Rotary….we drafted you!  You are on the team! Teamwork began today with my table….Gayle Selden, Wynn and Vaughn Hoffman, Dr. Peter Marsh, Bill Allen, Bob Peterson, Donna Phillips and yours truly.  I saw demonstrations of leadership (reaching for the flyers on the table), and cooperation (pass the salt), camaraderie (slap on the back) and sharing (I’ll show you my dog picture if you show me yours). 
This wasn’t unique to our table….it was going on throughout the room….with one noticeable exception….the Selden, Rediske, Lowney, Magnuson (etc) table was empty and devoid of humanity.  No one ventured there, or disrupted the sanctity of the table….
Where are our friends?  There was a void in our room.  No one mentioned it, but it was noticed by your scribe…an empty place where last week there were wisecracks and sarcasm.  I predict many, and large, fines from our President who is “far behind” on fine collection and remiss to challenge the privileged few who found themselves in “another state” of mind.
So, for those of us gathered, we rallied!  We are the “team of the week”.
PP Mick Johnson blessed our gathering with the invocation.  President Chris, accompanied by YouTube, pumped up the volume and delivered a most patriotic rendition of the National Anthem…with gusto.
The Rock n’ Roll Quote of the Day:  “Make the best of things, it’s an uphill climb!” 
Did you identify it?  Do you remember it began with a three hour tour?  Of course….the theme song from “Gilligan’s Island”….which is not where the missing Rotarians went.
Rob Erb, Duncan Cook and somebody else….maybe Tom Crabill, set up for the meeting.  James Guerrero took over the Paul Harris Desk from Gary Fulton and Mike McGowan.  Tommy Crabill was raffle ticket sales and Sergeant at Arms.  Judy Hosea womaned the Sportsman’s Dinner & Auction activity table.  Hoseb filled in on Bulletin duties as Gayle had, once again, just returned from another trip….in the year of her attempting a new Selden record on the million airline mile club.
Above: Dan Livingston introducing his daughter, Addison
Guests of Rotarians began and ended with Dan Livingston having Addison Livingston introduce herself and her Oscar-esque Girl Scout Cookie Sale.  She sold cookies and collected cash donations to pay for cookies the troop would send to soldiers overseas.  If I heard right, she just edged out the efforts Girl Scouts had at the Oscar Gala last Sunday, collecting over $65,000 from attendees.  Is that right, Dan?
The Spotlight on a Rotarian landed on Don Daniels.  Don is Shelton-born and Puyallup-raised, and a Rogers High School graduate, some time in the 1970’s.  He married and raised children, and then moved himself to Lakewood 25 years ago.  He remarried and together, with his wife, has 3 boys and 3 girls, and calls his family The Brady Bunch.  I missed the number, but it could have been 18 grandchildren between 3-14 years of age.
For the past 31 years, Don has worked with businesses, cities and counties with “safety solutions”.  This includes products, service programs and trainings.
Don's hobbies include family and grandkids, travelling, yard and golf.  He has been involved with Rotary for many years and is a Past President of Fife-Milton.  He was a member there, but also credits service in that Club for really turning him into “a Rotarian”.  He loves Rotary and what it stands for through “Service above Self”.  He has visited other clubs in 18 states and 18 international Clubs.  He has visited 20 clubs in Washington.
President Chris encouraged other members to call Caroline in his office and she would schedule your opportunity to have the Rotary Spotlight shine on you!
When called on for the Sunshine Report, John Forkenbrock announced that there was no news!  Nada!
Announcements:  Road weary….but rather suntanned, Gayle Selden stepped up!
Sportsman’s Dinner & Auction Results:  (As of Wednesday – March 2nd)
                FORFATTER (Team #4) – Greg Rediske, Captain                  $10,146
                                Rediske, Adkins, Hosea, Magnuson,
                                Quinn E, Richardson, Zawilski participating.
                NAME – TBD (Team #3) – John Lowney, Captain                                $ 7,560
                                Horn, Lowney, Heller & Kimball participating.
