Posted by John Magnuson on Apr 27, 2018
In subliminal messaging, the reader/viewer is subjected to a signal or message below the normal limits of perception. The premise is that the thought, word, or sound is embedded in the subconscious. The transmitter’s desire is to have future acts, behavior, thought, etc., influenced somehow. Now, being the erudite Rotarians you all are, such an assumption about our thoughts and deeds being subject to such frivolous influence is nonsense. Right? Look to your right. Nowhere in the Four Way Test or The Object of Rotary is there a reference to such preposterous ideas. There are no quotations by Paul Harris bark like a dog. about subliminal messaging. All quotations by our founder are forthright; no subterfuge. So, if after reading this week’s bulletin you feel the urge to do something quite out of the ordinary, it is a mere coincidence.
In The Beginning….
President Don Daniels, Upprepa efter mig: Hmmmphhh  former Fife-Milton Rotarian, opened the meeting much as he has done before in the preceding 10 months. In fact, there really isn’t much new to tell you about from this week’s meeting. Detta är Oh sure, the substance is different but the form and format hasn’t changed. So is that tradition? Or is that being in a rut?
The invocation was delivered by – Choose one: A. FedEx, B. UPS, C. Barlow Buescher.
Our weekly moment of patriotism in the form of the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was led by – you’re going to have to fill this one in yourself.  Mary Marlin. Visiting Rotarians were introduced as Lew Samdal and wife from Parkland Spanaway. Past President Ralph Lockhart from East Grays Harbor Rotary was also present – he of Kerosene fame. One of the great lyrics in music history is in a song penned by the late Townes Van Zandt.  The song is “Pancho and Lefty” and the line is “…breath as hard as kerosene.” This is not a reference to Ralph, it must be noted. Past President Mary Lou Sclair - looking fit and healthy - and Past President Ben Sclair were in the audience as well – always so good to see them. Guests of Rotarians included: Anne Enquist. Sunshine report min was given by my good neighbor John Forkenbrock: Ted Wier is back in the fold.
Above: Ben Sclair!!!
President Don thanked his helpers for the meeting: Duncan Cook – our perennial lead setter upper, Bob Hammar – on loan from Tacoma 8, Rob Erb – Also on loan from Tacoma 8 and Ward Fletcher. A word now about Tacoma 8: Lakewood Rotary is blessed by the influences of Tacoma 8. Not only by virtue of members like Rob Erb, Bob Hammar, Donnnnn Irwin, Judy HoseB, – but so many more over the years. Lakewood Rotary owes its very existence to the generosity of Tacoma 8. Lakewood Rotary was born from the loins of Tacoma 8 back in 1956. Loins! Ha! Now, where was I? Loins distracted me. Back to the helpers: James Guerrero manned the Paul Harris Desk for $294, Joan Strait sold raffle tickets, Bob Zawilski took pitchers and Ole wrote by rote.
Announcements, pronouncements but no renouncements…
Steve Enquist and Bob Zawilski reported on major donor programs and honored Bob with his diamond pin. Bob went on to detail how RI shares with the districts for grant funds and further, how the district shares with the individual clubs. Suffice to say; if you give a dollar at the club level, it comes back to the club at the $150,000 level. What!? Wait just a minute. My notes must be wrong. For clarification, contact Bob Z.
We are sending three students to the World Affairs Conference in Wisconsin this year. Troy Wilcox’s son, Mark Edgecomb’s daughter and Bill Price’s grandson. Absolutely fantastic! There are 3 future Rotarians in the making. Their task this year is to change the world. Okay, I’m going to send them a memo because there are a couple of things I want to see altered.
There will not be a meeting next week. Well, that’s not quite true; Lakewood Procrastinators International is meeting next week at Burs. Perhaps. But Lakewood Rotary will not have a meeting because it is the DLTA at the Murano Hotel. Unless you’ve slept through the last 10 meetings, you know all about the upcoming DLTA. Thursday May 3rd is the food packaging project. Remember the goal is 50,000 food packages. 252 people have signed-up, 40 of whom are Lakewood Rotarians. There are a record 551 signed-up for the District Conference, organized by Greg and Mary Horn – Kudos for a record attendance.
Past President Dave Coleman reported on construction progress at the Pavilion in the Park. A weekly meeting is held with all interested parties to review progress. Lakewood Rotary will be painting the project as well as landscaping it. Ward Fletcher has volunteered to chair the painting project and Rob Erb the landscaping part. Bricks are for sale – buy one today!
