President Rose Stevens started off her third or fourth meeting—she wasn't sure—with a Rotary Moment.  She said District 5340 in the San Diego area has a great program going.  They are running a UN program involving high school debates and international relations, as a model United Nations Conference, April 8-9, 2017 at the University of San Diego.
The Invocation was delivered well by Bob Hammar.  Dave Reames led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag.  Set up for this meeting was by Bob Hammar and Rob Erb, as it was reported that Duncan Cook (Mr. Rotary Setup) will be missing in action for a few weeks, because his wife Joan fell and fractured her hip so she will be convalescing for a while and Duncan needs to help out there.  Tom Crabill served as Sergeant-at-Arms and sold raffle tickets.  Nicole Hancock and her intern Cassidy were staffing the Paul Harris table, where $412.00 was collected today.  Writing this bull for the meeting is Joe Quinn and the official photographer today was Walt Richardson.  Rob Erb did a fine job introducing no Visiting Rotarians, but he did it with style.
Guests included Adam Lincoln, an Assistant City Manager here in Lakewood and Brent Champaco, the Communications Director.  Also, Mo Sarram introduced his wife Fereshteh and Donna Phillips introduced her husband Andy.  Sunshine notes included the unfortunate news that John Magnuson had eye surgery and I believe is going to have the other eye operated on too.  We on the Bulletin Committee are sad to report that John has said he cannot write the bulletin any longer (at least for a while), so a request is going out for Ole to tell some of us other writers some Sven and Ole stories so that we can include them in this rag in the future.  Who reads this stuff anyway, as John would say.  My father-in-law, by the name of Svend Husted, was quite a character so maybe I can take a crack at that in the future.
EARLY FINES:   Rose changed up the order on us a bit, levying some fines early in the meeting before we could even hear the announcements!  If you were at a recent meeting, you would have witnessed Gordy Quick awarding Rose the traditional "first zucchini of the season", which he has done for many Past Presidents.  Well she got even today, walking over to Gordy's formidable table with a bag full of something.  It turned out she pulled out of the bag, one after another, about four loaves of zucchini bread that she had baked with that gift and fined Gordy $20 for him to "buy back" the z-bread!  Then Mike McGowan got into the action, saying if Gordy would increase that to $40 he would match him.  Wow, then Rose got into the fray and the guys at that table starting eating the zucchini bread and it was complete chaos.... but when the smoke cleared methinks that somehow the helpful eaters John Warner and Jim Bisceglia also got fined $40 each.  I think that was how it went down.
Gayle Selden had passed on to us that our recent exchange student from Turkey, Selen,  who preceded our recent Italian guest Cristina, has been in touch since the turmoil or coup attempt in that country began.  Selen said it is "really a mess here" with planes and tanks nearby.  They are safe at home but following the news and the many explosions.  We pray for her safety and that of her family.
COURAGE CLASSIC:  Dave Covey reported that the virtual rider—Richard Simmons—is up to at least $2000 in fundraising efforts.  He said Phil Eng will head up the Nason Creek rest stop group again this year.  It is a lot of fun and the closest rest stop to Leavenworth on the entire route.  That is August 7th and 8th.  Richard is now apparently up to $3,000 someone else added and Joe Nunez—also supported by us as our rider—is up to $2,000.
RICK KING event:  See Barbara Spriggs for tickets. Information about the event is also posted on our Facebook page.
MILITARY APPRECIATION COMMITTEE: Ed Shannon said the committee will be meeting right after the Rotary meeting in two weeks.  So that would be after the August 5th meeting.
Gordy Quick got Mary Marlin up and they both talked about international fellowship and how important that is.  We have upcoming international fellowship exchanges going to Australia, New Zealand and then Russia.  Gordy told stories about his travels with his wife Juanita, such as to Thailand as a literacy volunteer, and he said when people get to know us they love Americans, even if when they started out they did not love America at all.
Another announcement from Cindi Niemi: OK Rotary Riders and Friends, it has been confirmed. Our NEW date for the Hub takeover (supporting the Courage Classic) is Thursday, July 28 (no longer July 27). We will be taking over the Hub and the Tap Room, both in the same building located at 203 Tacoma Ave. S, from 4:00 to 10:00 PM.
