DISCLAIMER: We did not have a photographer at our April 14 meeting, so the bulletin editor has made an executive decision to use stock photos from meetings over the last two years. Enjoy. 
President Rose opened up the meeting right on time – whenever she rings the bell is the right time.
Barlow Buescher gave the Invocation and Mary Marlin quietly led us in the Pledge.
Our Rotary moment featured, of all things, OUR club…go figure. Rose cited numerous things from our glorious past. May I strongly suggest that you bring an extra $5.00 (or even $10.00) to Friday’s meeting and pick up a copy of Greg Rediske’s excellent history book on our great club. It will mention everything and much, much more that President Rose touched on in her remarks.
Quiz Time: Who are these people? You know these folks by other names. Their real names are given. Can you guess who they are? (Answers below and NO looking them up on the internet): 
1. Who is McKinley Morganfield?
The dynamic trio did the set up again –Duncan, Bob and Rob. Sally Smith was at the Auction table. Paul Harris = Leon Titus; drawing tickets = Barlow Buescher. who also played the trifecta and acted as Sargent at arms as well. Your “Key” writer = Donn Irwin and the photography = Casper the Friendly Ghost (hence the stock photos). 
Our only guest was Marie Neiditz. She was introduced by her husband, Andrew.
Sadly it was announced by John Forkenbrock in his Sunshine report that a former Lakewood member had passed away. I caught the last name – Wilson, but didn’t catch the first name. On a brighter note, John made sure that we all knew that GAYLE SELDEN is back!! Welcome back. It is good to see you back on your feet.
2. Who is Leslie Hornby….
Auction announcements: Eric Quinn stated his case very simply – make a choice. Either volunteer or don’t volunteer. Signup sheets were on the table. They are also online. Sign in to Clubrunner and VOLUNTEER. Chris Kring, er ….Kimball made it short and sweet as well…..BRING GUESTS. We need to fill the seats.
Chuck Hellar offered up that Lakewood Rotary has been mentioned in Emergency Food Network’s Annual Report for 3 different efforts in helping EFN this past year. Chuck’s comments were appreciated and segued right into an announcement about the Letter Carrier’s Stamp Out Hunger Food drive. The drive will take place on May 13th. We are looking to put one team together to help. I’m not sure who within the club is coordinating this but I’m sure that we will hear more about it.
If you haven’t sent in your reservations for the Foundation Gala please do so. We are going to reach out to other clubs so if you want tickets you should probably get them now.
Bob Peterson introduced the April Educator of the month, Erica Cox from Harrison Prep in Clover Park School District. (Bob also introduced the Principal at Harrison Prep, Kevin Rupprecht).
Above: Erica Cox, Lakewood Rotary Educator of the Month
Erica Cox has worked for Clover Park School District for six and a half years…all at Harrison Preparatory School. Words describing her are excellence, driven and quality.
Erica has been a tremendous teacher in the social studies department, leading the department through the implementation and integration of International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program and Diploma Program pedagogy and instructional practices.
This school year, Erica shifted roles and became Harrison Prep’s full-time International Baccalaureate coordinator. During her first year in this role, Erica successfully guided Harrison Prep through two accreditation program reviews— Advanced Education Accreditation and International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program. Her guidance and work with staff has grown as she leads and co-leads on-going professional development. She has also been mentoring five new teachers who have joined the Harrison Prep staff this year…all while serving as the department chair.
Congratulations Erica and thank you for your hard work and dedication.
Above: A former exchange student, Cristina (front middle), with various Rotarians and friends
A casual observation (or two): This falls under the category of brothers treating each other kindly. During the teacher presentation I noticed that Vaughn and Wynn Hoffman were sitting together. Vaughn has been walking with a cane – Wynn has not. Wynn unfolded his long frame from his chair, grabbed his brother’s coffee cup and poured his brother a fresh cup of coffee in a jester that seemed to say “I got you covered, bro."
The other thing that I noticed was – where is everybody?! I thought that the club members were all a bit older and didn’t have kids to worry about during spring break.
Next up came the fines or, as I like to think of this part of the program: Rose at her “FINEst”. (Groans allowed here)
Nicole Hancock made partner at her law firm – congratulations Nicole. She is the second female in the firm and second female to make partner…and it only cost her $100.00. In an act of sheer dictatorship President Rose fined Jim Sharp for not paying a fine lately!! Jim was kind enough to pay $50.00. Rob Erb confessed that he wasn’t at the club meeting when wedding anniversaries were announced so he paid a fine for being married to Vickie for 40 years and for his 19th or 20th grandchild (he can’t count accurately when the numbers get above 11). Don Daniels added $20.00 to President Rose’s coffers for going and finding some sun in Arizona. A stranger named Sam Hunter told us a tale of finishing a cabin the mountains, traveling with his wife to flower shows and finally getting a car he had ordered a year and half ago (a Mercedes Benz Wagon). Sam gave a Paul Harris Fellowship for his attention being drawn away from Rotary. Thank you Sam! Andy Neiditz proudly announced that 911 is now on a unified dispatch system and paid a dollar for every system that made up the unification. It cost him $41.00. Jan Gee stated that she went to Mesa AZ last week to dry out and warm up.
3. Who is Natasha Gurdin?
Mr Neiditz introduced our speaker, Federal Court Judge Ron Leighton.
 Judge Leighton went straight into it as he gave us a synopsis of his past and his career. He was first nominated by President George H W Bush to be a Federal Judge but that didn’t work out. Ten years later, President George W Bush called him. He finally made it to the Federal bench and has been serving there for 15 years.
The phrase “political chicanery” was mentioned by the good judge – this writer likes that phraseology very much. Here is a definition for chicanery: chicanery: actions or statements that trick people into believing something that is not true: deception or trickery.
During his talk, Judge Leighton expounded on the mess that is our Congress, complete with all of its divisiveness which has laid the foundation for the current use of the nuclear option. The judge made the point that the judicial system has been politicized in our current situation. It took a constitutional amendment to get the right for women to vote and to abolish slavery but only a 5-4 vote to impose morality and social change when it comes to things like bathroom selection and sexual orientation.
Above: Greg Rediske, Mr. Cool
Judge Leighton pointed out that, since the end of the Civil War, Executive Orders have grown to be the tool through which the President avoids the process of Congress making the decisions. Over time, Congress has acquiesced to the President rather than challenging the Executive Order process. This seems a bit contrary to what the Founding Fathers had in mind.
4. Who is Diane Belmont?
The drawing winner was Ward Fletcher. He drew a white chip for $5.00
The Foundation garnered an additional $417.00 from all of you generous people
Answers: 1. Muddy Waters; 2.Twiggy; 3. Natalie Wood; 4. Lucille Ball
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