Posted by Joseph Quinn on Feb 02, 2018
President Don Daniels started the Groundhog Day meeting on this date, but strangely without any recognition of this important American tradition! Stay tuned, however, in this bulletin as we reveal that our very subtle President Don really did honor the furry little creature known as Punxsutawney Phil.
President Don was aided in his chores this day by Paula Olson, who gave a nice invocation, followed by Clayton Denault who led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag.  Mick Johnson ably (I guess!) manned the Paul Harris table and reported to us in... breaking news that he collected $1694 today for the Rotary International Foundation.  Well done!  Barlow Buecher served as Sergeant at Arms (note correct spelling of "Sergeant") and also sold raffle tickets.  Walt Richardson was our erstwhile roving Photographer snapping Rotarians while they picked their noses. Rob Erb and Bob Hammar helped with setup today.  Welcome back Rob.  Joe Quinn is bulletin writer this week.  (The Editor does not let him write often after he suggested in these pages that President Don Daniels should be called "DD" and DD quickly nixed that idea.)
President Don showed his memory is great by remembering to call for Guests.  Therefore, Ted Wier introduced his wonderful wife Carole.  Bob Hammar introduced his wife (he forgot to mention her name but Mary Lou reminded him of what it is) as well as his daughter and grand-daughter (but we will come back to them later  because it is after all Groundhog Day). 
Kim Prentice introduced Marty Schafer, the President of the Clover Park School Board (who made it clear to Kim that he is not Marty Harris, who he quickly Googled and informed us passed away a couple of years ago).  But we get ahead of ourselves...more on Marty Schafer later because he was our Program Speaker today and as Ole would say, "on account of is Groundhog Day."
Eric Warn was introduced as a guest for the final time, as he was about to be inducted by President Don into Lakewood Rotary.  But more on that later in this bulletin because of course it is guessed it .....Groundhog Day.
SUNSHINE:  John Forkenbrock ably announced that he had nothing to report as to any sick Rotarians.
President Don added that former member Janie Frazier has been having a better time lately.  Her husband's health problems are improving, but she does have a brother in Hospice.  Prayers welcome.
Above: Lakewood Rotary Educator of the Month, Abby Cunningham
EDUCATORS OF THE MONTH:  Kim Prentice then introduced our February Educators of the Month from the Steilacoom Historical School District and from Clover Park.  But first she introduced Susan Greer of the Steilacoom district  (Anderson I. Elementary principal) and Steve Seberson, the principal of Mann Middle School.
                Abby Cunningham has been an educator for 10 years. She started at Anderson Island Elementary, teaching students in grades 3-5.  After earning her administrator credentials she accepted a position as dean of students in the Federal Way School District.  She returned to the classroom as a highly capable program teacher and now has come full circle returning to teach students in grades K-2 at Anderson Island Elementary (note even here that things seem to repeat themselves, which may be because of Groundhog Day).  In Abby's classroom, children are the priority.  She is flexible, purposeful, and deliberate in her planning.  Abby's caring attitude lets students know she is there to help.  Congratulations to Abby Cunningham as February's Rotary Educator of the Month from the Steilacoom Historical School District.
Above: Lakewood Rotary Educator of the Month, Eric Farlow
  Eric Farlow is an advisor for the after-school robotics club and robotics competition.  He reaches students who find core classes difficult.  He inspires them to work harder by connecting their strengths and capabilities in the world of technology.  He opens his classroom before school starts every morning.  This provides an academic and social place for students to meet. Eric challenges students academically and his students are consistently successful.  Students often request career and technical classes as an elective.  Eric has a heart for  all students and positively works with all student groups. He designs special technology opportunities for students with special needs and helps staff and parents with tech support at school events all during the school year.  Congratulations to both of our Lakewood Rotary Educators for February and thanks to Kim for coordinating so well, even if she forgets my name.
                This was the point in the weekly meeting when the Groundhog Day phenomenon really became apparent to our Lakewood Key reporter so now we will expound about the Groundhog Day theme.  As you may or may not know, there is a 132-year old tradition in America relating to Punxsutawney Phil, a little furry groundhog who emerges from hibernation in Pennsylvania annually on this day to see if he can glimpse his shadow.  The tradition holds that --if he sees his shadow---it will be a long, hard winter.  Apparently in 2018 he saw his shadow so we have to deal with six more weeks of this gray, wet winter.  But perhaps just as importantly, when we hear that term "Groundhog Day" some of us also think of the 1993 movie by that name.  In that flick, the hero of our narrative, played by Bill Murray, would wake up each morning forgetting his entire past and in a time warp sort of way, he was destined to repeat everything he did, saw or experienced daily again and again, repetitively without end, day after day.  I guess that's OK if you are having good days and in Rotary every day is a good day!
                I say that because at that point in the meeting, Marty Schafer, School Board President rose again spontaneously to tell us about a lot of excitement brewing at Clover Park School District.  Marty was just elected to four more years on the board.  He noted that CPSD is the first school district in Washington to experience the International Baccalaureate program at all three levels (elementary, middle school and high school) and he thanked Lakewood Rotary for its leadership in bringing IB to CPSD in the first place.   Marty explained the four pillars of the district's programs:  Engagement/Collaboration/Character Development and Leadership.  He said that on February 7, 2018 at the McGavick at Clover Park College the CPSD will be having roundtable discussion and great speakers including a graduate who plays Offensive Tackle for the Cleveland Browns.  In passing, Marty mentioned  (in another Groundhog Day Movie moment) that he is part of the Russell family, which of course included Admiral James Russell, famous for being a Lakewood Rotary member, and oh yeah he was also a four star Admiral in the U.S. Navy.  It was only a few weeks ago that our program speaker was also related to Jim Russell--these great things keep repeating themselves and that is is Groundhog Day!!
