes for fines and then proceeds to whine (J) for a minute and a half about having to pay a fine for her trip to New York…..
Scott Buser paid a fine for having surgery he hasn’t had yet. I mean Ron Irwin HAS to be shaking his head when he reads this, wondering how a guy will pay a fine for a torn meniscus in the first place, let alone AHEAD of the surgery.
Joan Strait paid some $$ for a cruise to Alaska that she took.
Chuck Hellar gave up a Greenleaf in honor of Phil Eng because Phil has coordinated so many events for the club (There goes Ron I. again – shaking his head).
Don Daniels then got up and gave up some bucks in order to give kudos to the Reames family for donating (buying) a work party, where Don, Steve Mazoff, John Lowney and Eric Quinn cleaned up Sally Saunders’s yard.
Steve Mazoff matched Chuck Hellar’s money for the Phil Eng thing.
Sally Smith pitched in some $$ so she could recognize Troy Wilcox for his efforts to improve the sound quality of our meetings.
Mick Johnson threw in some money so that Chris Kimball could get another Twinkie.
And finally….Gordy Quick honored Walt Richardson’s gambling prowess by paying a fine…
There must have been something in the water. I thought we were all going to start singing Kumbaya.
Above: From Left, speaker Susan Campbell, the back of Chris Kimball's head, and President Rose Stevens
Sally Smith introduced our speaker, Susan Campbell, of Safety Net Consulting. Susan is a retired claims representative for Social Security. Susan spoke about Social Security strategies and how they affect you and your retirement. Over the last 15 years, Social Security has been driving folks to sign up on line either to sign up for Social Security or to file a claim. Susan states that 90% of the claims made on the internet were disadvantages to the claimant. She stated that people are not sufficiently conversant in the law, nor the SS website. In her business Susan files the claims on behalf of her clients, and it appears that she knows the law and website.
Susan stated that the SS Administration’s “Vision 2025” Plan is that by the year 2025 the SS Administration will operate like the IRS (now there’s something to look forward to).
If you have questions about your SSI, Susan appears to be a good resource to go to.
Lakewood Rotarians added $638.00 to the Foundation – you guys are awesome.
After the bell rang the drawing took place. John Warner had the lucky ticket. There were 19 white and one red chip in the pouch. The pot is at $286.00. John drew a white chip. $5.00 – better than nothing!
In the immortal words of Ole Magnuson….who reads this stuff?
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