Posted by Mary Marlin on Feb 01, 2019
       President Gayle Selden raised her hand, the bell was alerting and the members stood. First came the Thought for the Day by Andrew Kruse to elaborate on Service Above Self.  Gary Fulton led the Flag Salute, and a thank you was given to Ward Fletcher, Terry Roarke, and Rob Erb for setting up, Jim Rooks for manning the Paul Harris table, Jan Gee for doing ticket sales, Walt Richardson for being photographer and yours truly for writing the Bulletin. (We'll see how this goes!) And thank you, Gayle, for encouraging the members to speak sloooooooowly! 
     There were no visiting Rotarians today....unusual. Jim Sharp entered the room at that point and was given a friendly Gayle hello even if he wasn't "visiting". Guests today included Sharon Rediske and Mark Edgecomb's "Doctor daughter", Jessica. John Lowney gave a Sunshine Report on fellow members.  Ted Wier, John said, looked wonderful when he visited him, but more tests are needed. Wynn Hoffman has a new pacemaker, and Rob Erb is  now bionic with his new knees! Eric Warn told of his wife's brain tumor recently and now she was out getting a pedicure!! And she's giving orders too! Well done! Eric appreciated all the support for the Kiwanis crab feed over the weekend. He also noticed that some of us like to dance!  Charlene Miseli invited all to the Friends of Scouting Breakfast Fundraiser on March 7 at 7am at the Murano Hotel Pavilion.  Amazing athlete, Joe Theisman will be the keynote speaker! Jay Mayer spoke for the Community Concerns Committee regarding $2000 that is requested from Kiwanis for a park in Lakewood. More than $25,000 has already been raised and this extra will make all the difference.  The membership gave a resounding "moved and seconded" to help our kids in the community.
     Gayle then mentioned several things that needed mentioning.  Today will be the Sportsmen's Dinner and Auction "planning by tables".  The program on February 8 will be Jim Sharp, talking about West Pierce Fire and Rescue. On Feb. 15, Dr. Doug Kernutt, Rotarian and Interim Superintendent of Clover Park School District, will be our program. In Victoria from May 9 to 11, Officers can sign up for  District 5020 Training. Who doesn't love Victoria? And Lakewood Rotary will cover the cost for the first eight signatures! Then came a BIG apology from the club when after a City Council Meeting and we had been given the Saunders Award and left soon after...………...well, we messed up!  Mike Zaro, our very own prestigious Lakewood Police Chief, was honored by the Council members.  Here's why...The U.S. Marshals Service Department of Justice for the Western District of Washington recently sent a letter to the City of Lakewood recognizing Lakewood Police Chief Mike Zaro for the police department's role and participation in a regional task force aimed at reducing crime and increasing public safety.  The Lakewood Police were a part of a regional team that arrested 871 violent offenders and cleared 1057 felony warrants in 2018. Chief Zaro and his staff were given the Honorary Award for Distinguished Task Force Group, one of the highest honors given to recognize employees and citizens who perform in an exemplary manner. Congratulations to Chief Zaro and the Lakewood Police Department for their outstanding work! Mark Edgecomb then offered specially made yummy Police Cookie Badges and Mark admitted he almost became the next offender for sneaking one. Honesty is the best policy...…..and no guilt. Good job, Mark!
Above: Lakewood Rotary Educator of the Month, Brianna Kersh
     Echo Curry introduced the Educators of the Month. Attending were Custer Elementary School Principal, Patricia Stallard.  She asked Brianna Kersh to join her at the podium. She mentioned that Brianna teaches students with moderate to severe disabilities in a self-contained Life Skills classroom at Custer Elementary.  She has high expectations of students and works with all teachers to better student experience in school. Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder benefit greatly from her knowledge and creativity. Congratulations for being our Educator of the Month, Brianna!
Above: Lakewood Rotary Educator of the Month (left), Erin Willcox
     Pioneer Middle School Principal, JoAnne Fernandes then introduced Steilacoom Educator of the Month, Erin Willcox. Erin is the Middle School's Health Room Nurse. She specifically serves the needs of students with diabetes and she forms trusting relationships with both students and staff. Unfortunately, she and her husband and two children will be moving with the military, and will be missed by all her colleagues. Congratulations, Erin, as our February Educator of the Month! Both educators received a plaque and $100 for their excellent work.
         Gayle thanked all the educators and their principals for the professional work they are doing. She also thanked Echo Curry for "all you do for kids".  And Gayle did add "We do act like children here...….sometimes." She thanked Duncan for finding her crown, and encouraged Charlene to pay a fine for having her son accepted to West Point Military Academy! She did! Happily! Rob Erb paid up and admitted that knee surgery, though, isn't exactly an exotic vacation! Then the fun began! Our Rapid Rowdy Rapper, Eric Quinn, led the fun and the attention needed to get the Auction organizing started.  He encouraged getting tickets, volunteering (for everything), procuring all you could find or want to find, and being a sponsor that will help the auction be successful.  His presentation was usual....and got the crowd going.
         This only fundraising of the year then went ballistic. Each table was given a sheet to put their names on AND the name of this committee. Crazy conversations then started going. Donna Phillips and Echo Curry encouraged all to add names of friends that could attend, be creative, make some great pics of ideas to sell the idea, choose a theme that would work for your table, and give Blockbuster items for the auction!  Some results  of names were: Cash Cows, We Are the Champions, Soaring Eagles and Mark's Minions to name a few. Ideas from boat trips around the lake to golf getaways, safaris, and game nights were just a few of the ideas wildly planned.  Noise, laughter, novelty and fun will definitely be a big part of this year's auction.  Be ready!! See you there!!
       And the Foundation earned $679.  Till next time...……...yours truly, Mary Marlin
Oh yes: Read this bulletin and tell Greg Rediske so you can get a make-up. Also, if you do any online shopping, please do so online so a portion of your purchase can be allocated to Lakewood Rotary.