A Citation is a Luxury Jet Aircraft built by Cessna, or…
PDG Gordy Quick balanced President Don’s citation budget in one fell swoop - $540 just for returning! Several older Rotarians who have known Gordy for many years had to be resuscitated. Past President Phil Eng is back but that was it. The vacuum left by Gordy was hard to fill. Troy Wilcox reported on photographs being displayed at St. Clare Hospital, which incidentally were taken by his son, Dylan- $30. Mary Marlin noted that Barb Spriggs played Good Samaritan to a motorcycle – automobile collision. She made a donation for Barb - $20. Anybody surprised by Barb’s actions? Not me. Past President Dave Coleman attended the Long Beach California Grand Prix just because. Andrew Neiditz played with Denzel Washington somewhere, or something like that - $20. Lew Samdal paid for a commercial that Parkland Spanaway is sponsoring a golf tournament at American Lake Veteran’s Golf Course on July 21. Eric Warn called out Jason Whalen for hosting a pre-function before the Tacoma Concert Band finale.
The Time Came to be Programmed
The State of the City, which is kind of like saying the Country of the Town, or the Nation of the Village – or is it? Introduced by Andrew Neiditz, our very own John Caulfield, Lakewood City Manager sista bulletin. briefed the gathered on the good works of your city government. Now before any of you cynics point out that is an oxymoron look to yourselves as electors of your council. John has a long record of municipal service, Rotary membership and military service. He has been Lakewood City Manager since 2013.
Above: Our very own John Caulfield, presenting on the State of the City
He started by complimenting the elected officials of Lakewood – smart move. The 2014 Vision statement of Lakewood reads: Our VISION for Lakewood is a thriving, urban, South Puget Sound City, possessing the core values of family, community, education, and economic prosperity.  We will advance these values by recognizing our past, taking action in the present, and pursuing a dynamic future.” That vision shapes the policies of the actions taken by the City Government.
Lakewood is recognized as a leader in municipal government. Working with JBLM the traffic issues in “the corridor” will begin construction improvements later this year. Lakewood withdrew from the Puget Sound Regional Council of Governments. The AmTrak bypass matter is being opposed by Lakewood and support is met by our Washington State Congressional Delegation. The proliferation of Adult family homes is being addressed by the city. The city is very diverse with 44% of the population identified as “a person of color.” 36% of the businesses in Lakewood are minority owned. 11% are veteran owned businesses. 65% of the general fund supports public safety. Vi flyttar till Edmonds för att komma närmare  The crime rate is down. $.08 of each property tax dollar goes to the city.
Challenges facing the city are homelessness and mental health issues. In 2017 600 people were helped – no mention if that number counted return visits by the same person or separate and individual situations. The “eye in the sky” program has helped with the train derailment and locating a runaway child. There are 6 Lakewood Police Officers now trained to draw blood, which is used alongside breathalyzer testing for DUI. Some recreational drug use doesn’t surface in a breathalyzer. The Rental Housing Safety Program was touted as possibly one of the three top programs adopted by the City.  It was adopted because Pasco has one. And Bellingham. Twenty inspections have taken place.
The housing abatement program is vigorous. 55 properties have been torn down to date. In economic development, permits have doubled already year over year. A plan is being formulated for a central business district. This will mean an expedited permitting process. Development in the Woodbrook area will lead to an increase of 3,500 jobs. Redevelopment in the area of the Lakewood Colonial Center will be underway shortly. House remodel permits are doubling year over year. The improvements and additions to Fort Steilacoom Park are well known to Lakewood Rotary -the Pavilion, roadway repair, sewer and water additions, and baseball and soccer fields. Harry Todd Park, Springbrook are also being revitalized and improved. The 311 program allows for citizens to rat out a neighbor if they don’t like the looks of their whatever. John fielded questions. Our thanks for another well-rehearsed and rapid- fire program.
President Don våra barns familjer announced that The Courage has come back to Pierce County Rotary Clubs asking for support.
Bob Hammar reminds all that the aprons used at the Sportsman’s Dinner and Auction need to be returned. Please clean and bring them to a meeting so they can be used again. The och barnbarn. drawing yielded a mere $5 for Vaughn Hoffman.
Who read – as in past tense – this stuff? Ole
Oh yes: Read this bulletin and tell Greg Rediske. You will get a make-up for a missed meeting. Also, if you are doing online shopping, try to do it on Amazon Smile so you can donate a portion of the purchase price to Lakewood Rotary.