Posted by Donn Irwin on Jul 06, 2018
Just when you thought you had seen the last of him after the “mic drop” the previous week, soon-to-be-past-President (again) Don Daniels opened the meeting at his usual time – whenever he wants. Actually, the attempted opening was delayed due to technical troubles with the audio.
It is unclear why the audio wouldn’t work (perhaps due to the dropping of the mic the previous week) but Troy Wilcox came to the rescue and the golden tones of President Daniels (or whatever his title was\is at that time) came through loud and clear.
Since Mr. Daniels keeps appearing before us and starting meetings this reporter is starting to wonder if the illustrious Mr. Daniels likes the abuse……
Barlow Buescher gave the Invocation and Ralph Lockhart followed with a touching poem about our Red, White and Blue. Ralph is a Past President of the Club and is now with East Gray’s Harbor Rotary. Thank you Ralph.
Dumb Predictions #1 – “While theoretically and technically television may be feasible, commercially and financially I consider it impossibility, a development of which we need waste little time dreaming”. – Lee De Forest, “Father of Radio” in 1926.
Lame duck President Don recognized our hard working set up crew: Duncan, Ward and Mr. Hammar aka Bob as well as a nod to Troy for coming to our rescue on the A\V set up. (Troy didn’t actually set this week’s A\V up he just fixed it). Dr. Rooks held down the job of collecting Paul Harris monies. He took in $552.00 from you generous folks! Barlow doubled up as raffle ticket seller and Sargent-at-Arms. There wasn’t a greeter this week so we had to say hello to ourselves. Donnnnnnn Irwin acted as scribe while Phil Eng caught everyone at just the right moment with his camera.
Our leader for the moment asked for guests of Rotarians to be introduced and was greeted with a flurry of introductions by our members introducing their spouses;
Johnny Walker – Millie
Steve Mazoff – Ellen
John Lowney – Pam
Phil Eng – Judy
Dave Reames – Barbara
Tom Crabill – Fae
Rick Selden – Sharon +Rick’s sister, Pam
Wynn Hoffman - Margie
Additional guests – Jan Gee introduced her sister-in-law, Debbie Acord (Former member Bob Gee’s sister).  PP Ben Sclair introduced himself as a guest of his mother, Mary Lou. PP Ralph Lockhart introduced his wife, Wendy.
There were two visiting Rotarians that this reporter caught among the rapid fire of names – Stephanie??? from Tacoma Narrows and Jamie (?) Gregory from Puyallup (I didn’t catch which Puyallup club).
Above: A pic from the Installation Picnic, starring our new President, Gayle, and Charles Heberle
Patrick Aherne (sp?) of St Clare’s Hospital took a moment to thank Lakewood Rotary for our generous support of Clare’s Closet. It was one of the better thank you’s I’ve heard!
LD (lame duck) Don Daniels put out a plea for help the following morning at the Pavillion project. He needs planters!
Gary Fulton, looking like he had just won the Master’s in his green blazer stood before us to announce the Rotarian of the Year. This year’s award went to the very deserving Sally Porter Smith. Sally seems to be everywhere at the same time. Her involvement in the club is amazing. Thank you Sally for all of your time and hard work….and congratulations! The very humble Ms. Smith very simply said that she has found it a pleasure to volunteer and meet the greatest by doing so.
Charlene Miseli took over the microphone to announce the non-Rotarian of the year – Lisa Hallett. Lisa’s late husband, John, was killed in Afghanistan in 2009, leaving her with three children. She turned to running, as a coping mechanism to deal with the loss, and in 2010 she started Run to Remember. The members of this organization run to remember that life continues on, and to honor our fallen soldiers. Lisa was presented with a Paul Harris Fellowship and big hug from Charlene. Lisa thanked Lakewood Rotary for the Fellowship and the honor. She then warned us that she would be back on August 10th to speak to us about Run to Remember.
