Posted by John Magnuson on Aug 18, 2017
In the 1949 movie, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Bing Crosby plays the lead role. By virtue of a knock on his noggin he awakens in ancient Camelot, falls for Lancelot’s lady, befriends King Arthur, runs afoul of the Wizard and ends up in the slammer.
Conveniently, he has his almanac in his hip pocket, consults it, determines that a solar eclipse is nigh and negotiates with his captors. He stays his death sentence by announcing his supernatural powers and declares that unless they release him he will make the sun disappear. “Rubbish”, they reply. He consults his watch, waves his arms in a great show of power, utters some magic words, including, “Walla Walla Wash”; the sun disappears, his demands are met, he is released, the sun comes back and he wins the heart of a maiden. The end. What does this have to do with Lakewood Rotary you might ask? Well, unless you sign up for the Reeder Roadster Romp to Walla Walla, Wash – or nearby Prosser – PP Phil Eng promises that he can make the sun disappear. You have until 9:08 AM on Monday to sign up, or else!
The Big Meet
Bob Peterson led off with the invocation followed by Jim Rooks with the Pledge of allegiance. We learned that your smile is your logo; your personality is your business card and people’s experience with you is your trademark – all courtesy of President Don Daniels. Don thanked his helpers: Rob, Bob and Duncan, Troy, Ole, Chuck, Ward and Tommy. Ward raised $383 for the Foundation. Chuck Hellar introduced Mary K. Manley and Jim Amsberry from Tacoma North. They are supporting our rest stop at the upcoming Courage. Barb Spriggs introduced her neighbor Shelley Barrett, retired USA Nurse. Her nursing services were not needed by John Forkenbrock or anyone else as there was no Sunshine to report.
The Big Announce
PP Rose reported that $500 has been sent to support victims of the recent monsoon in Nepal. Furthermore, there are still seats available for the Nepal trip October 12 – November 14. See Rose for details.
Chuck Hellar reminded us that The Courage will be next Saturday August 25. There are 3 shifts to cover. To sign-up, see Chuck. You could also look up chuck. Get it? UpChuck? Funny… unless you’re Chuck, then you’ve heard it before.
PP Dave Coleman reminded us that the Concert in the Park is this Sunday August 20 with one at 2:00 and another at 6:00. The Tacoma Concert Band featuring Morris Northcutt is the 6:00 event. The concerts are being held on the site of The It’s Not a Pavilion to be built. It is smaller than originally planned and more expensive but it is in the same place, in any event. There is a water issue. Doesn’t seem like there should be a water issue – this is Washington State, not Nevada! Generally speaking, there’s plenty of water hereabouts.
PP Rick Selden pointed out the questionnaires on the tables asking for input to better the club. Fill one out and return it to Rick. President Don thanked Rick for subbing for him last week.
PDG Gordon Quick gave a quick – get it? quick – lesson on zucchini anatomy while presenting his annual squash award to President Don. Tommy Crabill then upstaged Gordon with a larger zucchini to Don. Gordy clearly had zucchini envy at that point! Tom also paid $100 up front for a vacation citation.
The Big New
Bob Cammarano, formerly of Tacoma 8 – since 1978 – was installed by President Don. Bob recollected how he amassed a 20 year record of perfect attendance by making-up during his business travels. Cammarano Brothers certainly is a well-known name in the beverage distribution business. Welcome Bob.
Above: New Lakewood Rotarian, Bob Cammarano (left) being introduced by Don
The Big Citations
PP Gary Fulton and his brother won a member-guest golf tournament in Olympia. Gary reflected on his upbringing at the Oly Golf and Country Club as a caddy, greens keeper and expert on all things CaddyShackish.  The victory came with a pledge from Don to keep Gary seated for the year - $100.
Dave Betz was called out for no good reason so he gave $20 for no good reason. There was no bad reason for it either. Dave Coleman gave a Greenleaf - $20 – for a family trip to Coeur d’Alene, pronounced kordalain.
President Don then confessed a self-administered citation for a hot air balloon trip. Wait – make that a helicopter trip. Wait – make that a trip to Nebraska – there, that’s the ticket. So he went to a Rotary meeting at the airport and came home. Didn’t get the citation amount but that should have been punishment enough!
Jim Sharp commented on his ailments and his recovery. Sadly though, his father recently passed away and Jim gave $100 in his father’s memory. Our condolences to you Jim, and to Ken also. Mary Marlin pointed out that you can get above the smoke at Mt. Rainier. I wonder if you can get above the eclipse? She said it was so beautiful that if you haven’t been there for a while – go! $10.
The Big Program
While she was at the mike, Mary introduced our fellow Rotarian Barb Spriggs. What followed was a rapid fire recollection of many years of excellence in family, education, professionalism, travel, flying and adventure. It was a vocational talk and somehow those always seem to be the best. We all owe Barb a debt of gratitude for being articulate and well-rehearsed in her presentation. What a pleasure.
Stay with me now: Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken – 4th stanza
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
Still with me? Hang on: Creative, supportive, adventurous, hard-working, realistic. Expect integrity, genuine trust. Listens, helps others. Movie – It’s a Wonderful Life. Book, by her son – HammerheadPower of Positive Thinking, Norman Vincent Peale. TV show – Sky
Above: Our Program, and our very own, Barb Spriggs
Won a 1997 BMW Z-3, 1989 Pilot of the Year in Oregon, Commercial, Instrument, multi-
engine ratings. Grew up in Michigan, Mom on Broadway. Dad an entrepreneur. Dad also a
pilot, sailor, ski area creator, resort developer, loving disciplinarian.
Barb: sports, music, skier, water skier, acrobat, good student, Biology Major, graduated
1970. Married, two kids, travelled in the military, close call flying National Geographic
Photographers on the Oregon coast. Pilot for Fred Meyer Executives out of Hillsboro,
divorced, Moved back to Newport, Masters in Environmental Health and Safety, married
John Spriggs, US Navy, Port Angeles, Friday Harbor, Anchorage. Flew a Cessna 170 from
Florida to Anchorage. John died of cancer in 2015. Barb blessed us by joining Lakewood
Rotary. In her words, “Life has changes, make the best of what you have and surround
yourself with friends.”
The Big Drawing
Steve Mazoff won the drawing.
The Big Question
Who reads this stuff?