Years of being a “time-Nazi” and never being late has caused me a lot of angst this week when our ever vigilant Club Secretary politely asked if I had sent the weekly bulletin to the wrong person for distribution.  I humbly confess….I forgot to submit it at all.  Tsk tsk tsk….woe is me.  Hoseb
President Rose….my $5 confession will be in the coffers this week…early!
The invocation was delivered by PP Chris Kimball and the Pledge by Bob Peterson.
Rose’s Rotary Moment was about District 3292 in Nepal/Bhutan.  Keshav Kunwar DG 15-16 shared the significant achievements of the District upon leaving office at the Thanksgiving program, declaring the membership as a “gift to the world”.
               27 Charter Members of one club contributed $1,186,000 to the Rotary Foundation                              627 New Members throughout the District
               14 New Clubs
When a lot of the Rotary Clubs in the Western World are stagnant or in decline, the growth in the third world is incredible.
The question Rose posed to the Club:  Who was the first Arch Klumph Society Member, donating $25,000 to the Rotary Foundation?  Dr. Roop Joyti. 
Bob Hammar and Duncan Cook were thanked for setting up for the meeting.  Chuck Hellar manned the Paul Harris Desk, collecting $414 for the Foundation.  Mary Marlin handled the Raffle Ticket Sales as well as Richard King Ticket Sales.  Bob Zawilski was the Photographer and Tom Crabill was Sgt. At Arms.
As there were no visiting Rotarians, President Rose moved into the introduction of guests.  Chief Mike Zaro introduced daughter, Makayla.  Faye Crabill was introduced by husband, Tom.
Sunshine came softly….John Forkenbrock told us that Ron Adkins was undergoing surgery for bladder cancer.  Also, Ted Wier survived a move….and is still married.
There were dues to pay….so Bill Potter asked for the club to approve Rotary International dues in the amount of $4,700.  He also reported that there was a gift going to provide “seed money” for the new Tacoma Passport Club, as is customary when a new Club is formed.
Donn Irwin headed up the recent “Culture Vulture” event to the Tacoma Little Theater, which was a big success.  The next event is a Steve Martin play called “The Underpants”, based on a German farce called Die Hose.  It will take place on September 24th and be a matinee.  Ticket prices (TBA) will include Hors d’ Oeuvres and beverages.  Proceeds to benefit Fish Food Banks and the Outbound Exchange Students.
Clayton, catching flies or announcing our need for host families.
Our South Korean exchange student Jinn Park (sp?) will be arriving soon.  We need host families.  Please contact Gayle Selden or Clayton DeNault.
John Shaffer pays for the blue badge. Rose happily accepts.
Clayton also wanted to thank Rick Selden, Lowell Johnson, Tommy Crabill, Sonia Sanchez-Ramos Martinez and others who participated in their playground build.  I apologize for missing some of the names.
Mike paying for the honor of having such a lovely and talented daughter, who seems happy someone else gets him to open his wallet besides her.
Makayla Zaro stepped before the Club and reported on her recent trip to the World Affairs Conference.  Our Rotary Club underwrote the cost for her to attend.  She had a life-changing experienced.  Interested in environmental issues, the theme of this year’s conference, she had the opportunity to hear a variety of incredible world stage speakers and meet teens from across the globe.  She said she has made life-long friendships and is so grateful for the experience.  What a great ambassador from our local youth.
PP Chris Kimball paid for a trip to Nashville.  (Chris will always be more inclined to attend a conference if it is in the music capital of the US).  He came back with lots of SWAG for President Rose, including car shaped cookies, a harmonica and a special “Grow A Cowboy” project.  (All you add is water…supposedly.)
Judy with her check (feel free to download and frame for your personal collection, Judy)
Judy Hosea paid for her missed birthday, selling her house in a day, buying a one ton truck and driving to Michigan to pick up her new 5th Wheel…3901 Sanibel.  She is now discovering that you cannot fit a 2,500 sq. ft. home into a 400 sq. ft. RV….even with very careful stacking.  YIKES.
There was a Facebook posting that told of Virginia Hillyer’s move to Oregon.  We were all surprised!
She was present to refute most of it.  She is still living here, but has accepted a temporary job in Hood River. 
Rose asked Chief Zaro how proud he was of Makala…$10.  PE Andrew Neiditz of South Sound 911, thanked Mike Zaro and Jim Sharp for their leadership.  The organization has signed the paperwork to locate their new offices on 5 ½ acres on the former site of Puget Sound Hospital.  This follows a long search for a location.  Congratulations Andrew!
Our Program – Robert Weyrick – NETWORK TACOMA**
**Robert was recently received our Community Service Award (including a Paul Harris Fellowship)
    at our Annual Installation Banquet.
Robert started NETWORK Tacoma in 1979;  PP Chris Kimball was on their board for over 20 years.
What do they do:
  • Help homeless children, with struggling parents
  • Lead to stability through friendship, mentors, accountability
  • Since 1990 – nearly 1600 families have been helped, plus 300 additional with food, cars, clothing
  • Crisis intervention
  • Transitional housing (18-24 months) (72nd & Golden Givens $100-475/Monthly)
  • Permanent low-income housing (Units are in Springbrook)
    NETWORK doesn’t do it for the money.  The progression looks like this:
  • Crisis intervention
  • Transitional housing
  • Permanent low-income housing
  • Purchase stable home
Welfare creates dependency.  NETWORK Tacoma creates interdependency and stability.
Rose closed the meeting with the ringing of the bell.  Then asked Robert to draw the ticket.
I am trying for the life of me, to remember who had the winning raffle ticket.  I can see  them walking forward…hesitating and drawing the white chip.  I am going to guess that it was Walt Richardson.  J  Sorry Walt….$5.  Sorry if it wasn’t Walt….another $5.
Feeling like a jellyfish….HOSEB