The bell rang early as the Lakewood Rotary Club once again had a jam-packed schedule.
              Above: Stuffed Food Bags from this last Saturday, December 12, at Emergency Food Network.
Bob Peterson gave the invocation. President Chris then reminded the membership at large of the correct protocol for stature during the National Anthem, which he then led us in whilst playing his drum.
The Rock n Roll quote for this week came from Huey Lewis and the News – one of my favs. If you learned  nothing else from the meeting, just remember that according to Mr. Lewis and his group, it’s “Hip to be Square". The song featured Pro Football Hall of Famers Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott singing backup vocals. I tell ya, the things you learn at Rotary!
A big thank you once again to our set up crew – Bob Hammar, Rob Erb, Duncan Cook and Lowell Johnson. Gary Fulton had the task of gathering in the Foundation dollars – and to the tune of $1164.00 this week!!! Nice job Lakewood Rotary.
Above: Not-so-Former Lakewood Rotarian, Rod Ladd, Stuffing Food Bags at EFN.
Virginia Hillyer sold us raffle tickets. Walt Richardson was the man with the camera and Donn Irwin (that would be moi) acted as your club reporter.
There were several visiting Rotarians introduced, but I lost track as things were moving quickly. Roger Gray, Andrea Mowad and Al Morrow of Olympia were names I managed to capture.
Guests included (1) Barlow Busher, a prospective member introduced by Greg Rediske; (2) Echo Curry, Area Director for South Pierce County Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs, introduced by none other than my fabulous sponsor – Judy Hosea; (3) Caroline Brady – the real power at CK Financial, introduced by Chris Kimball; and (4) last but not least, Cristina Coero-Borga – our amazing exchange student from Italy, was introduced by Gayle Selden.
                    Above: James Guerrero's daughter, Shay Guerrero, helping Lakewood Rotary out at EFN last Saturday. Thanks Shay!
John Forkenbrock gave us the poorly named “Sunshine” report. Keep Tom Sadler’s wife in your thoughts. She is battling cancer.
Above: Throngs of Volunteers giving their best at EFN
Cristina “from Italy”, as she introduced herself, put on a slide show of pictures and places that introduced us to her parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends and the region\city she comes from. The region is Piedmont, the Province is Cuneo and the City is Barge.
We loved the pictures of the vacation spots – Sestriere, Alassio and Isola d’ Elba (some guy named Bonaparte might know about that place). Cristina thanked us collectively for the “best experience of my life.”
PAY ATTENTION: After next week’s binge, er, meeting, there won’t be another meeting until  JANUARY 8th AND it will be at the ROTUNDA at CLOVER PARK.
Lakewood Rotary is less than $60,000.00 away from reaching the $1,000,000.00 donation mark to the Rotary International Foundation!! President Chris encourages us to “write the big checks”.
The District Training and Leadership Assembly will be held in Victoria, BC April 1-3, 2016. The 5020 District Conference will be held in beautiful downtown Olympia starting June 25th.
Above: A Pre-Stuffing Get-Together at Carr's Diner, prior to heading to EFN
Rob Erb announced that, for all of those participating in the EFN Bag stuffing event (which occurred the next day), there is a pre-stuffing get together at Carr’s Restaurant Saturday morning– be there at 7:00AM. The cost is $10.00 + tip for probably the biggest breakfast you’ve ever had.
Lakewood Rotary business:
Dave Coleman laid down the slate of proposed officers for next year:
President Elect – Andrew Neiditz
Secretary – Greg Rediske
Treasurer – Bill Potter
Board members: Sally Porter Smith, Janie Frasier, Clayton Denault, Larry Saunders, Virginia Hillyer.
Ballots will be available at the December 18th meeting. They are due back by 12\31\15.
Jim Rooks sponsored Rotary International and Lakewood’s newest member as of our meeting - Dr. Peter Marsh. Coincidentally he is also the newest Puffin. Peter is an infectious disease specialist born in Chicago and is an Indiana Hoosier grad. Peter claims to have had Mark Spitz as a roommate in college. Chuck Hellar will assign a mentor.
Jim Weinand paid a fine for a trip to Hawaii and for getting a new truck – as if he didn’t spend enough money already! What would his CPA think?
                                                                                  Above: Colonel Dave Rickert
Colonel Dave Rickert, President-Elect of the Rincon Rotary Club in Tucson, came from the warm south to help present the program. Dr. Jim Rooks introduced the program, “Bringing Heroes Home”,  about our Vietnam War MIA’s. Among other things we learned that there were actually 5 wars going on and that 2.5 million people died. Pretty grim stuff. The official end of the war was April 30th, 1975. There are still 1627 MIA’s still out there and all of them have their own stories. One MIA in particular, San D. Francisco, has a sister that wants him found and brought home. She has been actively trying to locate her brother back since the end of the war. Her name is Terri Francisco – Farrell. For more information on San and Terri go to
Above: Terri Franciso-Farrell
Rick Selden had the winning raffle ticket and drew for the $595.00 pot – he put in his thumb (and forefinger) and pulled out a….white chip. Not good for winning the big bucks but it did get him $5.00.