Posted by Mary Marlin on Oct 11, 2019
       Who knew the weekly Lakewood Rotary meeting would encourage members to dance?   Although no one actually did, there were several who were moving about as the music from Taking Care of Business (encouraged by our esteemed president, Bill Potter) resonated, encouraged and grabbed attention to all who were present.  Yes.....we were soon to be taking care of business!!
        Bill called the meeting to order, welcoming all guests, and asked Jan Gee for her thought for the day.  With that, the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Paula Olson and Bill then thanked  the set up crew of Duncan Cook, Bob Hammar, Ward Fletcher, Rob Erb, Troy Wilcox, Terry Roarke, Bob Cammarano and Lowell Johnson.  Leon Titus was at the Paul Harris Table ($934 today!), Mark Edgecomb did Ticket Sales, Phil Eng was Photographer and Mary Marlin was Bulletin Writer.  Mark Edgecomb quickly scurried to introduce visiting Rotarians, Mike Batt and Steve Harkness from Tacoma South.  John Forkenbrock reminded us that Ted Wier is at Tobey Jones. All cards are appreciated.
    Above: Our good friend, Steve Harkness
  Bill then mentioned that he was impressed that the 100th Nobel Peace Prize was just awarded to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed. He has helped end the war that Ethiopia has had with Eritrea for 20 years. Alfred Nobel wrote in his will in 1895 that the award should go to "the person who has done the most or best to advance fellowship among nations, the abolition or reduction of standing armies, and the establishment and promotion of peace congresses."  (Sounds much like the Rotary goals......don't you think? We may be next!) Addressing the need to encourage and educate new members about Rotary activities, Bill suggested members be in touch with new members....Gary Barton, Shalom Aburu, Julie White, David Swindall, and really welcome them to join committees and enjoy the events scheduled.  Steve Harkness, a well known member of  Tacoma South then genuinely thanked Lakewood Rotary members for all the help they have been to many events Tacoma South has had. Tacoma South has 23 members and has raised $1million through their golf tournament that is held every year. With Tom Sadler, the godfather to Tacoma South, the two clubs have had a "symbiotic" relationship for years. The South club also is working with the Housing Authority of Pierce County to address the lack of beds for women needing assistance, so 100 beds are being donated as well as money to build more room at  the Rescue Mission for women to feel safe.  The Tacoma South 23rd Annual mini golf tournament on October 25th from 5 to 8:30 will assist in sponsoring the needed space.  Steve invited all Rotarians to join them at this fun event.  The Handicap Ramp is the Signature Hole and leads directly to the bar.  Now there's some inspiration right there! Rotary South even donated $100 gift certificate for our next auction and Steve thanked us for making our community a better place. 
      Steve Enquist then mentioned the importance of supporting the efforts to eradicate polio by donating to the Polio Plus event on Thursday, October 24th. You can not only help the polio foundation but if you buy a pizza at Dominoes at 10112 Bridgeport Way on Thursday, the 24th, 20% of the gross sales of the day will be donated to Rotary's Polio Plus!!We will also be looking for money for the Gates Foundation.  Who doesn't love pizza and helping others at the same time?!  Put this on your schedule. Delivery works too...… 253-581-3531!! Oh, and Mary Horn will be happy to take money too. Steve Enquist also suggested that donations to Polio Plus can be made at the Foundation Desk and $100 can be specified for Polio Plus.  Steve will take care of transfers.  Mark Edgecomb mentioned that those who have been working out can prove their worth by helping with the Clover Park Game Project on Saturday to lift rocks, building fences and making it all work.  Bob Hammar has all vests and clothing that was purchased previously ready to be picked up. 
       John Lowney admitted he wore special boots to make him look as tall as Bill, but, didn't work. However, he did read a sweet letter from Mike McGowan's wife, Wendy, that reminded us all that Mike "valued hard work, education and family." He eagerly chaired committees such as Next Step and the Foundation and reminded us to remember "This is the beginning of  a new day. Waste it or be of service!"  Wise words from a sorely missed member.  Thank you, John...and Wendy, for sharing.  Andrew Kruse then invited members to participate in Career Day on November 23rd. More info later.  Gayle is looking for available, intelligent, interesting, eager, organized new presidents and board members.  (my adjectives)! Gordy Quick then "quickly" asked what the pay was.  Rather than wait too long for pensive possibilities, Gayle set us up for the EFN Break Bags to assist students when they are not at school. We can do this!!!
       And we have to celebrate birthdays! Charlie Hyde...Oct. 4, Barb Spriggs...Oct.5, Tom Sadler...Oct.17, Gordy Quick...Oct. 25, Mary Horn...Oct. 29, and Mike Zaro...Oct. 30.  Anniversary dates are:  Colleen Cook and Craig...18 years.  Dave Reames and Barbara...18 years.  John Lowney and Pam...20 years.  And Skip Stephan and Jeannine...49 years!!!
Membership of 2 years...Charlene Miseli/ 9 years....Rose Stephens/10 years...Ed Shannon/19 years...Duncan Cook/ 22years...Bob Zawilski/27years...Scott Buser/28years...Ted Wier/31 years...Skip Stephan/37years...GREG REDISKE!!  Congratulations to all of you!!  You set the standards!!!
       Leanna Albrecht then introduced the Educator of the Month, Lindsay Callahan, an upbeat and positive kindergarten teacher at Evergreen Elementary School at JBLM. She has helped make connections with new hires, and support their start at Evergreen. Lindsay came to WA from Arizona and earned her Bachelor's degree from Northern Arizona University.  She is in her eighth year of teaching and has taken on the leadership role willingly.  Her husband and two children support her efforts and she wanted to thank the staff at Evergreen. Bill assured her the money given to her was for her enjoyment as she warmly thanked the club for their generosity.
Above: Lakewood Rotary Educator of the Month, Lindsay Callahan (middle)
        Then...…….TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS...…...MUSIC RETURNS.....
         The auction chairs, Nicole Hancock and Eric Quinn, are at the podium.  Attention required because this is the first time we have introduced the need to organize this early.  There is a reason. The smarter you work, the better the result!  The history of the Sportsmen's Dinner was amazing in its day. No women. Wild game. Gravy over rice. Shot-filled pheasant. Mega drinking. Money lost. So...….things needed to change. (Really?) Now we can boast of delicious food, women in leadership positions, $110,000 made last year ….but still a bit of drinking. Chris Kimball said we are getting better and better so keep up the good work!! Gayle mentioned that last year the Partners contributed substantially to the auction and we sponsored the Nourish charity well too.  So this year the tickets may be $75. And this will be our 50th Annual Sportsmen Dinner and Auction!!! So then the ACTION.....UH, AUCTION....began. 
        The new list of committees for the auction were given out and tables for each team were assigned.  Things to think about were:
  1.  Ticket Sales...…make it major! Sponsor table. Get the word out.
  2.  Think of a collective team item....trip, events, dinners for several etc.
  3.  Corporate sponsorships...….check it out.
  4. Team clever.
  5.  Live Auction....what do people want? What has been successful in the past?
  6.  Theme for the auction.....50th Annual Sportsmen's Dinner and Auction! (or something different?)
  7. Food to be served/entertainment/what are you willing to spend?
So these are some things to think about.  And the chatting became more electric as the meeting was adjourned.
As for the drawing, Jim Bisceglia drew the white chip for $5.
Till next time...…..yours truly, Mary Marlin
Oh yes, if you read this bulletin, tell Greg Rediske to get a make-up for a missed meeting; if you shop online, please do so on Amazon Smile so a portion of your purchase can be allocated to Lakewood Rotary.