  Above: Marty Shafer
                INDUCTIONS:  President Don Daniels then inducted into Lakewood Rotary Alejandro Sanchez Perez and Eric Warn.  He brought forward also their Sponsors, Jim Rooks and Chris Kimball.  It was at this moment I realized that I was totally mistaken and that President Don Daniels did not fail to recognize it was Groundhog Day!  Don honored this concept by repeating not once but twice that these new members should get on Club Committees.  He repeated that phrase (repeatedly) in recognition obviously that repetition is the mother of learning!  He really wants new members to get right on committees immediately.  Or because it is Groundhog Day, I think.
  Above: New Lakewood Rotarian, Eric Warn
                All new members should be aware that all newly inducted Rotarians are allowed about two minutes right after being inducted to talk about themselves and/or their families or their occupations (or whatever, really) without being fined or even getting a citation from President Don.  But a part of Lakewood Rotary history relates to our beloved late friend Paul Guy.  Those who were there will always remember that Paul's post-induction speech stretched on for much longer than two minutes and we always kidded him about it.  Well, it may be that Eric Warn eclipsed that record!  History repeats itself--Groundhog Day, the was deja vu all over again!!  I'll say this: Eric Warned us as he said at the very start, "I need about an hour."  We thought he was kidding but then he did proceed to challenge Paul's record! Eric, I hope you realize that the Bulletin is full of teasing and the like, because if or when you become President I hope to be around to be fined for this.  In the interest of bulletin brevity we will not summarize Eric Warn's remarks.  Suffice it to say that this will be a hugely contributing Lakewood Rotarian because Eric's history and life has been one full of service already.  Many Lakewood Rotarians already know and think the world of Eric Warn, so we will not elaborate here. 
Above: New Lakewood Rotarian, Alejandro Sanchez Perez
                Alejandro was new to many of us so we will say a bit more.  First and foremost, he is the soul of brevity.  (Sorry Eric!)  Born in Mexico City, he came to Southern California about 20 years ago.  A U.S. Army veteran, Alejandro retired in 2016.  He loves to volunteer and has been helping with disabled military members and veterans.   Married 21 years, Alejandro has a son and a daughter, and is very excited to be joining Lakewood Rotary.
THE PAUL HARRIS FOUNDATION:  Mike McGowan came forward to talk about the Rotary Foundation.  Lakewood Rotary is one of only three clubs in District 5020 (90 clubs) to have given more than $1 million to the RI Foundation.  Mike stressed that the RI Foundation does great things such as eradicating polio.  He reported that only 12 new cases of polio have been found this year in the world.   Mike said he was standing in for Steve Enquist, the Committee Chairman, who happened to be traveling in Australia and New Zealand.  Oops.  Did we just Rat on a Rotarian?  At this point Bob Hammar's grandaughter Maria was called up to receive a Paul Harris award.  It was noted that her mother is also a Rotarian (Bob and Mary Lou's daughter).  Thanks to Bob and family for supporting Rotary so strongly.
Above: Bob Hammar's granddaughter, Maria, a new Paul Harris Fellow  (with Bob)
THE PARK PROJECT:  Dave Coleman reported on the Pavilion Project (formerly Amphitheater?) stating that six contractors had bid on the project to build it.  Stay tuned for brick buying opportunities.  Apparently, funding is now needed for landscaping work. 
OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS:  March 7, 2018 is the date for the Boy Scouts of America's fundraiser. Save the date for the Friends of Scouting Breakfast.
They called themselves the Tri-Force Team and they entertained us with some rhyme and rapping about the event.  I think they were lip synching but they were so good it was hard to tell.  Not sure but they really looked a lot like Gayle and Rick Selden, plus John Lowney.  Another team member (Eric Quinn) must have stage fright as he hid down low over by the podium holding a microphone.  He is the Editor of the Bulletin so this writer is reluctant to tease him like the rest of the Rotarians mentioned today.
Gayle announced that the catering issue has been resolved.  She was happy to announce that we have landed Scott Clement once again (Scott was chef at Oakbrook and now runs the Spring Lake Restaurant in Fircrest) so we are in capable hands.  Gayle said the web site is up and running.  She emphasized that this Auction takes teamwork so nothing has changed on that since last year (Groundhog Day-the Movie!)
However, she said, we do have new captains this year and we are looking at all the talents our teams possess.  She encouraged us to think of team gifts for the silent auction, so we did break out into our team tables and many ideas were floated.  We heard scuttlebutt already that the yard work Gang of 5 will be available again this year and there were even three more volunteers to make up a second team in case we can coax out a repeat bid for the same amount, the backup team can do a second yard day for the same price.  Repetitive?  Maybe.  But you know what today is--repetition is a good thing on Groundhog Day! 
Gayle also said you can use the sponsor form to just give cash to the Auction.  Although no silly trophies will be given, Gayle said there are some new team competitions.  For example, if a team has 100% participation in procurement, each member of that team will get a sort of Monopoly Get out of Jail Free Card.  Instead it will be Citation immunity:  if you get called upon by President Don for a citation, you just show your participation and no fine, 'er citation will ensue.  Really?  And President Don agreed to that!?  There may have been another auction gimmick but if so this reporter missed it or did not understand it  Gayle may be able to clarify that next week.
Eric Quinn talked about the different ways to sign up as a volunteer.  Watch the tables for signup sheets in future and go to the  web site.  If not quite right yet, it will be soon.  We then broke up into our teams and shared great ideas for procurement. 
DRAWING:  Jan Gee won with a $5 reward.
Ed. note: We apologize for the repetitious nature and length of this bulletin. But after all, you know what day it is.  And you see why we do not let him write very often at all.