                BIG GAME HUNTERS (Team #2) Joe Quinn, Captain          $ 3,627
                                Quinn J, Anderson D, Marsh, Mazoff,
                                Selden G, Selden R, Wier participating
                NAME – TBD (Team #6)  Captain – TBD                                   $ 2,165
                                Covelli-Johnson, Guerrero, Heberle,
                                Johnson M, Montgomery participating
                NAME – TBD (Team #5)  Captain – TBD                                   $ 2,125
                                Hammer, Sharp, Stevens participating
                ELMER FUDD (Team #1)  Captain – TBD                                  $ 2,038
                                Allen, Buser, DeNault participating
                NAME – TBD (Team #7)  Captain – TBD                                   $ 1,344
                                Lordahl, Simmons participating 
31 Members have turned in something at this point and we have raised a total of $ 29,005 in value for
114 actual items.  This is a combination of physical items, services and gift certificates.  Keep them coming!  We need approximately 300 to raise $100,000.  Don’t stop or slow down now!
Several additional items were turned in at the meeting today…..but in that stack, only two more Rotarians will be added to the above list.  The rest came from Rotarians who are already on the list above.  It will help us all if you do not wait until the April 1st deadline, but get your procurement done in the next couple weeks.  The Committee, Gayle and Judy are available to assist if you have questions.
Gayle reported that everything is going well, due to the teamwork exhibited by many.  Some teams have met, Rotarians are working together to provide services or items.  (By the way….credit is evenly split when more than one Rotarian works on a package).  
Tickets are available online!  Go to and buy your tickets….or see Janie Frasier at the meetings.  We need complete guest contact information:  Names, Addresses, Phone and Email.
Make things a little easier on our registration committee!  Provide the information pleeeeeeeeaaaaase!
 April 1-3, 2016
The Marriott Victoria Inner Harbour is now booked to capacity for DLTA 2016 week. We have negotiated overflow rooms at the Hilton, just across the street and room rate is $149. Please email Janie Wong, at Doubletree Hilton to book your rooms: 
 DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Suites Victoria
 777 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC, V8W 2B5
- See more at:
June 19-21
Olympia WA.  Visit
President Chris presented a video which began with Lakewood Rotarian, Will Moncrease (on sabbatical currently due to a Boeing Executive assignment for him in Everett), describing his upbringing on Tacoma’s East Side.  He serves on the Board of Governors of the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound and is working on a collaboration with MetroParks and The BGCSPS to bring a community center to the East Side.  The video emphasized the need and the worthiness of the project.  Chris then called Judy Hosea forward to collect a check for $3,500 from Lakewood Rotary, to help the Lakewood BGC, now open for 9 years, purchase new games room equipment.  Judy thanked the club and support for local kids.
Dr. Peter Marsh received his Blue Badge….but failed to return the Puffin.  Hmmmmmm….he paid $5 for the new badge.  How much is the ransom for the Puffin his wife snatched?
Asst DG and PP Greg Horn delivered a poorly wrapped gift from his wife, Mary….to our President.  Behold!  We have a new sparkling gold raffle drum from the exotic Isle of Mercer!  It is a sight to behold and very fancy.  The plastic pickle jar will become a thing of the past!  Thanks Mary and Greg!
Above: Educator of the Month, Anastasia Purnell, joined by Kim Prentice
Kim Prentice introduced us to Leila Davis, Principal from Merryweather Elementary School located on JBLM.  She then called up Anastasia Purnell, teacher of a split 2-3rd grade class, as our Educator of the Month.  Accolades helped describe her remarkable skills and talents bestowed on students and families. She received a plaque as well as $100 to spend on herself.
Steve Enquist bestowed a couple of Paul Harris awards to Charles Heberle (his 4th) and to PP Bob Zawilski (his 9th).   Bob’s employer, Merrill Lynch also matches his contributions, so we get a two-fer.
If any members would like a tax report on donations, please contact a member of the committee, headed by Steve Enquist.  Also….we are a mere $22,000 short of having our Club reach the million dollar plateau!  Please add to your Paul Harris so we can reach it this year!