Dumb Predictions #2:“What can be more palpably absurd than the prospect held of locomotives traveling twice as fast stagecoaches?” The Quarterly Review, 1825
Last week’s Key, skillfully written by my boss Eric Quinn, began with the headline “The Final Curtain”. The first sentence started “On June 29, Don Daniels served his last day as Lakewood Rotary President, and we at the Rotary Club of Lakewood are quite thankful for his service to the Club….”.
As mentioned at the beginning of this epistle, our illustrious past\present\lame duck Don once again started off a meeting thoroughly perplexing this writer who was all set to chronicle the Coronation of a new Queen of Lakewood Rotary. Alas, Don D had more parting remarks. They went something like blah, blah, blah….or yada, yada, yada.
Actually, I made that part up….Mr. Daniels, before handing over the reins of the club to his successor stated that last week he started out as a Moroccan and ended up a Mexican. Don thanked us all and left all future Presidents with this message: “When you are lonely and need a friend, just call up a past President and they will happily tell you everything you did wrong”
Above: A veritable slew of Past Presidents
Thank you Don for your wonderful service to all of us in Lakewood Rotary and the Community of Lakewood.
Dumb Prediction #3: “The ordinary horseless carriage is at present a luxury for the wealthy; and although its price will probably fall in future, it will never, of course, come into as common use as the bicycle” – The Literary Digest, 1889.
The honorable (?) Rick Selden took the meeting over from Don and called forward the incoming Board members along with the incoming Treasurer, President Elect and incoming President so that they could take their oaths of office. Everything proceeded nicely until about half way through the proceedings. Mr. Selden ran into a couple of rough spots in the dialogue and paused a moment to ask the audience at large something like “what the hell did I just say?” This elicited an approving laugh from the crowd and Rick moved on. When it came time for the inductees to repeat what Rick was saying, they hung in there and managed to repeat word for word the oath of office.
Lakewood Rotary’s new (and recurring as they serve two-year terms) Board members are:
Mary Marlin
Mary Horn
Mark Edgecomb
Eric Quinn
Wynn Hoffman
Troy Wilcox
The Club’s new Treasurer is John Lowney. The new President Elect is former Treasurer Bill “The Banker” Potter and our new President…..Queen Gayle Selden.
The installation of the Queen went smoothly as once again, Rick Selden read from the provided script, then read some more, then read some more and then…the program continued with Rick Selden calling up all of the Past Presidents in the audience for a group picture. He asked them to just follow instructions, and used a colloquialism as a descriptor in requesting that they not say anything – just get in line and follow instructions. Amazingly, they did as instructed!
Don passed the baton (well, for Gayle it was a tiara) and the power changed hands.
Was that the end for Mr. Daniel’s? One would think so…right? Nope. No way. Nada. Not done.
Don called Scott Buser, Sally Smith and Bill Potter forward to publicly thank them for the service to the club. Scott and Sally as outgoing Board members and Bill “The Banker” is outgoing Treasurer.
Gayle thanked Don D. for his service and for taking more “stuff’ from the club than any other President she knew about.
Gayle also thanked John Lowney for arranging to have the Installation of Officers done in two stages – at the lunch so that more Past Presidents could make it and as a social event so that we could have some fun and get to know each other better.
In her brief inaugural address, Gayle touched on her wonderfully rich family history in Rotary and talked about what great things can be done by Lakewood Rotary.
Dumb Prediction #4 – Hilary Clinton would win the Presidential Election….
There was $600.00 in the pot for the drawing…and it is still there. Astrid won the raffle and drew a white chip for $5.00.
Next week’s program will be World Affairs Conference Report. Our student attendees will give us a summary of their experience in attending the conference.
Ain’t this fun… that Ole’s gone, do you guys still read this stuff?
Oh yes: Read this bulletin and tell Greg Rediske so you can get a make-up (for a missed meeting). Also, if you buy anything online, try to do so on Amazon Smile so a portion of your purchase may be allocated to Lakewood Rotary.
Above: Some more pictures from the awesome Installation Picnic held by the Seldens