FINES:  Rose returned to her fine agenda and let on that she is looking for Phil Eng and Judy Hosea.  She did nail James Guerrero whose daughter Riley is a student now on the East Coast at Mount Holyoke (Massachusetts, right?).   Sounded like an IOU for $50.  Sally Smith confessed to some community service, as she was named to the Pierce County Citizens Advisory Board for Community Block Grants and also the Pierce County Housing Board as a Commissioner.  Another IOU for $50 I believe.  Our speaker today and LR member, John Caulfield confessed to a recent two week New England trip home, so he paid a small fine for time on Cape Cod, near Ted Danson's house.   Mary Marlin traveled to Spain and Portugal and then to Palm Springs.  She said she was learning to write (the rumor is she may be joining the Bulletin Committee) so paid $30.  Donna Phillips threw in some small change for a trip that included Aspen, San Francisco and Boulder, Colorado.  Bob Peterson offered up $20 for a recent trip he and his wife took up to Victoria and the Butchart Gardens.  Mayor Don Anderson coughed up $100 for his June birthday that was missed and also because he went to Oregon for the Olympic Trials in track and field.  Don also plugged the newly opened Nicklaus Nine at the American Lake Veterans Golf Course. Bring your discharge papers and you vets (I cannot find my DD214!!) can play this rare ADA-accessible golf course for free.  Bob Peterson's true friend Greg Rediske reported that Bob's son Chris Peterson also recently traveled to Barcelona so Bob paid $20 for that and said "Thanks Greg!"  And the Setup Committee in the person of Rob Erb noticed that a certain Sally Smith was missing her blue badge so her fine was upped to $75.  (We can see this Rose Stevens regime is going to be merciless and will have and use "stool pigeons".)  Great job sleuthing, you fellows.
THE PROGRAM:  Our program speaker today was City Manager John Caulfield, giving us the State of the City of Lakewood talk.  He called it the view from 10,000 feet.   This year is the 20th anniversary of the incorporation of the City of Lakewood.  Issues needing attention then were land use, public safety, and keeping our dollars here in Lakewood.  John said "we have accomplished the promises of incorporation." There was a big party in February.  In jest (we think) John said an argument can be made that Lakewood is the oldest community in Washington, because the Hudson's Bay Company put Lakewood on the map when it came here in 1833.  After all, Steilacoom was not incorporated until about 1848, so there you are.  Lakewood was really first.  John stressed all of the partners that the City works with, such as Lakewood Water District, Lakewood Fire (now West Pierce Fire  & Rescue), Clover Park School District, Clover Park Technical College, etc.  And he included the service clubs in that too with two Rotary International clubs here in our city, the Lakewood Lions and Kiwanis too.  Noting that Lakewood is a very diverse community, John set out the five goals of the City Council:
  1. Fiscal Responsibility
  2. Public Safety
  3. Economic Development (business retention and expansion)
  4. Dependable Infrastructure
  5. Transparency.
    John said that since 1996 there has been a 42% drop in the crime rate.  He talked about several homeless programs and at least one partnership with Greater Lakes Mental Health.  One developmental proposal  was news to some of us:  a Woodbrook Industrial Park is planned that  could ultimately mean 3500 new jobs.   John stressed the partnering with JBLM and said our Parks Department is getting very aggressive.  As part of the Legislative Agenda, it was noted that a goal is to obtain actual ownership of Fort Steilacoom Park, which now is owned by the State.  He said Denny Heck is working hard for Lakewood in Congress on that issue.  Finally, John also mentioned that JBLM is going to bring back the air show on August 27-28 so do not miss that.
    THE DRAWING:  Ron Adkins won, but only $5.
    SVEND STORY:  Poor old Svend, he never really quite got totally adjusted to life in America.  He said things like:  "Da toilet are busted" in that thick Danish accent.  And he never got used to those American superhighways either.  One day we were riding lazily along the West Side Highway with Svend going his usual 45 miles per hour in his little Nash Rambler when the speed limit was about 55 and all New York drivers (except him) were going about 60+.   One driver whipped by him on the left at the exact same time as another guy passed him on the right and Sven said (basically): "Vot da hell is goink on, the Democratics pass me on da lefft and the Republickers pass me on da right, so vot da heck does dat make me, a Communist or sometink?"  We tried to tell him he was just slow but it was a waste of time.  (Help Ole, we miss you on the Bulletink Committee.  Please get well soon. )