Posted by Mary Marlin on Oct 20, 2017
Apparently subbing for Don Daniels was DD, a very familiar look-alike. He called the meeting to order and the chatty membership soon became quiet. The invocation was led by Mary Covelli Johnson and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mo Sarram. Set up was by Rob Erb, Duncan Cook and Bob Hammar.
Troy Wilcox was the AV specialist. Mike McGowan warmly greeted all at the Paul Harris table. Chuck Hellar counted money for the Rotary Foundation. Tom Crabill hustled as the Sergeant at Arms and  Barlow Buescher convincingly sold raffle tickets. (Sadly, I didn't win.) 
The Sunshine Report mentioned that we are sending kind thoughts to Richard Simmons and John Korsmo.  Obviously, we hope to see both of you back soon! Visiting Rotarians were Carl Roth from Clover Park, although he was not there. Hmm. Two gentlemen from Texas attended....Raymond Gonzales and Ryan Zinnagrif (sp), a current member of the military. Malcolm Russell also joined us from Tacoma 8. Don happened to ask if Texas was the sunshine state and as the crowd became a little spunky and the correction was made (the Lone Star State), he suggested interaction was more beneficial than the peanut .............
     Reminders were given regarding:
1.Books are needed for the Tacoma Literacy Council.........both adult and children's books are welcome. Tom Crabill has some boxes if needed. More than 230 would be great!
2.October 24 will be a promotion for End Polio Now. With Bill Gates offering  two dollars for every dollar donated, it is imperative to step up. And Rose may put you on Facebook. Just sayin'....
3.Note to Self.....On Jan. 5 we will meet at the Rotunda  of Clover Park Technical College because maintenance will be ongoing at Tacoma Golf and Country Club.  
 President Don then asked if any guests were needing to be introduced. This may have been jump-started by Greg Horn's earlier request (that was put on hold) to introduce his guest.  Charlie Hyde and Ralph Johnson were introduced even though they are fellow Rotarians.....frequently missed. It was at this time that Don shared the meeting was getting tough. THEN....Greg was asked if he had a guest. Smiling broadly and definitely ready, he answered "Yes!" His guest (and Mary's too) was Kendra Riconosciuto, a business development consultant with Financial Advocates in Olympia ,who helps financial advisors grow and protect their businesses.
Then Gordy Quick mentioned he had brought candy for the president because he knew the Rotary president salary was not high. Don probed a bit further and asked if Gordy thought sweetness was being needed. Gordy shifted and mentioned he had no social security check handy and this might help to prevent any citations.  Nice dodge, Gordy!  Then Charlie Hyde paid $50 for working his knees too hard trekking in Bhutan with his wife. It was noted that Morris Northcutt's absence was because he was "on a toot" with his trumpet!  Troy was released by the pres. regarding citations because he had generously given much before. But he was proud to announce that his son had received several golfing awards:  MVP, first team all-league AND scholar, is going to the state in May, received a trophy and is doing well in golf and in school.  Wow...even more wow was that Troy donated anyway. Well done. Now we see where his son gets his spirit! Ralph Johnson helped his son who breeds horses and donated $20. Barb Spriggs's $20 acknowledged Tom Crabill's thoughtful gift of a book entitled "Women in Flight" in which he hoped Barb's picture would be front and center. Maybe next time, though, in the sequel!  As the crowd grew still, Don reminded us that the citations have a reason for being help the eradication of polio, assist around the world and help folks here at home. John Lowney obviously moved by the message (and perhaps feeling guilty....just sayin).
So John thoughtfully donated even though he had to pay far too much for his radiator!
Then the speaker of the day was ready to be introduced by Jim Rooks, our official physician-in-residence at the Rotary meeting. Melanie de Leon is the Executive Director of the Medical Quality Assurance Commission of WA.  She served 13 years in the Air Force, received a law degree from Seattle U., in 2008 was an Executive Director of the Ethics Board, and has been a Criminal Prosecutor and Quality Manager.  On the Medical Quality Assurance Commission are 13 physicians, 2 physician assistants, and 6 public members serving four-year terms.  She and others are paid to investigate complaints which may include medical malpractice, action in other states, sexual misconduct, substance abuse. 66% of the cases, unfortunately, are regarding potential violations of the applicable standard of care. The complaint process includes a Case Management Review of the type of complaint noted. It takes usually 361 days to complete or shorter if urgency is required. Each year 1500-2000 complaints reach Ms. de Leon's desk. Meetings occur six times a year for the Commission, but they serve all over the state. Ninety three percent of practicing physicians are doing a great job. It is the 7% that need to be addressed.  One Commission decision ended up shutting down 8 pain clinics and the withdrawal of a physician's license. These clinics were promoting the opioid crisis.
Above: Presenter, Melanie de Leon
The DOs, Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine, and the Medical Doctors do not use the same Commission. There is some disagreement on why this is so. Penalties of improper work may result in losing a license as was mentioned, taking a required class, writing a paper, being fined, or needing to be present at a Commission hearing. A side comment was made about who does the questioning at these Commission hearing. It brought a smile to the membership when Melanie mentioned that you don't want to be "Marshed" by Peter Marsh. It is one "painful penalty." Noted! We also laughed when she asked if there were any millennials in the room and Eric Quinn quickly raised his hand. Her response...."Really???  You are a millennial?!" He politely nodded as she continued to seriously think through his answer.
She suggested going to the Dept. of Health website if you have questions, but complaints are not listed. There is a new Telemedicine that some clients can use for internet conferences. It is improving all the time. And as a final note, Ms. de Leon mentioned that not all attorneys and doctors are friends.......she may have said "natural enemies."  Fortunately, we in Rotary are.......friends.  
The applause ensued. Chuck Hellar noted $364 was made for the Foundation. The meeting was soon adjourned, and the raffle went to somebody ............
Till next time, 
Mary Marlin