Here is one major announcement: This June, right after the Rotary International Conference in Seoul, on June 4th about an hour flight from Seoul, Charles Heberle will be installed as the President of the Rotary International Inter-country Committee (ICC) between Russia and the USA.  He invited us to come and spend another two weeks in a Friendship Exchange with Russian Rotarians to visit an exotic place and improve relations between our two countries.  One Exchange is planned to start there in Vladivostok, then take the trans-siberian railway to Khabarovsk on the Chinese border, then to Kamchatka and down to Sakhalin Island and back.  The other option is to fly to Irkutsk and visit there and Lake Baikal, one of the natural wonders of the world that contains over 20% of all the world’s fresh water.  Then to Novosibirsk and Biysk to visit the Altai Mountains.  Most of the time you will stay with Rotarians in their homes.  The price will be approximately $3500 including airfare from Seattle and everything else.  He said “The ruble dollar exchange rate is incredibly good for Americans right now.  So now is the time to visit Russia, make friends with other Rotarians, and start to understand Russia.”   If you have any questions about this or any other trips to Russia at any time feel free to contact Charles at
Caroline works for Chris.  In a recent exchange with Rotary International, there was a slight communication snafu and Chris was told that Caroline’s work must be approved by R.I.  Chris responded with…..”okay…..approve her.’  Be careful what you ask for.  RI now thinks that Caroline is our official Executive Director!  I say we vote her in….as long as Chris keeps signing her paycheck!  Right?
Troy Wilcox paid for a birthday and some luck at Caesar’s Palace….$50
Vaughn Hoffman took young “River”, a purebred Bearded Collie, to Albany, Oregon where he competed and won three out of 4 days, claiming the title of “Grand Champion”. 
PP Mick Johnson mentioned that all Rotarians that participated in the really fun Slot Car Races were
“beat like a drum” by President Chris Kimball and that Chris should pay!  Janie also insisted Chris should pay.  I don’t know if that ever happened, but all agreed that it was a great time and one that we should repeat.  Chris mentioned that the owner of the Slot Car Race venue had donated two packages for 8 people each (worth $200), to our auction.  These would be great for family fun days or friends to get together!  (If you buy tickets to the Sportsman’s Dinner….you have the opportunity to purchase it!)
Chris also mentioned that Greg and Mary Horn “no-showed” the Rotary Slot Car event.  But, Greg said he had a good excuse.  He was at PETS Conference and as “Social Hour” commenced…..he had to partake and miss the event.
We all know that President Chris bemoans the state of his “FINES” revenue each week.  Gayle Selden rose and mentioned that she had heard from our President in regard to her last bulletin.  Reminding our President of the sanctity of Bulletin Authors and that they will never be fined for what is written (whew!), she did note that she had traveled to Florida, Hawaii, Minnesota, Argentina and I think the moon…..but yet, she had not been fined.  Don Daniels also stood and mentioned Mexico and money left on the table.  Both shamed our President for missed opportunities…..thus the HUGE HINT at the Rotarian skiers who are missing this week as they are all down at Mt. Bachelor!!!!!  Gayle paid $100 plus $5 interest, since Argentina was in October…..and Don Daniels offered up $20.
The program was a wonderful update from our “SUPER”-intendent, Debbie LeBeau.  She has led the Clover Park School District since 2008 and has been an educator since 1985, after finishing her post- secondary studies at Eastern Washington University and Gonzaga.
There is a lot to celebrate at CPSD, which includes 12,346 students, the fourth largest District in Pierce County.  There are 23 schools and 1,600 employees.  The focus of the District is threefold: Communication, Community Engagement, and Staff Recognition.  The District has a new logo and new tagline:  Creating Promising Futures.
Many copies of the 2014-2015 Report to the Community were available on the tables.  You can also read about the successes and see a video online at:
Next week, we will hear from Dave Coleman who will answer the 7-Questions you need to ask before joining a Board.  Don’t miss it!
Don Daniels had the winning ticket drawn from the new gold raffle cage….but he still drew a white chip!
Have a great week everybody!  And remember…..we are a team!
$549 was collected at the Paul Harris table today!